Best Broom vacuum cleaners [Home Purpose]

What is the best broom vacuum cleaner on the market?

After various performance tests and a meticulous analysis by our experts, we have chosen as the winner of this comparison the Dyson V8 Absolute model , the most complete on the market.

Dyson dyson v8 absolute broom vacuum cleaner


Without a doubt the best broom vacuum cleaner for the home

But be careful because there is still more! We have analyzed a total of 10 different models that we consider to be the best broom vacuum cleaners where each model has been selected based on its performance and how well they have met a particular need. Find out which will be the perfect broom vacuum cleaner for you based on what you need at home!


The best broom vacuum cleaners on the market

This is the list of the 10 models that we recommend as the best broom vacuum cleaners currently available on the market.

Dyson dyson v8 absolute broom vacuum cleaner
Cordless upright vacuum

Best broom vacuum cleaner: Dyson V8 Absolute

This model stands as the best broom vacuum cleaner at a general level and you will immediately understand why. Obviously, the economic outlay is remarkable but, without a doubt, it is a machine that will not disappoint you. In addition, the firm sells it as a special for rugs and carpets, so if you have these elements at home, even better!

The first thing we have to say is that its power, which is very high, reaching 115 W, is adjustable, being able to work up to a minimum of 28 W. It rotates up to 110,000 RPM. It has a digital motor and uses Cyclones 2 Tier Radial cyclonic technology, which has two parallel lines of cyclones to capture even the finest dust. The result of this and its permanent washable filter system is a certification as a safe vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers.

It is a cordless model, which means it is battery powered. This is made of nickel, aluminum and cobalt and offers a maximum autonomy of 40 minutes, although, of course, it decreases as we clean at higher power or depending on the accessory that we place.

These, by the way, are the Direct Drive brush, which is your bristle cleaning head, a multifunction, a corner brush, a motorized mini brush, a rotating head soft brush and a small triangular bristle brush.

That we like
✅ Dyson digital motor (3 times more powerful than a conventional motor)
✅ Battery without memory effect (22.2 V lithium-ion)
✅ 2 suction modes and power selector
That we don’t like
❌ Noise, 87 dB

cecotec conga ergopower vertical vacuum cleaner
Cyclonic upright vacuum cleaner with articulated arm and HEPA filter

The best quality / price broom vacuum cleaner: Cecotec Conga Ergo Power

* Other great options are the Cecotec Conga Thunderbrush and the Cecotec Conga Rockstar 500 Ultimate .

Although there are many people who make a strong investment in this type of device, the truth is that it is usual to choose a model with a high quality / price ratio; The proof of this is that it is pieces like the Cecotec Conga Ergo Power that are sold the most.

In this case, we find a very light, ergonomic and handy vacuum cleaner, with maneuverability being its main strength. It is a machine with an articulated arm and a 180º head, which will allow you to access difficult areas with much less effort. In addition, now you can use it for longer, since it has a battery of up to 45 minutes of autonomy while, by the way, the firm says that it would charge in half the time than any other conventional one. The last of the aspects related to comfort in use is the Silence System, which promises a silent aspiration.

For the rest, it is cyclonic, it works at 25.9 V, which the brand translates into 2400 W of power, it becomes a handheld vacuum cleaner, it has three modes, the tank is 800 milliliters, it includes a charging base with space To store accessories, it has a Visual LED system that illuminates as it passes, HEPA filters and the ability to absorb but animal and perform deep cleaning on carpet or carpet thanks to its monitored rotating brush.

That we like
✅ 3-in-1 and cyclonic technology ✅
25.9 V lithium-ion battery
✅ Turbo mode (maximizes power), especially useful for carpets, rugs, …
That we don’t like
❌ Autonomy (usage time), 45 minutes
❌ Weight, 3.7 kg

Upright vacuum cleaner with filter hepa conga cecotec duo stick
Electric broom with Stick Easy technology

The best cheap broom vacuum cleaner: Cecotec Duo Stick Conga

* The Conga Duo Stick Power model is also a very good alternative.

Few broom vacuums you will find for less than this Cecotec Duo Stick Conga model, and, without a doubt, none will be better than this one.

It is a bagless model, with a tank with a simple emptying and cleaning system, with a cable that gives us 800 W of high power (the firm claims to be the equivalent of a 2,200 W sled model) to work on any surface thanks to a set of accessories included such as the piece for furniture and the corner.

It has cyclonic technology to always maintain that power and a HEPA filter that ensures perfect filtering, ideal for use by allergy sufferers, and an outlet foam to improve filtering until reaching a purity of 99.99%.

We love its design, as well as its weight (1.6 kilos) that can be disassembled and used as a handheld vacuum cleaner, making it a true 2-in-1.

That we like
✅ 2-in-1 cyclonic vacuum cleaner
✅ Energy class A, maximum efficiency-consumption
✅ Tank capacity, 1 liter
That we don’t like
❌ Noise, 79 dB
❌ No automatic shutdown

electrolux zs335a broom vacuum cleaner
Ultra energy electric broom

Best corded broom vacuum: Electrolux ZS335A

* Although it is not a corded model, if you like the Electrolux brand, we also recommend you take a look at the Ergorapido Electrolux broom .

In the case of not wanting to depend on the battery, we have a complete and high-quality cabled option.

Starting with this aspect, know that it is 6 meters long, which allows us to work in areas with this radius of action. As for the rest of the physical specifications, we see a weight that does not reach 3 kilos, measures of 123 x 27.5 x 27 cm, a deposit for 1.5 liters of dust.

Otherwise, it works at 700 W, certified with A, with a consumption of 25.8 kW / h and 83 dB, and has removable HEPA filters.

The brand recommends it especially for cleaning hard floors and carpets, although it has accessories to work with, both rigid and flexible, on sofas, tables, curtains, ceilings and walls, etc. and also including a shoulder strap.

That we like
✅ 360º Flex System Pro rotary system
✅ 1.5 liter capacity
✅ Energy efficiency A (consumption = 25.8 kw / hour)
That we don’t like
❌ Weight, 4.76 kg
❌ Noise, 83 dB

rowenta air force extreme pro broom vacuum cleaner
Extreme silence cordless upright vacuum cleaner with electric brush and lithium ion battery

Best cordless broom vacuum: Rowenta Air Force Extreme RH8828WO

Although, the Dyson V8 could also fit here as the best, we want to leave you another very good alternative in case you want to spend less, you do not like the brand, there is no availability or simply because you want to choose another model.

In this case we see the Rowenta Air Force Extreme broom, a piece that works at 25.2 V, with its li-ion battery offering 45 minutes of use (you need 10 hours of charging). When the charge is running low we are notified by an LED indicator.

It has three vacuuming modes in which the power varies, allowing us to properly clean different types of surfaces. It works using Air Force cyclonic technology, separating dirt from the air to store it in a half-liter tank.

In terms of construction, we have a highly resistant aerodynamic flexible tube, rubber wheels to care for sensitive floors, a delta (triangle) suction head with a motorized peak brush ideal for working in corners and with a slim design.

That we like
✅ Adjustable power (3 different positions)
✅ Total power (2,200 watts)
✅ Energy efficiency A
That we don’t like
❌ Total battery charge time (10 hours)

rowenta air force extreme vision pro electric broom
Cordless electric broom with lithium battery

Best bagless broom vacuum: Rowenta Air Force Extreme Vision Pro RH8872WO

The firm is one of the main protagonists in any top of the best vacuum cleaners and, once again, it repeats in the case of the broom type.

It is a battery-powered model that surprises with its enormous autonomy, maximum 65 minutes, charging in 6 hours. It works at 25.2 V. The power can be regulated, counting, for this, with three suction positions. Works with Extreme Cyclonic technology. For filtering dirt, we have a washable foam cylindrical filter that does not need to be replaced. Its noise level is 80 dB.

Its physical characteristics will include 3.6 kilos of weight, measures of 119 x 25 x 25.5 cm, a 0.5-liter tank, a plastic and stainless steel construction, a Delta Ultra Slim nozzle with LED lights and a high-powered brush. speed, rubber wheels and ergonomic handle.

That we like
✅ Autonomy of 65 minutes
✅ Suction head with LED light
✅ 3 different power speeds
That we don’t like
❌ Tank capacity (0.5 liters)

electric broom taurus unlimited 25.6 lithium
Cyclonic and cordless electric broom

Best 2-in-1 broom vacuum: Taurus Unlimited 25.6 Lithium

We have found a very balanced model that offers great features and that, in addition to functioning as a broom vacuum cleaner, is capable of becoming a beautiful handheld model, which means that, among some things, you can use it in all kinds of circumstances.

But not only that, the Taurus unlimited 25.6 Lithium goes further and is that it can not only act as a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner (as we have just mentioned) but it can also be a 3-in-1: broom vacuum cleaner, hand vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner in soft surfaces (such as carpets, rugs, sofas, etc). This cleaning beast works both wet and dry.

This vacuum cleaner uses a cyclonic system, creating a whirlpool inside its tank and allowing centrifugal force to separate dirt particles from clean air.

The new generation battery without memory effect (lithium ion) will work at 25.6 V with an autonomy of 45 minutes. It has a Turbo motorbike, very useful for cleaning carpets and an ECO mode, ideal so that you can make a longer use of the vacuum cleaner.

Its handle is foldable and adjustable, perfect to give you maximum comfort during vacuuming and when storing it. We can use the handheld vacuum cleaner just by pressing a simple button.

That we like
✅ Two modes (ECO and TURBO speed)
✅ Adjustable and foldable
handle ✅ 3-in-1 system
That we don’t like
❌ No automatic
shutdown 82 dB noise

dyson v8 animal plus broom vacuum cleaner
Broom vacuum cleaner with soft roller brush head

Best pet broom vacuum: Dyson V8 Animal +

This is a spectacular piece that the firm has specifically designed to be especially useful in vacuuming animal hair.

For the highest demands we have the best systems and the best specifications. In the case of removing pet hair, Dyson proposes a cyclonic system of 14 cyclones capable of generating 79,000 G of force, which is a real outrage. The hairs are thrown, without exception, into the 540 ml tank; In fact, we can say, as we are, that it is capable, according to the firm, of trapping even the tiniest pollen particles (0.3 microns), so it would also be spectacular as a model for people allergic to it.

Other aspects that make it ideal if you have a lot of hair at home is its hygienic emptying system, which will allow you to dump the dirt without having to touch the tank, or its different accessories, which make it easier for you to catch the hair on any surface (we have the brush Direct-Drive, a motorized mini-brush, a soft mini-brush with bristles, a multifunction attachment and a corner unit.

It has two cleaning modes and a sensor that changes the mode when you change surfaces, so that you always get the most efficient use of the vacuum cleaner. The engine will work at up to 125,000 rpm to get rid of up to 99.97% of the dirt.

That we like
✅ Energy efficiency class A +++
✅ Battery without memory effect (22.2 V lithium ion)
✅ 115 W power
That we don’t like
❌ 87 dB noise
❌ 0.54 liter capacity

dyson v6 cordless broom vacuum cleaner
High Suction Cordless Broom Vacuum

Best broom vacuum cleaner for parquet: Dyson V6 Cord free

* Other very interesting vacuums from the same V6 range are the V6 Motorhead , V6 Fluffy , V6 Absolute and V6 Motorhead models .

We are back with another Dyson, a brand that, by now you must have realized, that leads the sector.

In this case we have gone for the V6 model because, in addition to having great high-end features like those we have already seen in the other models, it is especially useful for use on parquet. Indicate that it would also be a spectacular option to use on carpets.

You just have to know that it has 350 W to verify that, indeed, it will work perfectly on any surface (this is outrageous in cordless models). It has an adjustable suction capacity, from 28 to 100 W.

However, this does not make it a sturdy machine but we find the opposite, with a device that barely exceeds 2 kilograms and with conventional measurements, 126 x 25 x 21, It also has a soft motorized brush that allows Let’s work on less resistant surfaces, such as parquet, without damaging it, even if we vacuum daily.

For the rest, it includes a 0.4-liter tank, becomes a handheld vacuum cleaner and works with 2 Tier Radial Cyclones technology, being able to separate dirt from the air flow by micrometer as it enters and is filtered. Its battery lasts up to 20 minutes and the charger is located at the base of the piece, which means that you charge it while it is stored, always having it ready to use. It has a trigger to stop the suction and save consumption between tasks.

That we like
✅ 2 suction powers (28 AW at low level and 100 AW at high level)
✅ Air flow of 14.5 liters / second
✅ Filtration level, 99.9% effective
That we don’t like
❌ 0.4 liter tank capacity
❌ 86 dB noise

2-in-1 Hosome Cordless Broom Vacuum
Powerful suction broom vacuum cleaner ideal for hard floors and parquet

Best Carpet Broom Vacuum: Hosome 2-in-1

We end up with a very good model to use if we have rugs at home, it does not matter if they are long or short pile. Regarding the benefits that this model offers for this situation, we find two suction modes, allowing us to give it more cane as more is needed, as well as the inclusion of a specific brush for carpet, another hard brush, which is also used for these , and two slit accessories, which are very good, especially for long hair.

In addition, we find other accessories such as soft brush for hard floors or aluminum tube.

This machine has a 2200 mAh battery that works at 22.2 V, having a charging time of 4.5 hours. The motor has a power of 120 W and allows us to vacuum at 4500 or 9000 PA. It includes a filtration system with triple HEPA filter and a stainless steel mesh, both of which are washable.

It weighs 1.5 kilos in full but, beware, you can turn it into a handheld model with the push of a button, which will mean that you can vacuum in specific areas much more comfortably and easily.

That we like
✅ Charging time of only 4.5 hours
✅ 3 layers of HEPA filters
✅ Accessories included (aluminum tube, carpet brush, brush for hard floors, motorized brush, coupling for crevices, coupling for longer crevices, etc)
That we don’t like
❌ Usage time from 20 minutes at 9 Kpa up to 35 minutes at 4.5 Kpa (autonomy)

The 10 best-selling broom vacuums on Amazon

Best broom vacuum cleaner brands

It happens to all of us that sometimes we are already loyal to a brand and we have a predisposition to acquire products from it (either due to good experiences with their products in the past or due to other circumstances).

If this happens to you, don’t worry, below we list some of the best brands.


Dyson is a British firm, which undoubtedly is a benchmark when we talk about technology and innovation applied to household products.

They were the pioneers in revolutionizing the market, more than 30 years ago, with their models of centrifugal vacuum cleaners without the need for a bag (patented by its founder James Dyson) and that now apply to all their models (vacuum brooms, hand vacuum cleaners, sled and smart robot vacuum cleaners).

Today, Dyson is undoubtedly one of the most powerful brands of vacuum cleaners on the market, offering models for all types of users and needs. Their products are a great investment in value for money and offer a total guarantee of quality.


Rowenta is a renowned German brand whose specialty is focused on small household appliances. They stand out for their product lines in vacuum cleaners, irons and hair dryers.

The German company is synonymous with quality and innovation. Within the product line in vacuum cleaners we can find all types (broom, handheld, robots, sled) and ranges (from less than € 100 to more than € 300).


We finished with Bosch another renowned Germanic brand, of course, and that is that Germany is the cradle of engineering. Bosch stands out for the constant evolution and development of new technologies that it applies to all its product lines (from drills to vacuum cleaners). All this development work by large teams of engineers is reflected in the quality and guarantee of their vacuum cleaners.

A clear example is the Bosch Athlet model .

Other brands of broom vacuum cleaners

Although we have already seen the best ones, we cannot finish this section without naming these other chews. Although they do not have a range of products as good as the previous ones, they do have some other star product, and that is why they have earned our mention:

Hoover, Polti, Silvercrest, Moulinex, Orbegozo, Philips (where we highlight its Philips SpeedPro model), Hikeren, Astan Hogar, Vorkwerk that belongs to the Thermomix (we highlight its Kobold vacuum cleaner), Aigostar and AEG

Although if you prefer white label products, you can always opt for a model offered by Lidl, Carrefour, Leroy Merlin and El Corte Inglés.

What broom vacuum to buy? Features that you should take into account before choosing

Electric brooms are becoming the most frequent option that users choose for the maintenance and care of the home floor.

But and why? Well the reason is simple, these cleaning appliances are a very comfortable and effective alternative to the most prevalent model to date, the sled vacuum cleaner.

If it is true that broom vacuum cleaners are less powerful, and that their deposit is of smaller volume. But this is more than compensated by the great versatility offered by these electric cleaning devices, especially if they include 2 in 1, or even 3 in 1.

Corded or cordless upright vacuum?

Both are great options, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although we do have to say that the most common today in all new vacuum cleaners that come on the market is that they are cordless.

Corded broom vacuum cleaner

They tend to have greater suction power and capacity. Its power will almost always be measured in watts (W).

They are still very comfortable and versatile, if more not, the cord can make cleaning difficult in some situations.

Cordless broom vacuum cleaner (battery powered)

Its suction power and air flow is lower than that of the corded models. We will measure, almost always, the power in volts (V).

They allow total freedom of movement to reach any corner of your house without having to worry about having a power outlet nearby.

Of course, if you choose a battery broom vacuum cleaner you will have to pay special attention to the autonomy of the battery. We advise that it always have a working capacity of more than 30 minutes.

Motor power and electrical consumption

How high the efficiency and performance of our electric cleaning device will be will be determined by its power and consumption.

We can say that a broom vacuum cleaner is powerful when its motor has 100 W or more (a figure more than enough to vacuum your home environment).

As for energy efficiency, the electrical cost that our vacuum cleaner will make will be found in the kilowatt-hour ratio. A vacuum cleaner of energy class A +++

Deposit capacity and accessibility

The average tank in a broom vacuum cleaner is around 0.5 liters. A little bit low figure, but given the physiognomy of these devices, we cannot ask for much more.

However, there are models with a capacity between 0.7 and 1 liter, which usually increases their price. Also keep in mind that the larger the tank, the more the device will weigh and the more it will reduce one of its great advantages: lightness.

Access to the tank should also be easy, many models have a simple extraction system capable of removing the dust container by pressing a simple button.

Design, size and weight

All these factors will affect the ease and versatility of use of the device.

We do not recommend choosing a model that weighs more than 3.5 kg, and in the end a broom vacuum cleaner is designed to be light and to be able to vacuum any surface, even ceilings, so its lightness and maneuverability is very important.

Its design will have a lot to do with how and where we can store our small cleaning appliance, and there are models that can be hung on the wall while others fit perfectly in a closet.

Accessories and brushes

The accessories that our broom vacuum includes are of great importance when it comes to being able to adapt to different surfaces and elements of the home such as corners, nooks, windows, etc.

So the more brushes and nozzles our electric sweeper has the better. The most normal thing is that many models already include special brushes for textiles (such as rugs, carpets, sofas, …), short and long nozzles for corners and nooks, among others.

Most upright vacuum cleaners come standard with an electric brush consisting of rollers capable of better trapping dirt.

Filtered out

Mainly we find two types of filters, disposable or those that can be cleaned periodically.

It should be borne in mind that within the models with a non-disposable filter (for periodic cleaning) the most recommended is the HEPA filter (which is also capable of purifying the air). HEPA has a higher performance compared to other types of filter, and is that they are capable of trapping dirt much better, preventing it from coming out again. They are perfect for allergy sufferers.

Additional features

The extras, although for many they will be unimportant elements, can greatly influence the price of an upright vacuum cleaner.

Many models have different versions to include or not include this type of extra elements, some of the most common are LED lights that illuminate where you vacuum (useful to remove dirt in dark nooks and corners), battery indicators in cordless vacuum cleaners ( to know the remaining time of use of the appliance) and hooking systems for the wall.

Do I need a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 broom vacuum?

The direct answer is yes. Unless you already have an alternative vacuum cleaner or cleaning device, getting a 2-in-1 upright vacuum cleaner is the most effective, having two vacuum cleaners in one device is undoubtedly a great advantage.

These models allow your broom vacuum cleaner to also become a very useful handheld vacuum cleaner.

It is normally done by pressing a simple button, although it will depend on the model, to easily remove the handheld vacuum cleaner. This means that we can detach and keep the basic mechanism in the form of a hand vacuum cleaner (motor, filters, tank and handle) from the main structure in the form of a broom.

A 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner will be very useful for small emergency vacuums or even for more exhaustive jobs (such as car upholstery, mattresses, curtains, sofas, ceiling corners, …) using a specific nozzle or brush (this is what we call the mode 3 in 1).

What is a broom vacuum cleaner?

Upright vacuum cleaners fall within the family of small cleaning appliances, more specifically that of vacuum cleaners. They are usually characterized by being a portable vacuum cleaner that does not need cables with a straight broom-shaped design.

They are cleaning devices with a very efficient power-comfort ratio.

They are characterized by having the shape of a “broom” as their name suggests, although depending on the person they usually receive different names: upright vacuum cleaner, broom vacuum cleaner, electric broom, stick vacuum cleaner, etc.

Advantages of an upright vacuum cleaner

A broom vacuum can be a great option for many reasons, some of the most obvious are these …

Easy maintenance

They are so easy to clean that in less than 5 minutes you can have them ready. You just have to empty your dirt tank with a simple button.


As they have a broom-shaped structure, they take up almost nothing and can be stored in a very comfortable way. What’s more, some models are removable and others have the option of hanging on the wall, which further improves their ability to store them in any closet or nook.

Lightweight (they weigh very little)

Their low weight and structure make them perfect for any type of movement, even for vacuuming ceilings and high corners, they are incredibly easy to handle and carry around the house.


Able to adapt to any type of surface (soft and hard) with its different cleaning formats and 2 or 3 in 1 modes.


Most models have a cyclonic technology system, which makes them very effective compared to other more traditional models (such as the sled vacuum cleaner).

Disadvantages of an upright vacuum

However, not everything was going to be pink, these models also have some other drawbacks.

Tank capacity

Given its structure in the shape of a broomstick, there is not much space to have a large capacity dust container, so these are usually quite small.

Sound level (noise they make)

It is something that really characterizes all types of vacuum cleaners, but hey, we have to emphasize that most models emit quite a few decibels (dB). Although as in everything, there are silent models that you will not notice or that they are working.

Types of upright vacuum cleaners

We can classify broom vacuum cleaners into 4 groups:

  • Corded or Cordless Upright Vacuums (Cordless Cordless)
  • Upright vacuum cleaners with a bag or dust container
  • Regular or multifunction upright vacuum cleaners (2-in-1 and 3-in-1)
  • Upright steam or cyclonic vacuum cleaners

How does an upright vacuum work?

As in any type of vacuum cleaner, the motor is the main element that gives life to our electrical appliance. The motor rotates, producing a pressure difference and generating an air movement that sucks in air particles on the one hand and expels them on the other.

These air particles in turn contain motes of dirt and dust, the ones in charge of collecting and retaining all this are the filters.

Parts of a broom vacuum cleaner

A broom vacuum cleaner will normally be made up of the following parts (although depending on the model this could vary).


The element that will directly contact the surface to be vacuumed (there are them for different types of dirt, solid or liquid).

Suction system

There are different types of suction devices, but most of them can be classified into two, with bags and without bags (both hollow and washable tanks and cyclonic systems).


The support structure of these vacuum cleaners is very similar to that of a broomstick.

Maintenance and cleaning of an upright vacuum cleaner

As with any electrical appliance, it is important that we periodically perform a series of maintenance and cleaning tasks on our broom vacuum cleaner so that it continues to function in the most optimal way possible (and extend its useful life). Depending on the type of broom vacuum cleaner we choose, we will have to focus more on some points than on others.

Bagged Upright Vacuums

We will have to disassemble the brush to remove the bag (which acts as a filter) and dry clean it with a brush (always without water) if it is reusable, or discard it and place a spare bag if it is not are reusable bags.

Bagless Upright Vacuums

We will have to remove the brush to be able to access and extract the filter, which depending on the model can be foam, mesh or a HEPA filter. In this case, we can clean both dry and with water (as long as we let it dry before using the appliance again). It is also important to remove, using a damp cloth or cloth, any remaining dust or dirt from the housing and tank.

Upright vacuum cleaners with water filter

This type of vacuum cleaner, ideal for suction of liquids, usually has a water filter as well as a HEPA filter. It is important that we wash the water filter after each use since this is in charge of preventing dirt from reaching the engine, otherwise, mold and corrosion could be generated that would end up rendering our model useless. To do a good cleaning we must remove the water filter and wash it with a damp cloth or sponge, leaving a period of at least 24 hours for a perfect drying. This process should also be repeated with your deflector plate.

Frequently asked questions about broom vacuums

What is cyclonic technology or system?

Vacuum cleaners with cyclonic technology do not depend on a bag and their power does not drop as the bag fills.

It’s technology (patented by James Dyson in 1978) acts as a cyclone, generating a current that sucks air in a spiral.

This is achieved thanks to its conical-shaped design that is capable of moving air at high revolutions. This allows the clean air to rise through the center of the created “whirlpool” and the (heavier) dirt particles to fall downwards, being stored in a hermetically sealed container.

Cyclonic technology is more durable than traditional technology, since the filtering system is designed to protect the engine from dust, extending its useful life. However, models with this system are also more expensive.

The market advances and bets on this technology, and almost all new generation broom vacuum cleaners already have it. At the end of the day it is more comfortable for the user, as well as being more ecological (it does not need replacement bags or filters) and much more efficient.

What is a 2-in-1 broom vacuum?

A 2-in-1 broom vacuum cleaner is one that can work both as a broom vacuum cleaner and as a handheld vacuum cleaner.

The handheld vacuum cleaner is usually the carrier of the basic operating mechanisms such as the motor, filters and tank, coupled as a whole within the structure of the broom vacuum cleaner and can be removed with a simple button.

What type of floors can an electric broom vacuum?

A vacuum broom is designed to work on any type of surface, from floors laden with lint and other types of dirt to carpets full of dust and animal hair.

Most broom vacuums have a universal brush for all types of floors, with different position modes to adapt to hard or soft floors and a bristle roller that will rotate to improve vacuuming. Depending on the model, we will also have other types of accessories and nozzles for more specific uses.

In addition, there are models capable of vacuuming both dry and wet (soils with water or humidity).

Are broom vacuums good for scrubbing?

Yes, there are models capable of performing the scrubbing function. These models, called broom vacuum cleaners with water tanks or steam broom vacuum cleaners, have the EasyClean system that allows you to carry out tasks such as scrubbing or mopping. However, we will only find this system in high-end broom vacuums.

Is there a model of a broom vacuum cleaner with the bag?

At present, you may come across a model that uses bags as filters. But the truth is that it is less and less common, one of the advantages of broom vacuum cleaners is this, that most have a cyclonic system and an easy-to-remove tank without the need for bags.

Which electric broom is better, Bosch or Rowenta?

Rowenta is undoubtedly the pioneer of broom vacuum cleaners on the market. This brand was responsible for opening the market for these models and continues to be the one that most innovates in its broom vacuum technology (such as its delta / triangle-shaped brush).

We definitely recommend Rowenta over Bosch, as their models continue to be one step ahead.

Broom vacuum cleaner or sled vacuum cleaner?

A question that many people ask themselves when facing a change of vacuum cleaner and that to date they have only used the traditional sled vacuum cleaner. Both are excellent cleaning machines, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Well, if what you are looking for is comfort (wireless and lightweight) and versatility (convertible into 2 or 3 in 1), it is best that you opt for a broom vacuum cleaner, but keep in mind that you will sacrifice a little power and flow suction.

If what you want is to continue having an ultra-powerful vacuum cleaner capable of getting rid of any dirt (to which it may get), opt for a sled vacuum cleaner.

Broom vacuum cleaner or robot vacuum cleaner?

Both models perform a cleaning task more efficiently, but unlike the sled model, they are designed to do it in a more periodic way.

That said, both models offer a certain degree of comfort and versatility, although it is not, that the robot vacuum cleaner goes further, making it possible for you to completely forget about cleaning your house once you have configured its programming.

So if you don’t mind paying a little more, definitely go for a robot vacuum cleaner. If, on the contrary, you need to adjust your budget a little more, opt for an excellent upright vacuum.

How efficient are vacuum brooms for pet hair?

There are specialized broom vacuum cleaners for pets that have a mechanized turbo brush, or an exclusive hair roller.

These models allow you to easily remove hair and dander from household animals, which normally remain attached to surfaces such as rugs, rugs, sofas, etc.

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