Best Silent Heaters in the Market

Adding a heater as a supplemental heating method will help warm your home. However, most of the time, heaters have noisy fans that make them a major nuisance, interrupting the television or radio or keeping you awake at night. Fortunately, technology is progressing, giving you great options, here is a list of the best silent heaters you can buy from around the market.

What is the best silent heater?

recommended silent heater

Rowenta SO6510F2

Without a doubt, the quietest heater with which you can enjoy a warm and cozy home without being disturbed by noise.

The best silent heaters on the market


Rowenta SO6510F2 Comfort Aqua - Heater, 2400 W, Stainless Steel, White

Rowenta SO6510F2 Comfort Aqua – Heater, 2400 W, Stainless Steel, White

  • Silent bathroom heater with anti-drip device and double electrical insulation for maximum safety
  • Two positions with adjustable power: 1,200 W Silence and 2,400 W for maximum power
  • Silence function: noise level reduction (only 45 dBA in silent position at 1,200 W)

Best Quiet Heater : Rowenta SO650F2

This powerful and compact silent heater has a sleek, tall, modern design. It is designed to provide quiet, gentle heat. This heater provides three different settings based on your needs, a high heat setting of 950 watts to heat the entire room, a low heat setting of 450 watts for more personal heating, and a fan setting of just 30 watts that allows for cooling. .

This is a year round heater and fan. The heater has an immensely smooth operating system that increases comfort for you and those around you. It produces a minimal amount of noise while running and only causes 42 decibels of sound. 42 decibels of sound is the amount of noise produced by a soft whisper, this means that it will not cause any distraction or interruption in your work or sleep.



Rowenta SO9265F0 Mini Excel Eco - Fast Heating Ceramic Heater with Power ...

2,228 Reviews

Rowenta SO9265F0 Mini Excel Eco – Fast Heating Ceramic Heater with Power …

  • Two positions with adjustable power: 1,000 W in Silence mode or 1,800 W in maximum power mode
  • Silence function: noise level reduction (only 49 dBA in silent position at 1,000 W)
  • Thermostat with electronic anti-frost device

Price-quality silent heater : Rowenta SO9265F0

The Rowenta SO9265F0 is a heater designed specifically for use in a home or office. It is made for easy portability and convenient placement as a table or counter, as well as for under table use. It is made with an advanced turbofan technology that allows efficient and effective heating, as well as minimal noise.


Cecotec Low Consumption Electric Bathroom Heater Ready Warm 9550 Force Rotate. 2000 W, ...

Cecotec Low Consumption Electric Bathroom Heater Ready Warm 9550 Force Rotate. 2000 W, …

  • Heater fan with high power of 2000 W. The Neverfrost anti-frost system allows the fan heater to maintain the temperature above …
  • Adjustable thermostat with two power levels: minimum power of 1000 W and maximum power of 2000 W. Thanks to this setting, the …
  • It has 3 operating modes: Eco Mode: 1000 W, Turbo Mode: 2000 W and Cool Mode: fan function. The fan heater has the tip-over …

Cheap silent heater : Cecotec Vertical Heater Ready Warm 9550

Cecotec’s quiet heater is designed to blend efficient heating and a soundless operation system. The heater has three different ways of transferring heat; a 1500 watt mode for high heat and a large room, 750 watts for low heat and smaller area, or a normal setting for cold air. You can adjust the temperature with the thermostat or choose one of these three settings.

Beneland heaters use a microthermal heating technology that is a self-regulating ceramic plate (PTC) as the heating element. This results in almost no noise while heating, while still providing effective and consistent heat.

This heater also comes with several safety features, such as a shutdown feature that detects that the heater has tipped over.


Cecotec Ceramic Bath Heater Ready Warm 6100 Ceramic Rotate. Oscillating, 1500 W, ...

Cecotec Ceramic Bath Heater Ready Warm 6100 Ceramic Rotate. Oscillating, 1500 W, …

  • Ceramic heater with great power of 1500 w; power indicator light; security system: security grid that prevents access to the …
  • Ceramic technology: rapid heat emission with maximum efficiency and safety; Adjustable thermostat with two power levels: power …
  • Automatic oscillation, offering a greater heating angle; It has 3 modes: eco mode: 750 w, max mode: 1500 w and cool mode: function …

Silent ceramic heater : Cecotec Ready Warm 6100

The Cecotec Ready Warm 6100 air circulation space heater is built with an air circulation fan that allows for high and low cooling in the summer, as well as a rapid heating system that allows you to enjoy great heat during the winter . It has two different heat levels at 1500 watts and 750 watts for high and low heat. The dual-mode fan is quiet and provides maximum comfort in temperature regulation.

The small size fan is electronic and is an ideal solution for any space such as home or office. It is designed to be especially comfortable and portable, so it comes with a built-in handle for easy relocation. The heater uses improved technology to provide quiet comfort while you work, relax, or sleep.


COMLIFE Ceramic Heater PTC 900W / 1800W Mini Electric Heater Fan against ...

COMLIFE Ceramic Heater PTC 900W / 1800W Mini Electric Heater Fan against …

  • ★ EFFICIENT AND ENERGY SAVING: This heater employs a PTC ceramic heating element which has the advantages of fast heating, …
  • ★ UNIQUE DESIGN: Compared with other traditional heaters, its design is more unique and modern. It has internal concave handle, easy …
  • ★ SAFE PROTECTION: CE, RoHS and REACH certificates, product quality is guaranteed. The heater is equipped with two gears of …

Silent mini heater: COMLIFE PTC Ceramic Heater

The Comlife Hot and Cold Pure Air Heater is a ceramic heater and air purifier. It is designed to run without a fan and work on circulating air through itself, regulating the temperature as well as filtering and cleaning the air for you.

The heater can be used for personal heating as well as for heating large rooms. Use a thermostatic control to heat the room without causing noise. It has a 365 degree oscillation and provides a strong but smooth flow of air. It also cleans the air of allergens, pollen, dust, and other particles.

It can be Wi-Fi enabled, as well as connected to a smart home device like Alexa. Therefore, it can be controlled remotely through voice activation.


Brandson 8565524557 Heater, Black, Typ 1

474 Opinions

Brandson 8565524557 Heater, Black, Typ 1

  • Model designation: Brandson ceramic fan with infrared remote control 303834.
  • Usage: The elegant Brandson 2000W ceramic heater combines high heating power with an attractive design and ceramic elements …
  • Adjustable Timer: With the additional time feature, you can individually set the Brandson heater between 0 and 8 hours. Function of…

Quiet Remote Control Heater: Brandson

This is a lightweight, portable and quiet heater that could be used in almost any room in the house. Its portability is due to the fact that it is lightweight, and it also has wheels, so it can be easily moved from room to room.

If you prefer to have it permanently in one room, you have the option of fixing it to the wall using your wall brackets and the kit you use to secure it.

It has two heat settings and at its highest setting, it can produce around 5,100 BTUs of heat. These settings are selected using one of the two dial controls on the side of the heater. The other dial allows you to adjust the thermostat to get the right temperature for you.

As the heat that is created is radiated into the room, there is no need for a fan, therefore this heater works almost silently.



Black + Decker BXWSH2000E Ceramic Bathroom Wall Heater with Thermostat ...

Black + Decker BXWSH2000E Ceramic Bathroom Wall Heater with Thermostat …

  • Fully programmable: with a daily and weekly programmer and a thermostat from 10 to 49ºc, you can adjust the heater precisely to your needs …
  • Suitable for all types of rooms: place it where you need it most with its included wall bracket and thanks to its resistance to humidity ipx2, …
  • Timer: set the operating time up to 12 hours and don’t worry about having to turn it off, the heater will turn off right at the …

Silent Wall Heater: Black + Decker BXWSH2000E

One of the quietest heaters you can have is oil-filled radiators because they have no moving parts, no fans, and the only noise you can hear is the occasional creaking noise when the metal radiator heats up. Beyond that is the silent heat.

This is a “plug-and-play” space heater, which means that all you need to do is plug it in and it turns on. The radiator has two control dials. The top one is to select one of the three heat settings you have, and the other is the thermostat that allows you to adjust the radiator until it reaches a heat level that satisfies you.

It is mounted on four wheels, so if you want to take it to another room you can do it. In warmer months, when you don’t need the heater, you can remove the wheels for easier storage. There is also a handy neat lanyard for when the heater is not in use.

This radiator is sealed, so you don’t need to refill it with oil at any time.


Silent Portable Heater: Rowenta SO2320

The Rowenta SO2320 Comfort Compact is a 2000W power heater but extremely silent thanks to its Silence function that reduces the noise level to only 44 dB in its 1,000W position. It has 2 speeds, where the maximum achievable power is 2,000W.

Its design is light and portable, it has a carrying handle and a 1.4 meter long cable that will allow you to plug it anywhere.



Rowenta HQ7111 Air Force Hot & Cool Heater and Fan, Quiet Airflow, Mode ...

Rowenta HQ7111 Air Force Hot & Cool Heater and Fan, Quiet Airflow, Mode …

  • 2-in-1 fan and heater Unique patented hot and cold air circulation technology: ensures optimal air circulation for …
  • Achieve a homogeneous temperature throughout the room with the heating mode, avoiding hot-cold areas and reaching the desired temperature …
  • Curved grille and a wind-powered air propulsion system, you get a high-performance airflow while silent, which …

Quiet fan and heater: Rowenta HQ7111 Air Force

With its digital control panel and LED display you could easily mistake this heater for a table fan, however it is definitely a heater and a very quiet one.

It heats the oil inside and that heat radiates out and into the room. You can regulate that heat using the aforementioned digital control panel. This allows you to alter the heat up or down to a maximum output of around 5,2100 BTUs.

You can see the settings and temperature you are selecting on the LED display just above the control panel. This can also be used to program the 24 hour digital timer. There is even an auto-on feature that kicks in when the room temperature drops below a certain temperature.

You don’t have to worry about oil refilling as it is a sealed unit, and if you want to use it in more than one room you don’t need to lift it as it can pass through.


Klarstein Skyscraper Heat - Tower Heater, Fan, Oscillation, 1600 or 2500 W, ...

Klarstein Skyscraper Heat – Tower Heater, Fan, Oscillation, 1600 or 2500 W, …

  • INSTANT HEAT: The Skyscraper Heat thermal fan with its attractive and modern design brings warm air to offices, rooms or pavilions of …
  • CONVINCING PERFORMANCE: The heater heats spaces of up to 25 m² with two power levels, either with 1600 or 2500 W. By activating the function …
  • FLEXIBILITY AND SAVINGS: The desired heat can be adjusted gradually between 15 and 28 ° C. When it is reached the heater turns off automatically, but …

Silent tower heater : Klarstein Skyscraper Heat

Our latest silent heater is a Klarstein fan tower heater, the gray color and modern style of which make it very impressive.

Unlike most other portable heaters that have four wheels, this one has two large wheels on one side. To move it you lift it on the other side and push or pull it. This means that it should be more stable when sitting on the floor.

If it falls, there is a sensor that turns the heater off to keep it safe, and there is also a sensor that does a similar job if the heater is in danger of overheating.

It is virtually silent when turned on due to its micothermal heating process that does not require a fan. To control the heat, there is a button on the side that allows you to select high or low, and there is also a thermostat dial that can be used to adjust the temperature to your liking.

Buying guide: What to consider when buying a good silent heater?

Since noise is a major factor in choosing a heater, choosing one with fewer moving parts is a good idea. Some models have fans and other components inside, so they tend to be louder. In this case, simplicity is your friend, since less complicated designs usually don’t have as many noisy parts.

Another consideration is how large the space you are trying to heat is. If you have a small room, you will need a heater with about 300 watts to heat the entire space. Having a very powerful heater in a small room is a waste, since much of the energy that is being created is not even needed.

When looking for a quiet space heater, the first thing to consider is the noise level. Heaters that have moving parts like fans tend to make more noise than those without moving parts. Infrared heaters and other radiant heaters typically only make noise when the thermostat clicks the heat to turn it on and off.

Second, consider the size of the space you need to heat. In general, 10 watts will heat 1 square foot of space. The power capacity you choose should be directly related to the square footage of your room. Too small a heater will not be powerful enough to heat the room and will end up being expensive as it drains electricity. Too powerful a heater will waste energy heating unnecessarily, and you will spend all your time turning it on and off.

Similarly, in line with energy efficiency, you will find that space heaters that incorporate thermostats and timers will allow you to have more control over your space heater, without draining electricity and without increasing your bills.

Safety features are always a good thing to keep in mind, especially if you have small children and pets. Some heaters have automatic overheat protection that turns the heater off if it gets too hot. Likewise, you will find that some heaters are cold, to avoid burning when they are on.

The different types of silent heaters

The term “silent heater” does not refer to an actual type of heater in terms of how it produces heat. Instead it is used to specify a characteristic of these heaters. This often raises the question of what types of heaters are there that are quiet and how they work. Read on and these questions will be answered.

  • Micothermic panel heaters.These quiet heaters produce heat by heating a metal heating element that is housed in thin sheets of mica. Mica is a natural material based on silicone that is in crystal form. Apart from heaters, it is also widely used in the electronics industry as it is an excellent insulator. In heaters, once the mica has been heated, it distributes that heat using radiant and convection methods. Micothermic panel heaters are normally light enough to be easily moved, especially since most of them have wheels so they can be transported from room to room. Although they use convection heat, they usually do not have fans to help them be very quiet.
  • Oil filled radiators. They are usually sealed units, which as the name suggests are filled with oil. When turned on, the heating element begins to heat the oil. The generated heat is then transferred through the metal body and radiates into the room in which the heater is located. Oil filled radiators are easy to control, and they are also portable, as most of them have wheels that allow you to turn. As they are portable and relatively small, there is a risk that an oil filled radiator could be knocked over. If this occurs, there is a sensor that turns the heater off immediately.
  • Infrared heater . These are very popular heaters that produce heat very efficiently. They are considered to be one of the most energy efficient heaters available, which may explain their popularity. Infrared heaters work on the principle that the heat they produce is radiated into the room. Unlike convection heaters, in which heat is expelled into the room and heats the air, an infrared heater radiates its heat. This means that the heat comes out directly and instead of circulating through the air, it heats whoever or whatever is in line with the radiated heat.

How does a quiet space heater work? Why doesn’t it make noise?

The most common reason that any space heater is quiet is typically due to the fact that it has no or very few moving parts. The moving part of a heater that is the most noticeable noise maker is the fan.

Fans are an essential part of most convection heaters like ceramic ones. There are two sources of the noise the fan makes. The first is the motor that makes a noise while turning. The second is the noise created by the rapidly rotating fan blades and their interaction with the air around them.

In some fan heaters, the noise will be barely perceptible, but with others, it can be so loud that it becomes extremely distracting, not to mention very annoying when it comes to relaxing or watching TV.

Neither type of heater we mentioned above requires a fan, so it eliminates the biggest source of noise. This is not to say that some do not have fans, like the Mojave Heat Storm heater, but they will be very quiet.

Quiet heaters will make the occasional sound, but they will be very quiet and subtle. These sounds could be the clicking of the thermostat or the creaking of the metal parts of the heater expanding due to the heat.

Who is a silent heater recommended for?

Having a silent heater can be very helpful to you. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing one for yourself:

If you have a lot of stacked blankets

During the winter months, you can opt for huge blankets and duvets to keep warm. The downside to this is that there are huge piles of blankets lying around, collecting dust and of no use during summers, and they are a hassle to get around and keep clean. Replacing them with a quiet space heater will be ideal because they are portable and quiet.

Use of the Bedroom

For those people who live in bedrooms and don’t have a lot of storage space and want fast and efficient heating, a heater will be the first choice. But having a heater that causes unnecessary noise can be a huge distraction not only for you but for others as well. To combat this problem, you can go for a silent heater.

Use in the office

You can go for a silent heater if you work in an office. Not only will it keep you warm, but it won’t distract or annoy you or your coworkers.

For sleeping

If the heater is used in a bedroom, having a quiet heater will allow for better sleep. This is particularly true if it is used while children or babies sleep or for anyone who is sensitive to noise.

Safety Tips for Using a Quiet Heater

Although a quiet heater can be a cozy heat source without noisy disturbances, it is important to know a few safety tips, as high heat output and low noise can be dangerous if you are not careful.

  • If you check if the heater is on, always touch it with the back of your hand and never with the front. The back of the hand is more sensitive and will move away quickly if it is hot, making it less likely to burn.
  • If you have young children, be sure to get a heater that is cool to the touch. Children may not be aware that the stove is on if it is not making noise, risking being touched or collided with it.
  • Tip-over protection will shut off the heater if it falls, making it safer for children and pets.
  • Always plug it directly into a power outlet. Heaters can be quite taxing on power sources, which can end up heating power extensions. This can be a fire hazard.
  • Always turn it off when not in use. Since many models have convenient timers, you may not realize that this timer is on. This will turn the heater on even if it is off.
  • Choose your location carefully. Most models need a little space around them so as not to heat up the surrounding surfaces. Also, try not to place your heater near water.


Frequently Asked Questions about Silent Heaters

How is it that a quiet heater produces less sound than a normal heater?

A quiet space heater not only produces less sound than a normal one, but is also efficient in its operation. These heaters quickly heat the space to the desired temperature. They have various designs and structural elements. Some have oil radiators, some have mica panels, and some run on infrared rays.
They produce little to no sound because they have no moving parts, so users are not disturbed by any unwanted noise, especially while sleeping.

The best way to use a quiet heater?

Space heaters are typically used when it doesn’t make economic sense to turn on the thermostat for a short period of time. These heaters are also typically used in only one room or area and are not used to heat the entire home.
The best way to use a heater is to keep it in an open space, without anything touching it. Keep children and animals away from them, because they can enter and knock them over. A common place to install a heater is near a desk in a home office, so it can stay nice and warm while you work.

Safety tips for using a quiet heater?

Safety tips are essential when using a space heater because they can be a common cause of fires in the home. Stay alert with your heater, because it can quickly spiral out of control if you’re doing something wrong.

– Never use an extension cord to connect your heater. Always try to use a wall socket instead. If you use an extension cord, the outlet is much more likely to overheat and cause a short circuit. This is a good way to start a fire in your home.
– Keep the heater a good distance from other things in the room. A good rule of thumb is to keep anything that might burn at least 3 feet away from whatever heater is being used.
– Do not leave heaters on overnight. If you go to bed or leave the room for a long period of time, turn off the heater! If the heater were to fall, it could end up causing an electrical fire. Many silent heaters have a built-in feature that allows them to turn off automatically at night.
– Do not put heaters in the bathroom or around the water. This could cause a strong shock. There are electric wall heaters that are much safer to use in bathrooms. Consult a professional for more information on how to install one of them.
– Don’t put a heater in a child’s room unless it is there all the time. Put it away when the child goes to bed so you can’t get to it. They could get burned if they touch a heater, so try to keep it away from the area where they play on the floor.

Silent heaters are great innovations, but make sure you understand all the safety precautions before you install and start using them. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

Characteristics to consider in a silent heater?

When looking specifically for a quiet space heater, there are a few factors that set them apart from the rest. The most important thing to look for is what type of heat is being used. Microthermal heating is a design that uses both convection and radiant heat. The heat will be radiated through the heater panel and then distributed throughout the room. This process is due to the convection heating built into the design.
There are no fans on the microthermal heaters, so they end up being quieter than most other models. The room ends up being heated evenly, and most importantly, quietly. The fan blades don’t move, which is why microthermal heaters are so smooth and quiet.
Another attribute to look for is the portability of the drive. Ideally, you want one that can be moved to any room in the house that requires heating. You also want to make sure that you are close enough to reach a wall socket, and not be tempted to use an extension cord.
Many silent heaters tend to be quite light, so portability won’t be an issue. They are usually small and compact, without excess additional parts. This is a great feature if you plan to move them around the house from room to room, and especially if you frequently move them up and down.

Conclusion and final opinions of silent heaters

There is nothing like the quiet relaxation of a warm and cozy bedroom. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get there without suffering from a noisy heater, or without paying a huge energy bill using the central heating system. Fortunately, there are options.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching heaters, and I know the importance of a quality appliance. If you are looking for a heater that is quiet, efficient, high quality, and at a great value price, then this article is for you.

In my opinion you should be looking for an infrared, oil-fired, or potentially a standard ceramic bedroom heater. These are the quietest and the most profitable. Below, I’ve made a personal recommendation for each type that are fantastic options for quietly heating a bedroom. If you already know what type of heater you would like, feel free to move on to the comments that follow. Otherwise we will help you decide which type would be right for you.

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