Best Evaporative Coolers in the Market

Evaporative coolers, also known as air coolers, offer an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to cool indoor and outdoor spaces.

Did you know that evaporative coolers can lower the temperature a few degrees in your home? The best evaporative cooler can even lower the temperature to around 8 degrees, which makes it more comfortable for you to stay inside cool when the weather is warm outside.

However, considering that these units come with a long list of specifications, you may not know exactly what to choose to get the most benefits. Some may be more efficient for their purpose than others – so read as many evaporative cooler reviews as possible. This article will allow you to narrow down your options to the best evaporative coolers you can buy today.

What is the best evaporative cooler?

After analyzing different evaporative coolers on the market and taking into account countless user opinions, our top selection for this comparison is this Newteck model. A great portable air conditioner at a very affordable price.

best recommended evaporative cooler


Excellent budget portable air conditioner. A top sales.

Featured Brands of Home Evaporative Coolers

There are many and more and more companies that are joining the sustainable air conditioning movement that are able to offer these air cooling devices.

In our list, you have already seen some outstanding models of representative brands such as Rowenta, Pro Breeze or Aigostar.

In the end, deciding the best brand is something very subjective, since most models share characteristics, because it is best that you base yourself on your own experiences with those brands in the past. Were you happy with the purchase of an appliance of that brand? Well, repeat the purchase with another product of yours!

Buying guide: What to take into account when buying a good evaporative cooler for your home?

It is important for consumers to know that certain evaporative cooler designs perform best under specific conditions. What one owner considers the best evaporative cooler may not work well for someone else.

Some of the most important features to think about when choosing an evaporative cooler include:

  • How much space can the unit cool?
  • How many liters of water can the model hold?
  • If the unit includes an automatic shutdown or low water alarm …
  • If the fan blows hard enough to distribute the cooled air throughout the room
  • How much noise does the indoor air conditioner fan make?
  • How much energy (electrical consumption) does the unit use?

Thinking about these features should help consumers find air cooling units that match their homes and offices. After reviewing various designs, most buyers find options that are a good fit for their needs.

But if you need to know more, then we will go deeper into some of the benefits that a good evaporative cooler must meet.

Maintenance level

Some air coolers were designed to be durable and robust – while others were made to be decorative and cheap. The first, however, is the type of refrigerator that you may want to invest in – primarily because it will last much longer.

These units are generally resistant to corrosion and rust – and maintenance is generally quite basic. This will serve their purpose of effectively cooling your home for as long as possible, which also makes them more economical.


As already mentioned, an evaporative cooler can be ceiling or wall-mounted, or it can be portable and moveable from room to room. If you have a larger home with more rooms to keep you cool at different times, then you may want to invest in a model that has portability features.

First, you should consider the size of the unit. If an evaporative cooler is very heavy, then you probably don’t want to carry it from one place to another. Similarly, if the unit is very large, moving it can be quite difficult.

Next, you may want to consider the accessories that add to its portability. Does it have caster wheels so you don’t have to carry all the weight yourself? Does it have handles, so you can lift the unit if the situation calls for it? These features are very important if you plan to move the fridge very often.


When it comes to evaporative coolers, there are three ways these units can work. The first is a vent-only operation, where the water pump remains idle and only cold air is released. In this situation, the air does not get humid, and it is perfect for rooms that already have a normal humidity level. These units function similarly to that of a ceiling fan.

The other operations involve two different speeds during which the humidification option is operating. As a result, the first setting (dry) is the lowest cooling option, which is perfect for temperate weather – while the next two are appropriate for the hottest days of summer. Some units also use air filters during operation – but that is optional too. This filter will keep dust particles and other allergens out of the air – making the air even more breathable for you. Not all evaporative coolers have this type of filter, so make sure you have one if you really need it. In the worst case, you should check whether you can fit a separate air filter or not.

Energy saving

When you plan to use an evaporative air cooler throughout the summer, you can expect to have it running for a good amount of time – particularly during the day. This can be quite expensive unless you are using an energy saving model. However, they do not use more energy than a bathroom fan.

The right unit can help you save up to 25% on your energy bill, so be sure to choose models that have an energy-saving stamp. Still, most units have this option, and they are more energy-efficient compared to traditional air conditioning.


If you run your evaporative cooler outdoors, this rating shouldn’t matter, but don’t overlook it if you buy a smaller unit. Decibel (dB) rating can be difficult to find on some products, but it does let you know how loud the refrigerator will be. For example, an average vacuum cleaner is around 70dB while a refrigerator can go as high as 50dB.

Cooling pads

Some companies refer to them as cooling plates, but a cooling pad is what adds moisture to the mix. Larger pads are fine, but what they are made of is more important, with cellulose and wood being the main options. You also have to consider how often they need to be replaced as some of the more exotic options are quite expensive.

Water tank

Whether you buy an evaporative cooler built for your living room or patio, you are going to need water, and each machine has a tank. With indoor units, this is also an area where tank capacity comes into play as you will have to refill that tank at some point. Outdoor models will have hoses and can generally take care of themselves.


Prices can vary when it comes to evaporative coolers, and it largely depends on what features it was equipped with. Most laptop coolers are quite cheap, so they are generally the most affordable option.

You can find great evaporative coolers priced around 150 euros or less than 200 euros, but keep in mind that the less expensive it is, the more maintenance it may require each day. To get your money’s worth, you may want to invest in an energy-saving model.


If you have a machine that uses water and electricity for hours, it’s good to think about the warranty beforehand. Unfortunately, most evaporative coolers have short warranties, and there is not a huge difference between brands like there is with other products. It’s a “niche” area, which makes a good collateral even more important.

With an evaporative cooler, there are not many moving parts, but there are several things that can break, leak, or rust. If an extended warranty is an option, it’s something to consider as even the smallest refrigerators aren’t exactly cheap.

Why choose an evaporative cooler?

An evaporative cooler, also known as a swamp cooler, is a device that reduces the temperature of the air through evaporation. Unlike air conditioning systems, which rely on vapor compression to cool the air, evaporative cooler designs take advantage of the natural ability of evaporation to lower the air temperature.

Although most evaporative coolers use this technique to make indoor and outdoor spaces more comfortable, there is a great variety within the designs used by different manufacturers.

Evaporative Air Coolers vs Air Conditioning

Evaporative coolers are some of the oldest means of climate control that are still available today, and for some reason, they are the best alternative to air conditioning. Still, many people are confused as to how evaporative coolers are different from air conditioning units. Both units use cold air to lower the temperature in your home. However, the difference lies in the climate you live in, as well as how much you are willing to pay to get results.

As mentioned, evaporative coolers use evaporated moisture to cool the air in your home. It takes the warm air from your room, pushes it through pads of cold water and returns it to the air, but cooler and more humid.

Air conditioners, on the other hand, remove heat from the room through the use of chemicals. This chemical is also known as ‘refrigerant gas’, which ranges from a gas to a liquid. Therefore, they deliver cool air into the room, regardless of whether the outside air is humid or dry.
To make the differences easier to understand, here are some benefits and disadvantages that apply to both units.

Comparative table of evaporative coolers versus air conditioners

Air conditioner Evaporative Air Conditioner
High power consumption Economical operation with energy efficiency
They are usually quite expensive The price of these air conditioning devices is cheap
The circuit that recirculates the same air Provides fresh and clean air
It is suitable for all climates It is suitable for any type of climate
Very high CO2 emissions Low CO2 emissions
Quite a noisy operation Quiet operation
Removes moisture from the air Add moisture to the air
Requires regular maintenance Little maintenance required
Expensive installation Cheap to install
Works only in closed spaces Works with open doors and windows

When it comes to cooling room air, it’s easy to understand why people prefer evaporative cooling to air conditioning. Not only is it more cost effective, it is also environmentally friendly.

Since air conditioners work best in closed rooms, they recirculate the same chemically treated air over and over again. The air may indeed be cooler than with evaporative cooling, but the air quality may not be as high. Evaporative cooling can work with open windows, and even outside. Therefore, the air will be fresh. This is why these units can also double as window fans.
Of course, an evaporative cooler may not work as well if the humidity level is high in your space. In these circumstances, an air conditioning unit can be more effective as it will not add moisture to the air.

The best evaporative coolers on the market

Next, let’s see the reviews and in-depth analysis of the models selected in the ranking for this top evaporative air conditioners.


Rowenta PU4020 Intense Pure Air - Air purifier, up to 60 m² with sensors of the level of ...
Rowenta PU4020 Intense Pure Air – Air purifier, up to 60 m² with sensors of the level of …

  • Filtration levels protect the entire family from a wide variety of contaminants; each level of filtration goes to a type …
  • 4 filtration levels: pre-filter (dust, human / animal hair), active carbon filter (odors, fumes), high efficiency filter, Nano filter …
  • It features the exclusive patented NanoCaptur technology, which works to permanently destroy formaldehyde for a safer environment …

The best evaporative cooler on the market: Rowenta PU4020 Intense Pure Air

Rowenta has always impressed when it comes to its home electronics, and this model is no exception. Made for environments where the air gets very hot, this unit brings cool breezes that will allow you to enjoy a pleasant summer day.
Unlike other evaporative coolers that use cold water, this one also uses ice. All you have to do is open the top ice compartment and load it with ice. The cooler will work delivering that refreshing cool breeze.

With four speeds that you can choose according to your comfort, this unit is perfect for both slightly hot places and very hot places. The breeze also feels very natural, so you won’t feel any discomfort either.

This unit also has a fairly robust casing which makes this extractor suitable for use outside. It’s waterproof, making it a good choice for those who like to keep going on the porch or in the garden.
This model also has a remote control that can be used to control the refrigerator from a distance. This way, you won’t have to get up from the sofa or bed just to activate or change the cooling settings.


Pro Breeze 5-in-1 Air Purifier with Pre-Filter, HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, ...
Pro Breeze 5-in-1 Air Purifier with Pre-Filter, HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, …

  • 5 stages of filtration: Capable of capturing up to 99.97% of pollen, dust, mold, smoke, odors, humidity, pet hair, …
  • Smart and powerful: Capable of capturing up to 99.97% of impurities found in the air with a clean air production rate (CADR) of …
  • easy breathing: Able to generate negative ions with a simple button. With the flick of a switch, the generator will turn on by neutralizing and …

Price-quality evaporative cooler: Pro Breeze 5 in 1

If you need a good and reliable evaporative cooler then this Pro Breeze device is the one for you. As Pro Breeze is a great HVAC appliance brand, they always make sure to bring out some of the best appliances, and this product is living proof of that.
This device is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Since it doesn’t consume as much energy, it will save you a lot of money and provide the freshness you need during the harsh summer days. The best part is that it is also weather resistant, so nothing bad will happen to you while you are outdoors.

The device comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the settings according to the effects you want. This device uses the evaporation of water to lower the temperature, and as long as you are going to use it in an area up to 320 square feet, you will feel the effects. In addition, it is capable of providing some moisture during winter, making it useful throughout the year.
While it has a fan that recirculates the hot air and makes sure to provide ventilation, adding ice or water to the tank will lower the temperature. So if you can’t handle the heat during the summer months, you can give this device a try.

NEWTECK - Fresh Essence Cold Portable Air Conditioner, Tower Fan with Aromatization ...
NEWTECK – Fresh Essence Cold Portable Air Conditioner, Tower Fan with Aromatization …

  • AROMATIZATION OF AIR. Get a light and pleasant smell in the environment, adding aroma essences in the water tank of the air conditioner …
  • COOL FUNCTION. Take advantage of the two freezer containers that the cold portable air conditioner incorporates to achieve a lower temperature …
  • 3 SPEEDS to achieve the intensity of the air flow you need; low, medium or high speed, you can select the one you prefer with …

Cheap evaporative cooler : Newteck Portable

If you are looking for a good evaporative cooler that can efficiently lower your room temperature, then you might consider investing in the Newteck model. Compact and practical and economical, this unit can be placed in almost all rooms for adequate comfort.
With two fan speeds, this unit can do a great job of reducing the temperature of a room. This unit can easily lower the temperature around 11 degrees, making it easier to breathe in the room.

This evaporative cooler can also easily increase humidity by 88%. It’s a great option if the air is very dry and causing breathing problems. In order not to create excess moisture, you may want to keep the windows cracked; This will prevent any possible mold from forming in your home.
The evaporative cooler has also been equipped with wheels, which makes it very portable. This way, you can easily transport it from room to room. To make it easier for you to move, you can empty the water tank, as it can hold up to 10.3 liters of water.

Aigostar Koud 33JTL - Evaporative air cooler with remote control, 55W, oscillating, 3 modes and ...
Aigostar Koud 33JTL – Evaporative air cooler with remote control, 55W, oscillating, 3 modes and …

  • 【Great cooling capacity】 Its internal cooling pad improves thermal performance as it has a nest design of …
  • 【Adjustable modes & speeds】 It has 3 operating modes to adapt to what you need: natural breeze mode, normal breeze or …
  • 【Versatile】 It has 3 functions in 1: Refreshes any room by lowering its temperature, humidifies and purifies the air which is …

Evaporative cooler with remote control: Aigostar Koud

If you are looking for a good refrigerator that does not cost you a lot of money, then this unit is one more model that you have to consider. Being quite small in size but with decent cooling power, it is perfect for small and medium-sized apartments.
This evaporative cooler is very light, which adds mobility. Plus, not only do the caster wheels allow you to move the unit from room to room, but you can easily go up and down the stairs using the handle.

This unit also features a garden hose adapter so you no longer have to worry about water tanks. In this way, all you have to do is connect it to the water source and it will draw the necessary amount of water.

This unit is also robust enough to be used outside, but only while in a covered area. Although it will not be affected if you work in a space with a high level of humidity, it may not be as resistant or safe if it rains directly on it, mainly because it has to be connected. It is recommended to keep it indoors or in a semi-closed area.

5 in 1 Digital Multifunction Cold Heat Air Conditioner
5 in 1 Digital Multifunction Cold Heat Air Conditioner

  • 5 in 1 AIR CONDITIONER: This 4 in 1 air conditioner is ideal so that you do not have to use an appliance at every time of year. It will allow you to warm up in …
  • In addition, it has a Humidifier – Purifier function: The humidifier function is capable of purifying the air of infectious agents. The…
  • Cold function: The air conditioner includes two ice buckets and the capacity of the tank is 7 liters. The 3 fan speeds allow adapting …

5 in 1 Digital Multifunction Cold Heat Air Conditioner: A Business DC

If you are looking for a good evaporative cooler for your bedroom, then you may want to take a look at this unit. With an airflow of 214 CFM, the cooling power of this model is superior to other similar models.

This evaporative cooler is very suitable for places where the temperature is high, but the air humidity is very low. It will make the air more comfortable to breathe, thus reducing the possibility of developing breathing problems.

This evaporative cooler is perfect for rooms around 428 square feet. So if you have small or medium rooms, this unit can be very convenient. Also, since this air cooler has wheels, you can easily carry it from room to room. It may not have a handle, but in case it needs to be lifted, this air cooler is quite lightweight.

The price of this unit is around the low average, and considering its features, it is very convenient. Also, the water inside the tank can keep the unit running for a long time, more than 8 hours. However, this will depend on how much humidity you have in the room. If the room is very dry, then you will likely have to refill the tank much more often.
This evaporative cooler does not have a remote control, but the unit’s control panel is very easy and intuitive to access.


Aigostar Kohl 33JTJ - Evaporative air cooler with remote control, 60W, oscillating, 3 modes and ...
Aigostar Kohl 33JTJ – Evaporative air cooler with remote control, 60W, oscillating, 3 modes and …

  • 【Enhanced technology】 Unique internal cooling pad improves thermal performance as it features a honeycomb design …
  • 【Multifunction】 It has 3 functions in 1: Refreshes any room by lowering its temperature, humidifies and purifies the air which …
  • 【Practical and comfortable】 Its 15-liter water tank provides uninterrupted operation for 8-9 hours that together with its two blocks …

3-in-1 evaporative cooler : Aigostar Kohl

If you live in a climate where the air is particularly hot, this evaporative air cooler is definitely one you have to consider. Its black style easily blends into the design of every room, no matter if it is modern or has a more vintage approach.

This unit can be a tower fan, an air cooler, and a humidifier all in one piece. It all depends on the configuration you choose and the amount of water you add to the tank. This will not only freshen the air in the room, but it will also bring the temperature to a more comfortable level.

You can choose between three cooling speeds, depending on the temperature of the room. If it’s really hot, you go to the third gear, the highest. However, if it’s not hot, you can go to first gear and it will bring the air to a more comfortable level.
This evaporative cooler is a good option if you want to cover an area of ​​up to 250 square feet. As a result, if you have a small room, this is the cooler that will help you get through the summer.


TROTEC Portable Air Cooler Air Cooler PAE 21, 3 in 1: Refrigeration, Ventilation and ...
TROTEC Portable Air Cooler Air Cooler PAE 21, 3 in 1: Refrigeration, Ventilation and …

  • Endowed with energy efficiency that saves costs
  • Natural air cooling by evaporative cooling
  • Optional operation with ice cubes and / or cold packs to increase cooling capacity.

3-in-1 portable air conditioner: Trotec fan, humidifier and purifier

Trotec has made a name for itself for quite some time with its high-quality products, and this evaporative cooler is certainly no exception. This economy unit uses a minimal amount of electricity so your electric bill doesn’t go through the roof.
This evaporative cooler is very easy to use and clean. Its controls are quite intuitive, and the 4.5 liter water filter can be removed and cleaned when the situation calls for it. Also, considering that this refrigerator also has wheels, it can be easily moved from one room to another.

Considering the features with which it has been equipped, this evaporative cooler sells at a very good price. Of course, it may not be the cheapest model out there, but it has a very good price / value ratio.
An added bonus is that this unit also comes with a remote control. This means that you no longer have to get up from your comfort zone when you want to turn on the refrigerator; all you have to do is press a single button on the remote control.
This unit is perfect for making the air more breathable during the summer, improving air quality, and making air circulate naturally around you. For many, this is the best evaporative cooler you can get.

Mini Air Cooler, Mini Mobile Air Conditioner, 4 in 1 Evaporative Air Coolers ...
Mini Air Cooler, Mini Mobile Air Conditioner, 4 in 1 Evaporative Air Coolers …

  • Amazon will deliver our air cooler within 3-7 days. ❄ – Not only an air cooler, but also a fan / …
  • ❄ 3 Levels Air Cooler with Timer ❄ – The air cooler provides 2 timers (2 / 4h) and 3 power levels (low / …
  • ❄ Large Capacity ❄ – The water tank can be opened from the back and the water capacity is large. With a 400 ml water tank, …

4-in-1 mini air cooler : Duomishu mobile air conditioner

Have you ever longed for your own microclimate or have you struggled to get the right temperature in your work area? Most evaporative coolers are overkill for small areas.

While most of our options take up a fair amount of space, you can put this little evaporative cooler in the corner of a desk. Despite its size, it can cool a small area of ​​around 4 square meters and has a capacity of 50 CFM. It’s the quietest small portable air conditioner on our list, also at 34 dB.

The diminutive stature of this one makes it an option for the best portable evaporative cooler, although it does come with a few drawbacks, as you’d expect. The tank is 750 ml, so you will have to fill it frequently depending on your use. The medium is small, and not up to par with the larger models, but it is treated with a proprietary nanomaterial that prevents bacteria.

Like other evaporators, this one doubles as a humidifier, though it’s not the only thing it can do. This elegant cube has built-in LED lights that can circulate around a small LED screen. It’s a feature that helps this cooler stand out from other small evaporators, and so does the way you power it. You also won’t need a wall socket to run this machine, just a USB port which adds the portability factor.

But you will need to keep that little tank full if you plan to use it regularly. That’s easy to do, although it can leak if pushed or not placed on a flat surface. Filters are expensive too, but you won’t find another small evaporative cooler of this size that really works… and this one has a lot of style. It’s available in a few colors with a 1-year warranty, and there’s also a smart version with Alexa compatibility.


How evaporative coolers work and their benefits

Residential evaporative air coolers use a fan to draw in hot, stale air, which passes over water-dampened pads. This immediately cools the air.

Evaporative coolers then release this cool, hydrated air into the space. It is similar to the cold feeling you feel when leaving a swimming pool, even on a hot day.

Note: Using an evaporative cooler indoors requires a source of fresh air such as an open door or window.

Pros and cons of evaporative air cooler

So you have decided to buy an evaporative air cooler. For the most part, such a unit is a better alternative to the typical air conditioner, which removes moisture from the air and cools it.

However, just as this unit has its own benefits, it also has some drawbacks. Here is a comparison.

Advantages of an evaporative cooler

  • Highly energy efficient
  • Adds moisture to the air, making it perfect for environments where the air is dry and hot.
  • Air distribution is even, with the cooling system trapping allergens in the process
  • Low maintenance required
  • Does not use any chemical refrigerant
  • Units are very easy to install
  • Quite cheap to buy compared to air conditioning

Disadvantages of an evaporative cooler

  • Not very useful in areas where the air is humid
  • They accumulate minerals and salts that must be cleaned
  • Maintenance can be really difficult if the unit is installed on the ceiling
  • They have to be kept continuously moist using water
  • Overall, the pros seem to outweigh the cons when it comes to evaporative coolers – but it’s best to consider all aspects.

Benefits of the Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative air coolers offer several advantages over air conditioning units. It’s best to read various evaporative cooler reviews to determine which options best suit your needs. Most designs offer similar features.

What Makes Evaporative Coolers Better Than Other Cooling Options? There are several benefits:

  • Cost effective and low polluting with the environment (with a small carbon footprint) . Compared to air conditioners that use compressors and refrigerants, swamp coolers use only water, a fan, and a pump to saturate the cooling medium and cool your space. In fact, a 91cm evaporative air cooler that runs for eight hours typically costs less than a dollar to run, because the only costs associated with running it are water and electricity.
  • Humidify the air . The evaporative cooling process naturally moistens dry air, reducing dry air symptoms like itchy eyes, throat or skin in dry weather.
  • Oscillation is as good as a common fan . Do not add water and use your evaporative cooler as a powerful fan indoors or outdoors.
  • Water tanks that can hold several liters of water or ice.
  • The internal fans that have multiple settings so that owners can control the airflow.
  • Oscillating functions that distribute cooled air evenly.
  • Remote controls that allow users to adjust settings remotely.
  • Other benefits . Evaporative coolers are also easily transportable to different locations and even help keep insects away when used outside.

Because air coolers take advantage of the natural ability of water evaporation to cool the air, they use considerably less electricity than other air conditioners that use compressors. Some of the best designs use up to 80% less electricity than similarly sized AC units. This not only keeps electricity costs low, it helps protect the environment.

Main differences and characteristics of evaporative air conditioners

Some evaporative coolers are installed so that they can service entire buildings. However, many consumers and businesses prefer portable designs that they can move from room to room. Portable options are an inexpensive way to keep spaces comfortable on warm days.

Air cooler designs are quite similar, but there are a few key differences to keep in mind:

  • Oscillating blades / louvers : If you need to spread the cold across a large space, consider a model with oscillating louvers to move air from side to side. Find a model with swinging shades.
  • Wheels : Look for wheeled evaporative coolers to easily move to different locations and for easy storage during off-season.
  • ABS plastic : For high-performance cooling in industrial spaces, be sure to look for durable models with ABS plastic. See our selection of industrial swamp coolers here.
  • Continuous use : Evaporative coolers with hose connection allow continuous use. See our selection of hosed swamp coolers.
  • Little size
  • Lightweight
  • Long electrical cables for proper placement
  • Ice and water tanks
  • Water connections that work with garden hoses, spigots and direct water lines

Since there are so many portable devices on the market, it makes sense to read various reviews on portable evaporative coolers to better understand which options fit your needs.

Applications and uses of these air chiller machines

Air coolers are efficient and effective cooling solutions in any environment when used in outdoor or semi-outdoor spaces.

Evaporative air coolers add moisture to the air while lowering temperatures. People who live in dry climates often find this feature attractive. Rather than tolerate excessively dry air, homeowners can use their air coolers to keep the air cool and humid. Several designs even include purifiers that remove particles from the air. This creates healthier air for homes and offices.

People who live in humid climates may not want to rely on evaporative air coolers. Extremely humid environments can make it difficult for the water to evaporate fast enough to cool the air effectively. Adding moisture to the air can also make rooms feel damp and uncomfortable.

Although these units do not work well in hot and humid areas, they are popular choices with people who live in hot and arid climates.

Indoor evaporative air conditioners

Evaporative coolers tend to work best when the relative humidity is less than 60% when used indoors. They are not recommended for indoor use in humid climates.

However, in some conditions, they can be used in basements, bedrooms and other living areas as long as there is a source of fresh air. It can also be used as a strong fan in any environment.

Semi outdoor evaporative coolers

Evaporative coolers can operate in humid conditions when used in semi-outdoor areas like garages, patios, docks, pool covers, and more.

Outdoor evaporative air conditioners

If you use the refrigerator outdoors, it works in any humidity. In fact, you can run your evaporative cooler like a fan without adding water for high-powered air circulation. The most common applications are sporting events, races, backyards, and festivals.

Industrial evaporative coolers

Evaporative coolers are popular in commercial areas because they are powerful, large, cheap to operate, and easy to move. You’ll find them chilling warehouses, loading docks, barns, and more.

Other indoor air conditioning solutions

For people who live in more humid climates and are looking for a cost-effective alternative to traditional central air conditioning systems, consider portable air conditioners or window air conditioners.

What size evaporative cooler do I need?

To get the best results from your evaporative cooler, make sure it is the correct size for your space. An evaporative water cooler that is too small for its area will have to work very hard to keep the space cool, wasting energy.

Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is the amount of fresh air circulating through your environment every minute.

Table of relationship between square meters of the room and recommended CFM of an air conditioner

Square meter Recommended CFM
0 to 23 square meters 200 to 750 CFMs
23 to 46 square meters 751 to 2,000 CFMs
46 to 90 square meters 2,001 to 4,000 CFMs
90 to 185 square meters 4,001 to 7,500 CFMs
more than 185 square meters 7,501 or more CFMs

Maintenance and cleaning of an evaporative cooler

Evaporative coolers are low maintenance cooling options. Keep these three basic things in mind:

  • Basic maintenance . Periodically clean the outer casing of the portable swamp cooler with a damp cloth.
  • Cleaning and replacement of cooling media . The evaporation media should be cleaned at least once a month with warm water and a mild detergent to prevent accumulation of dust, dirt, mold and mildew. You may eventually need to replace the media depending on the model you purchase.
  • Seasonal closure . When you’re done using your air cooler for the hot season, drain the tank and water line, disconnect the water line, and cover the cooler. Operate the fan only feature (if available) for 30 to 60 minutes to completely dry the device and media before storing.

Frequently asked questions about evaporative fans

Do evaporative coolers work in humid environments?

No, evaporative coolers do not work in humid environments. For evaporation to occur when air passes through coolers, the air must be dry and warm. Humid air will not be affected.

Are evaporative coolers difficult to maintain?

Maintenance is low with these types of machines, unless you have a whole house evaporative cooler. In addition to changing the media pads, you will need to drain the tank and clean the reservoir regularly to avoid bacteria.

Do you need to leave a door or window open when using an evaporative cooler indoors?

Yes. To get the full effect, you will want fresh air to get into the area you need to cool, or the humidity will rise.

How do you wire an evaporative air cooler?

If it’s a portable evaporative air cooler, then you probably don’t need any wiring. However, if you require electrical installation, you may need to bring in a professional to install your evaporative cooler. Generally, however, you will have to connect the color coded wires (white to black and black to black), and then connect the ground wire to the electrical box. You must also install a circuit breaker to protect the wiring before connecting it to the busbar.

How effective are evaporative coolers?

When it comes to cooling the air, it can be said that air conditioning has more cooling power than evaporative units. However, considering the price to pay for air conditioning, evaporative coolers are more effective. The only time evaporative coolers become ineffective is when the humidity level is very high.

How do you stop an evaporative cooler when you are no longer going to use it?

Before completely stopping and storing the evaporative cooler, it must be shut off from the water supply, drained and the unit replaced. You can also give it a deep cleaning before wintering, to make the unit last longer. The final step would be to install a cover, which can prevent outside air from entering your home.

How often should I replace the cooling pads of an air conditioner?

A great question, but a difficult one to answer. It varies depending on the frequency of use of the machine along with the model and type of cooling pad used.

Are evaporative air coolers energy efficient?

In an area with a fairly low amount of humidity in the air, an evaporative air cooler offers a natural – and at the same time, an energy efficient way to cool the house. This is mainly because this type of unit does not use any fancy systems that require a lot of power.

Practically, an evaporative air cooler, also known as a swamp cooler, relies on cooling the outside air through the use of water pads. The hot air will pass through these cold pads, causing condensation and causing it to evaporate.

Through this process, warmer air is also pushed through the window, causing the overall temperature to be more comfortable. This is particularly why you may want to keep the windows ajar when the unit is in operation.

Is an evaporative cooler comparable to an air conditioning unit?

No, not for long and this is where consumers tend to make their biggest mistake. These machines are designed to work naturally, like a breeze blowing across a lake on a hot summer day. In short, an evaporative cooler is not comparable to an air conditioner and will not keep things a cozy 68 degrees at home, regardless of the weather outside.

On a positive note, there are no refrigerants or compressors to use, so evaporative coolers are more environmentally friendly and cheaper to use than air conditioners. Some also serve as true 2-in-1 machines with built-in humidifier or fan, though that’s something you’ll want to take lightly in most cases. Although each evaporative cooler acts as a humidifier or fan to some extent, that is not its primary purpose.

The area in which you will be using your swamp cooler is also critical as they work best in hot and dry conditions. If you live in the desert or parts of the western United States, they are definitely useful. On the other hand, running an evaporative cooler in a humid location is not ideal unless you enjoy a home with high humidity.

How important are the square footage and CFM capacity of an evaporative cooler?

If you are looking for an evaporative cooler, the two most significant statistics are cubic meters and square meters.

While there are other areas of importance, these two specifications give you a starting point.
CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, which tells you how much air a machine can move. Every manufacturer with an AC unit, fan, or evaporative cooler will list this statistic, but it won’t do you any good unless you know the square footage of the room or the area you plan to cool.

Fortunately, calculating the square footage of a room is easier than you might think.

You just have to measure the length and width of a room and multiply those numbers to get the square footage. From there, you can check the classification of the products in square meters to make sure it will cover the area you want to cool.

What types of evaporative coolers are there?

You can find a fridge that can support a room of any size, but our picks will fall into one of two categories with indoor or outdoor evaporative cooler. Some can be used anywhere as long as security and a few other things are taken into account. That being said, there are a few key differences between the two.

Refrigerators built for home use tend to be smaller and easier to load, although most still have caster wheels like the larger models. They are ideal for cooling small to medium-sized rooms in your home, as well as spaces such as garages. Most are easy to use, with easy-to-use settings, remote controls, and functions like oscillation as well. Personal evaporative coolers also fall into this category with values ​​below 100 CFM.

When it comes to outdoor models, things open up considerably, and your budget is the only limitation. Again, some are small and quiet enough to be used indoors or hung from a window, but most of these models are prepared to deal with things like UV rays and have large water reservoirs. They also have connections for a water hose and features to ensure the tank never runs dry. If you need to refresh a large patio, workshop, or just want to refresh the family when you fire up the grill, this style is your best bet.

There are also whole-house evaporative coolers, but that’s not something we’re going to touch on this time around. You will generally need a professional to install these units when it comes to roofing or ductwork.

Evaporative air conditioners, opinions, and final conclusions of these home appliances

It’s no secret that the summer heat is something that not all of us can handle. Everything feels nice and comfortable, until the moment you feel the heat trying to suffocate you. The worst part is that in some places and areas of the country the temperature in summer can reach unbearable degrees.

Before you buy an evaporative cooler, make sure you live in a dry enough climate, buy the right size, and understand how it works.

Evaporative coolers are a very efficient way to keep your home nice and cool during those hot summer days. Even though they are only efficient when it comes to dry environments, the best evaporative cooler will make the air more breathable, while also helping you save on your energy bill.

Choosing the perfect model is not easy to do, especially considering that there are so many features to consider. Some research will come in handy – and we’ll help you do your homework.
We hope our evaporative cooler reviews have allowed you to narrow down your options. Most of them are portable units, but mostly because they are cheap and easy to handle. That is why they are the most popular option among consumers.

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