Best Wireless Mouse of 2021

A few years ago optical sensor mice were considered the peak of technology. Now they bring so much to the table that it’s hard not to be impressed.

One thing that is always attractive is a wireless device. The cables are, figuratively and literally, a tangle. Wireless technology, in the form of USB or Bluetooth, is a marvel for today’s busy work style.

In our list, we have collected the most interesting models of this year for you to update your peripherals. We do not focus on one use case (such as gaming mice ) but cover a variety of practical and functional mice, more geared towards everyday use.

We hope you find one that matches your needs!

The Best Wireless Mice of 2021

Each mouse has its peculiarity, so its value is as great as it seems to the user. With this in mind, the following table reflects the values ​​that matter regardless of the use case.

We focus on: number of additional buttons, resolution (or DPI) and battery type.

Resolution, commonly called DPI “Dots Per Inch” is a measurement that expresses the rate of dots interpreted by the mouse when physically moving it.

A 500 DPI mouse detects 100 times fewer dots than a 5,000 DPI. Not necessarily more DPI is better. Some tasks demand more while others demand less. This is why many mice allow you to change the DPI, either with buttons or software settings.01

Logitech M720 Triathlon

Logitech has an extensive portfolio of computer peripherals, all recognized as the best in their class. It is almost impossible to talk about mice or other of these devices without mentioning the brand. The M720 Triathlon is easily one of the best mice you can buy this year thanks to its versatility and features.


Let’s go with the first. The M720’s body is contoured for the right hand, so it won’t be the best mouse for lefties. The body is large and fits the right palm comfortably.

The surface is covered with rubber so it is comfortable to the touch. It has three buttons on the left side and a button behind the wheel. Speaking of buttons and clicks, they are designed to withstand up to 10 million clicks. This mouse is going for a while.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is m720-gallery-1-1024x879.png


The most striking thing about this mouse is that it allows you to work efficiently on up to three computers. Just pair it with Logitech Unifying or Bluetooth Smart and you’re good to go. A touch of the mouse changes equipment and indicates it in the numbers next to the thumb.

Following this thread, it has a function to copy / paste text, images or other files from one computer to the other, as if it were a kind of portable memory. A feature much faster and easier than sending them to your email.


All told, it’s an excellent mouse for anyone who does a lot of work on the computer. Its cost is not exactly cheap, but for what it offers, it is a gift. We recommend it for practically any type of user except those who need much more specialized functions in their peripherals.Buy From Amazon

Razer Atheris

Technology is a compromise: we compromise one thing for the other. In the case of Razer, it offers us the best compromise to play and work with the Atheris . We anticipate that we are not very fans of the Razer brand, but this mouse really has merit. If you are looking for a more “simple” mouse but with good performance regardless of your activities, keep reading.


We start by emphasizing its ambidextrous shape, no one is left out with this design. The only detail is that the two additional buttons are on the pinky side for lefties, but it is a small thing compared to not being able to use it.

It is fork-shaped, meaning that the wheel is not embedded in the top piece, but rather “floats” between the two click buttons in an empty space.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is RazerAtherisMobileMain-1024x600.jpg


The two points in favor of this mouse are its connectivity and precision.

First, it uses dual Wifi / Bluetooth connectivity to ensure that the connection is always the best possible. A well thought out detail for those who work from one place to another where they could run into other users and a multitude of wireless devices.

On the other hand, the DPI of 7,200 with optical sensor is practically useful for all situations, except for special cases. It has a battery life of around 280 hours of use which is not a big deal, but it is an acceptable duration.


All in all, it is a mouse with excellent performance and can serve a wide range of users. We recommend it for those who do not want more complex functions but a comfortable and reliable mouse to play and work.Buy From Amazon

Logitech Silent M590

Each person worked at different hours. For those who work at night, Logitech has a number of silent mice, made to minimize noise and thus not disturb anyone. If you are one of these, or if you are simply bothered by noise, the M590 is one of the best silent mice available on the market.


The materials and the feel produced by these are the best. The rubber coating gives you comfort to the touch while the feet of the material make it slide easily and without noise.

The contour of the body is intended for the right hand as is the position of two of its reprogrammable buttons. That said, it doesn’t seem to be that awkward for left-handed users. Behind the wheel button is the button to switch computers together with its respective indicator.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wireless-mouse-m590-multi-device-silent.png


The “key” to this product is how quiet it is. However, it has three notable functions.

The first is the usual dual connectivity in Logitech, which makes the mouse more reliable. Then we have the ability to pair and switch between two different computers, and finally we can copy and paste text, images or other files from one computer to another using the mouse itself.

It is worth mentioning that the autonomy of its battery is, as the company expresses, up to 24 months with a battery.


For everything it offers, this mouse is available at a very good price. We recommend it as one of the best options for silent mice on the market, or as a cheaper but just as functional alternative to the more modern models of Logitech.Buy From Amazon

HAVIT Mouse 2.4G

HAVIT is a renowned Asian brand, especially when it comes to “minimalist” style mice. Its products are characterized by being compact and functional, characteristic of its 2.4G mouse . If you travel constantly and want to travel with as little bulk as possible, this could be the mouse for you.


It is ultra light, weighing around 58 grams with ultra compact dimensions. You can get one in various colors like brown, white, blue, turquoise, black, and red.

The contouring was designed for the right hand and even with its size it achieves that comfortable and ergonomic feel that makes work easier. It has an internal cavity to store the USB nano receiver. Does not include AA battery.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 48347808-1336-4b3c-b261-c6dcc45db8df_1.5254cb8beb8426212f6ac4115985e966-1024x1024.jpeg


It works “Plug n Play” style, that is, plug in the receiver and go. It does not require additional installation or configuration. Allows you to switch between three levels of DPI: 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000.

If 10 minutes or more elapse without activity, the mouse pauses to save power.


The battery may end up costing more than the mouse itself, that’s how cheap it is. That is not why it is bad, however, since it seems to us an excellent economic option for those who only need a mouse and nothing else.Buy From Amazon

TedGem Mouse 2.4G

TedGem’s 2.4G mouse is not a mouse exclusively for gaming, but it seems to us that its additional functions tend to be used more. With its “Plug n Play” installation, extra buttons and changeable DPI, we find it an affordable solution for those looking for a gaming mouse.


The mouse shape is contoured for the right hand and with an emphasis on reducing the effects of Carpal tunnel syndrome. If you work a lot in the office (or if you are a writer) you will know how painful and annoying that can be.

It has a cavity to store the nano USB receiver.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is c700x420.jpg


Toggle between five DPI levels at the touch of a button: 800, 1,200, 1,600, 2,000 and 2,400 DPI. It has auto suspension to save energy and also has two buttons on the left side to switch between pages.


For the price you would think that they are selling you a defective product, but as many users have verified, the product is real. If you are looking for an extra feature in an affordable mouse, this might be a good option.Buy From Amazon

Logitech M185

So far we have seen a variety of mice with specific functions, but we have forgotten about the “classic” mice. Those who are dedicated to moving the cursor, clicking and sliding through pages. The Logitech M185 is one of the most suitable models for this task.


Compact, with an ambidextrous design and a considerably light weight of less than 50 grams. It was made to be used anywhere. It uses an almost imperceptible nano USB receiver.

It is available in three colors: black with gray, black with blue, and black with red.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is m185-01-2.png


Logitech-quality connectivity is felt here. The brand claims it works up to five meters away, but most of the mice we’ve covered work at twice that distance.

The battery life is considerable and it comes from the factory with one pre-installed.


Compared to the products on our list, the M185 recently. But what little it does does it well. If you don’t need as many extra features and just want a reliable wireless mouse, this might be your option.Buy From Amazon

Logitech MX Vertical

The position of this mouse in our list does not reflect its quality, but we consider the design very specific. The MX Vertical is the most ergonomic bet we have seen from Logitech and it seems to us that it is the beginning of a new line.


The most important thing about this product is its vertical design. Instead of picking up or extending our palm parallel to the surface on the mouse, we place it perpendicularly, holding the mouse as if we were squeezing a hand.

For those suffering from severe pain from Carpal tunnel syndrome, mice like this could be a healing balm. In the same way it works if you want to avoid reaching that point.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mx-vertical-gallery-01-1024x879.png


It lacks most of the features that Logitech tends to add to its peripherals. However, two things deserve mention.

The first is that the DPI of this mouse is high: 4,000 DPI. This greatly minimizes the hand movement required to move the cursor. Element that added to the shape emphasizes its ergonomic use.

The other is that it has three forms of connectivity: USB-C cable, USB receiver and Bluetooth. It recharges with the USB cable and can last up to 4 months on a full charge.


The glue of the product. But don’t get us wrong, it’s a good mouse. The problem is that there are similar options in ergonomics for much less money. That said, it’s a Logitech quality product, so we know it gets the job done flawlessly.Buy From Amazon

Apple Magic Mouse 2

We hold the idea that cross-platform compatibility should be standard, but we can’t overlook Apple’s best wireless mouse: the Magic Mouse 2 .


As you would expect from Apple, the design and appearance are very careful in this mouse. The contoured surface, the reduced height and the silver and gray colors give it a very satisfactory minimalist “look”.

However, the shape lacks ergonomics entirely.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MLA02_AV1.jpg


It allows you to perform a variety of gestures to replace the presence of buttons such as swiping a page up and down with a single finger or moving from one window to another.

The internal battery cannot be charged in use, but about 10 minutes equals one hour. Only compatible with Mac computers.


It has a high price, especially when you consider what it offers. You pay for the brand, after all. If you have a Mac computer and you want a wireless mouse designed exclusively for it, there is no better option available.Buy From Amazon

Logitech M220 Silent

If you are looking for a simple and quiet mouse, the Logitech M220 could be a good option. Aside from how quiet it is, it has no additional features, making it a subtle but successful upgrade.


With no additional buttons or functions, the design can be ambidextrous. It is available in different colors like black, blue, red and gray.

Reduces clicks or movement noise by up to 90% and is made to be taken anywhere. It’s super light and feels good to the touch.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is logitech-m220-silent.png


As we mentioned, it is a “classic” mouse. It has the reliable connectivity of Logitech, includes a battery (and very high autonomy) and offers good durability.


It costs only a little more than similar models, but with a tenth of the noise produced. We recommend it for those looking for a quiet mouse, but find advanced models more cumbersome or unnecessary.Buy From Amazon

Jelly Comb Mouse 2.4G

We decided to end up with a fun 2.4G mouse from a perhaps not-so-popular brand: Jelly Comb. It is nothing that reinvents the concept but it seems like an interesting proposal.


We start with that it has an extensive range of patterns and colors to choose from. Sure, if you want one in black and low-key, they have it.

In a matter of shapes, it is not an ergonomic one, but it is compact with a wheel and unusual click buttons.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 61lB0Ugp4aL._SL1500_-1024x1024.jpg


It’s quiet, perhaps not as quiet as the Logitech models, but functional. You don’t need to install drivers and the durability of the components is mind-boggling – 300 million clicks.

Battery life is about 36 months, the highest on our list.


For its price, it offers everything we could hope for. It offers a balance of style, portability, noise reduction, and durability in an unusual color and pattern package. If you would like to try an unusual product with remarkable quality, the Jelly Comb is a good option.Buy From Amazon

Conclusion and Buyer’s Guide

A new and updated wireless mouse could be what your work team is missing. The simplest would increase comfort at the table while one of the more advanced could allow you to increase your productivity, especially if you work with several computers at the same time.

We must take care of some products. Let’s not forget that “cheap is expensive.” That is why market research could help you.

We hope you liked our review. We still recommend reading the tips below to improve your purchase.

The silence

There is a huge dichotomy between users who want to minimize noise and those who love noise. It seems easy to say that you like it or not, but we suggest you go to a store and try clicking on one of the silent mice first.

Some people will find that noise is necessary as a work stimulus. Better to realize this before buying a silent mouse.

Increased functionality

More is more, but sometimes it is less. If you are a more advanced user and have more complex needs, a mouse with more functions would be the best for you. Programmers, analysts, and other professionals who use computers on a daily basis will gain a lot.

However, if you are a user with simple needs, a more advanced model would be more expensive without any gain.

Battery autonomy

When they put autonomy in terms of days or another measure of time other than hours, it is difficult to understand.

The bottom line is that wireless mice sooner or later get discharged and it largely depends on the user. If you are a person who spends a lot of time on the computer, procuring a mouse with good autonomy is imperative.

It’s not only cheaper, it’s less of a hassle.

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