Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners [2021]

Lack of time, desire, or any other reason may be good for opting for autonomous cleaning. If you are thinking of switching to this cleaning mode, and let yourself be amazed by how a robot cleans your house, surely this comparison of the best robot vacuum cleaners will be of great help and solve many of the doubts that arise when buying one of these cleaning supplies.

What is the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market?

We have selected the Neato Robotics Botvac as the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market.

neato botvac connected robot vacuum


Without a doubt the best robot vacuum cleaner that you can buy today

But do not miss the rest of the products analyzed, depending on specific characteristics or benefits we have compiled other models that could be very interesting. Which one do you need?

The best robot vacuum cleaners on the market

So you may be wondering, and what are the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market? Well, we have mainly selected these 10 models based on their performance and specific objectives that they can satisfy. Let’s move on to the specific analysis performed for each model.

neato botvac connected robot vacuum
Automatic vacuum cleaner that can be controlled remotely via Wi Fi

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Neato Robotics Botvac Connected

As mentioned before, we have chosen the Neato Robotics as the best robot vacuum on the market. And now, when we develop its features, you will see why this sweeping robot is the best option among all the models analyzed.

This automatic vacuum cleaner has a triangular D-shape, ideal for vacuuming corners and corners, being able to adhere perfectly to the base of your home. Of course, it is not a small model, with measurements of 32.1 x 33.5 x 10 cm and 4.1 kilograms.

It has a double brush in the central area, a spiral blade brush and another on the side. Its tank has a capacity of 700 ml. Comes with cleaning tool for brushes and filter.

It has Laser Smart technology to explore the space, orient itself and map it, then plan the best route and clean faster than other robot vacuum cleaners. In addition, it has two suction modes, Turbo and Eco, so that you can choose the most appropriate depending on the type and amount of dirt or residue to be vacuumed. Be careful because it has WiFi and thus allows you to control it using its Neato Robotics application , available for various Android and iOS mobile devices.

That we like
✅ Connect via Wi-Fi to your mobile device (compatible with android and iOS) and remotely control the sweeping robot
✅ LaserSmart SLAM navigation (no programming required) and over time it becomes more “intelligent” improving its own route mapping thanks to its artificial intelligence
✅ Specific filters and brushes for pet hair and mites (ideal for allergy sufferers)
✅ It is capable of vacuuming in areas of total darkness where other floor robots could not.
✅ Its D-shaped design and ergonomics allow you to get much closer to edges and corners
That we don’t like
❌ Nothing to highlight, this smart vacuum cleaner is a real wonder

spanish ikohs netbot s15 robot vacuum cleaner
Robot vacuum cleaner to automate the cleaning of your home

The best quality-price robot vacuum cleaner: IKOHS NETBOT S15

* We also recommend that you take a look at the IKOHS Netbot S14 .

This model is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in quality price. A true all-rounder that, in addition to vacuuming, sweeps, mops and scrubs. With its two levels of suction and its 25 V and 1500 Pa, it is capable of retaining allergens and purifying the air with the use of its HEPA filter and Sponge Clean. The lithium-ion battery is 2600 mAh and provides, according to the brand, 120 minutes of use at maximum power. It has WiFi and we can use an application on the mobile phone ( IKOHS Netbot S14 / S15 app ) to control it.

It has a tank for liquids and another one passes dirt / residues, each of them of 600 milliliters. Its diameter is 33 cm and the height is 7.5 cm. It has a central rotating brush, designed so that the hairs do not get tangled, and two side brushes to work the corners and edges. It also has a remote control for a more comfortable operation. In addition, it is completed with a replacement HEPA filter, two more side brushes and a mop.

That we like
✅ Robot that scrubs and vacuums 4 in 1 (sweeps, vacuums, scrubs and mops on any surface)
✅ Continuous calibration and regulation of your route mapping with its SmartGyroscope technology and gyroscopic sensors (re-programs the route at the same time clean to avoid obstacles)
✅ Autonomy of 120 min working at maximum performance
✅ Remote control through mobile app and also with smart speakers (Alexa and Google Home)
That we don’t like
❌ You may have difficulties to overcome depending on what obstacles (if they are a little high)

taurus 19v mini striker robot vacuum
Small robot vacuum cleaner with a diameter of 23.5 cm, side brushes and mop

Best cheap robot vacuum cleaner: Taurus Mini Striker

In the case of having a minimum budget, we suggest you opt for this small multifunction robot of 23.5 cm in diameter, 7 cm in height and 1.8 kilograms. It is a piece with a very aesthetic and elegant design in red that includes an anti-scratch band. Comes with mop included.

Its working power is 19 V and its battery is 14.4 V. It works with triple anti-fall sensor. It includes two side brushes that direct the dirt to the suction center, which are arranged at a perfect angle to be effective without scratching, and a mop function, which finishes dragging the minute particles and polishes the surfaces. Its battery has an autonomy of 75 minutes, with an indicator to know its status.

Without a doubt, one of the best cheap robot vacuum cleaners you can find today.

That we like
✅ Energy class A ++
✅ Very compact, only 23.5 cm wide (diameter)
✅ Ultra quiet, 50 dB
✅ Anti-scratch protection strip and 3 anti-drop sensors
✅ Ultra quiet, 50 dB
That we don’t like
❌ It is only available in red color
❌ It does not have a remote control
❌ Autonomy of 75 minutes

cleaning robot xiaomi mi robot vacuum cleaner with powerful suction
Self-charging robotic vacuum cleaner with super strong suction

The best Chinese robot vacuum cleaner: Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner SDJQR02RR

* Another Xiaomi model to consider is the Roborock .

The best Chinese robot vacuum cleaner rated by our cleaning expert. The Mi Robot model, considered the best Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner. It is a robot that has a very interesting maximum suction capacity of 1800 PA, made possible by a Nidec DC motor. The maximum decibel it will produce is 66. Its battery is unsurpassed, 5200 mAh, which allows us to clean it for two hours and, incidentally, charges very quickly. 

It has a complex mapping system with 12 sensors that allows to analyze up to 250 square meter surfaces and, of course, to design, with the SLAM algorithm, an optimal cleaning route. You can also schedule it to clean on the days and hours that are of interest to you. You can work with it through its own application, connecting the phone and the robot to the same WiFi network.

Its tank is 420 ml and has a rotating wheel, a central brush and a side brush.

That we like
✅ Great suction power (1,800 pa)
✅ Remote control and cleaning status in real time (also known as streaming) through the brand’s own app (Xiaomi app: Mi Home App )
✅ It is capable of overcoming obstacles of up to 1, 5 cm
✅ Able to overcome obstacles up to 1.5 cm
✅ LDS 360 sensor with efficient routing
That we don’t like
❌ Tank capacity, 0.42 liters

cecotec robot vacuum cleaner with side brushes conga 1390 series
Robot vacuum cleaner with mop and scrubbing function

The best robot vacuum cleaner and floor scrubber : Cecotec Conga 1390

* Other robots in the Conga Excellence Series range are the Conga Excellence 1290 Series , Conga Excellence 990 , Conga Excellence 3090 Series and Conga 1090 Series .

A question that we find very frequently among our users is that of and what is the best robot vacuum cleaner? Well, without a doubt, this Conga cleaning robot is the answer you are looking for. The best vacuuming and scrubbing robot!

This is one of the latest and best models of the brand and, without a doubt, an exceptional one if you want the robot to scrub the floors in addition to vacuuming, with three levels just for it.

This robot vacuum cleaner scrubs, vacuums and mops using an electronic valve to dose the water so that the result is perfect. We also find suction modes, as is logical, reaching 1400 Pa. The result is a total of 7 working modes that make this one of the best valued and acquired devices today.

In its construction we find two side brushes, two tanks, one of 300 ml for dirt and another of 300 ml more for liquids and a motorized central brush. It is accompanied by two more side brushes, two mops, a self-cleaning brush and a remote control with which to control all aspects of cleaning. The set of all the above supposes a cleaning of, according to the brand, 100% of the surface, which makes this model the best robot vacuum cleaner without any doubt.

Another highlight of this floor scrubbing vacuum cleaner is that in addition to being able to control it with the remote, you can use it through an app where you can schedule the cleaning for the week and view the history.

That we like
✅ 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner (scrubs, sweeps, vacuums and
mops ) ✅ 7 different cleaning modes and 3 speeds
✅ It has the function of establishing virtual walls or magnetic walls to block its path in some areas of the house
✅ Battery 14.4 V 2,600 mAh lithium-ion battery with 160 minutes autonomy
✅ Every day of the week cleaning can be scheduled using your Conga S1390 mobile app ✅
iTech Gyro cleaning technology and EPA filter
That we don’t like
❌ Material of the plastic finishes
❌ The app is not compatible with Android versions lower than 5.1 or iPhone 5

roomba 980 vacuum cleaner
IRobot sweeping robot with Wi Fi for remote cleaning

Best mapping robot vacuum: iRobot Roomba 980

An ideal alternative to this model is the iRobot Roomba 960 , for a slightly higher price, it greatly improves its performance.

The iRotobo 980, considered the best Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. It is a device that weighs 3.94 kilos and has a height of 9.2 cm and a diameter of 35 cm. Includes a 0.6 liter tank. It comes with two barriers to create virtual walls so that the robot does not exceed them and with a filter and an extra side brush so you can use it for years without having to buy spare parts. It is designed with a side brush to clean wall corners and edges. As for the design, it is a round vacuum cleaner in its entirety, with very elegant finishes.

This Roomba robot has acoustic and optical sensors as well as the iAdapt 2.0 system, which has a visual locator and allows the robot to adapt to rooms by designing a cleaning pattern that includes all rooms (all to maintain perfect performance) . It also has an automatic adjustment system with which it adjusts to all types of floors, including hard, soft, sensitive … In addition, its power increases on surfaces where it is most needed, such as carpets (it has, in fact, a cleaning system for these, called Aero Force) and carpets.

It is very cool that we can download an app and, from it, configure the machine and the cleaning time as well as receive reports with the progress.

That we like
✅ Autonomy (use time) of 2 hours – 120 minutes
✅ A +++ energy efficiency (maximum performance-consumption)
✅ Remote control through the brand’s own mobile application ( Android app in the iRobot HOME play store )
✅ Optical and acoustic sensors to detect high concentrations of dirt, dust and animal hair, as well as avoiding obstacles and falls
✅ Can be preset for 7 days a week
✅ High-efficiency filters (AeroForce) that capture dust particles with a minimum size of 10 microns
That we don’t like
❌ Its price, much higher than that of its competitors

LG Hombot Square Turbo 9 Series Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Smart dual chamber vacuum cleaner

The best robot vacuum cleaner for parquet: LG HOMBOT SQUARE TURBO Serie 9 VR8602RR

Delicate floors (such as parquet or laminate flooring) deserve an investment commensurate with their fragility. Therefore, we have not hesitated to recommend a model with a high price, but we assure you that you will not regret it if you get it. It has a HEPA filter and a foam filter.

Measures 8.9 cm high and 34 on the side. Its shape is different from the rest, being rather square with round corners. It has a 600 ml tank that has its own brush to clean it comfortably. It surprises us with two side brushes (and their corresponding spare parts) and a central brush with its own comb to keep it impeccable and fully functional.

It has infrared, ultrasonic sensors and two cameras (in what is known as Robo Navi 10.0) with which to map the surfaces and to design the most complete and efficient cleaning path. With Smart Exit the robot ensures that it can get out of difficult situations, making it one of the most autonomous models of the moment. Be careful because it works in up to 7 modes, 6 of them being completely automatic and the last one, yes, manual. In addition to these, we have the mop cleaning mode, which is installed by means of an accessory (included along with two mop spare parts), characterizing this model as one, if not the best robot vacuum cleaner with a mop.

Some comforts that it has with its 120 voice prompts with which it will inform you of various things or its remote control from which to configure tasks and save them to remember them on another occasion.

We hope that with this model your question about which is the best robot vacuum cleaner for parquet has been resolved? Since according to our humble opinion, there is no better option than this model.

That we like
✅ Energy efficiency class A
✅ Smart Inverter motor (reduces wear on parts) and 10-year warranty
✅ Square design that allows you to easily access corners of the house
✅ 7 cleaning modes (6 automatic and 1 manual)
✅ Double Dual Eye camera and Robo Navio 10.0 robotic software (capable of cleaning in the dark)
✅ Ultrasonic and optical sensors to avoid collisions with obstacles and falls
That we don’t like
❌ Only available in red-maroon color
❌ There is no lower tray where you can attach a mop

irobot roomba 615 robot vacuum cleaner
Roomba vacuum cleaner for cleaning floors, hard floors and carpets

Best robot vacuum cleaner for carpets: iRobot Roomba 615

* An alternative for less price is the Roomba 650 . For pockets with more money, you can always opt for the new iRobot Roomba 695

What is the best robot vacuum cleaner for carpets? If you ask yourself this question, it is best to opt for the Roomba 615. This model has a head that adjusts automatically, leaving its two brushes, depending on the type of floor, at the exact height to clean it optimally.

Press a button and put it to clean; no programming required. With its iDapt navigation technology, it is able to adapt to the place and move freely without crashing. When finished, it will return to its base to charge.

It works with a system of one to three phases, which “lifts, extracts and sucks”. A side brush, placed at 27º. The process begins by taking care of the dirt in any nook and cranny, which passes to the brush area and they move it to the suction inlet. It has dirt detection sensors that make the device decide to influence where it accumulates the most. Includes two cleaning modes and 30 W of power.

This model has a diameter of 34 cm, a height of 9.2 cm and a weight of 3.6 kilograms. Its capacity is 700 milliliters and includes a carrying handle.

That we like
✅ 3-stage cleaning system (lifts, extracts and sucks dirt)
✅ Self-adjustable cleaning head and 2 multi-surface brushes, ideal for carpets and hard floors
✅ No need for manual programming, makes automatic mapping just by pressing a button
✅ Efficiency energy A
✅ Metal finishes
✅ 3-stage cleaning system
That we don’t like
❌ Is not able to overcome obstacles with some height

irobo roomba 691 robot vacuum cleaner
Self-contained vacuum cleaner with Wi-Fi connection and dirt detect system (ideal for floors and carpets)

Best Deck / Outdoor Robot Vacuum: iRobot Roomba 691

* Another option that can work as an alternative is the Roomba 690 model .

We have chosen this model for two reasons that make it especially suitable for terrace and garden work. The first is that the firm has designed it as a vacuum cleaner for hard floors (it achieves this thanks to the inclusion of a self-adjustable cleaning head); the second, which includes the creation of virtual walls or magnetic walls, which allows us to design a space that does not slip out and, therefore, does not end up in the neighbor’s house by accident.

For the rest, we have a three-stage cleaning system: transfer of dirt from remote and difficult areas to the cleaning channel with a brush for edges and corners, a descaling and movement of dirt with two multi-surface brushes and, finally, high-power suction to bring everything directly to the tank. The brand also considers it ideal for catching pet hair such as dogs and cats, thanks to its AeroVac filter.

Its smart options make it possible, as we anticipate, to be able to virtual walls that the robot will detect and, therefore, we will define its area of ​​action; These are placed by means of a small extra device included. It has iAdap navigation, which makes more than 60 decisions are made every second, so that the machine adapts to all circumstances. With Dirt Detect the sensors are set in motion to search for the dirtiest spaces, where it will affect. With Halo mode we ask the device to stay away from fragile objects. Finally, know that we can control the robot through an app, iRobot HOME, making use of WiFi and the smartphone or assistants, such as the Google Home or Amazon Alexa models.

It has a power of 33 W and the noise level remains at 60 dB maximum. It can work for an hour and, when it is finished, it goes to its base, where it is recharged.

Finally, in terms of physics, we see that it is a medium-sized machine, with measurements of 33.5 cm in diameter, 9.3 cm in height and a weight of 3.56 kg. Its capacity is half a liter. It comes with an extra filter so that we have to spend years and years without buying a replacement.

That we like
✅ 3-phase cleaning system with Dirt Detect technology
✅ Monitor and schedule the cleaning of your home from your iRobot HOME mobile application
✅ Virtual walls can be established to prohibit specific areas of the house
✅ Metal finishes, ideal for be able to vacuum terraces and patios
That we don’t like
❌ It does not have cleaning reports (where it has cleaned)
❌ It does not have custom cleaning modes (manual), they are all automatic

ilife v3s pro robot vacuum cleaner pet hair cleaning
Robotic vacuum cleaner with anti collision system and cleaning design for pet hair

Best robot vacuum cleaner for pets: ILIFE V3s PRO

* This model is not currently available on Amazon, but its improved version is on offer, the V5s PRO . The iRobot Roomba models are also a good alternative (although more expensive).

If you have animals at home, such as a dog or cat, you know well how much work they can do if we talk about cleaning. One of the most frequent questions that users ask themselves with animals at home is and what is the best robot vacuum cleaner for pets? Well, if this is your concern, we have the perfect recommendation for you!

We present the ideal solution, one of the best robot vacuum cleaners for pets, the best Ilife robot vacuum cleaner. With dimensions of 44.5 x 40 x 14.5 cm, a weight of 2.2 kg and a tank of 0.3 liters. This small autonomous vacuum cleaner has a powerful 20V motor that translates into great suction power.

The V3s Pro model is specially designed to collect pet hair and is capable of cleaning any type of surface, whether it is hard floors (wood, tiles, flooring, linoleum, …) or soft (carpets and rugs), as long as they are do not be too high, as it tangles and jams when these are long hair.

Its configuration is really simple, we can start it up and configure it without any manual, we only need to press a button to get to work.

It has 4 cleaning modes that we can program and configure from a remote control, which will also serve to send it back to its charging base or redirect the robot to a specific area of ​​our house.

Unlike other smart vacuums, the V3s Pro is a fairly quiet model, with only 55 dB of noise. Without a doubt, we are talking about the best robot vacuum cleaner for animals at home (whether you are looking for the best robot vacuum cleaner for dog, cat or other pet hair).

If the ILIFE V series does not convince you, you can give the ILIFE A line a try, three highly recommended models are the ZACO ILIFE A4s , the ILIFE A6 and the ILIFE A8 .

That we like
✅ Specific technology for pet hair
✅ 4 cleaning modes available
✅ 2,600 mAh battery without memory effect with an autonomy of 110 minutes
✅ 4 cleaning modes available
✅ Anti-fall and anti-obstacle sensors
That we don’t like
❌ Its 8 cm high design (in low profile) makes it very difficult to vacuum under furniture or sofas
❌ It cannot overcome some obstacles and gets stuck on long pile carpets
❌ It does not have the possibility of setting virtual walls ( magnetic walls) to block areas of the house

The 10 best-selling robot vacuum cleaners on Amazon

What is the best robot vacuum cleaner brand?

Brands are usually a determining factor for the purchase of many users, and there are many of us who are loyal to a certain company due to positive experiences in the past. If this is your case, here we leave you some of what we have considered the best robot vacuum cleaner brands.

Xiaomi automatic vacuum cleaners

Xiaomi, as in everything, offers technological quality at the best price. This Chinese brand has models of theft vacuum cleaners at a very good value for money (economical and efficient). Some of its most prominent and well-known models are Roborock, Mi Robot, Mi Vacuum and Xiaowa.

Cecotec Conga smart vacuum cleaners

The Conga series comes from the Cecotec brand, a recognized brand of home appliances. The Cecotec Conga robots, along with the Roomba, are two of the most popular models in terms of intelligent automatic vacuum cleaners. In the analysis of models that we have seen previously, we have been able to see in depth the conga 1390, which from our point of view, is the best conga robot vacuum that the brand currently has.

IRobot Roomba Smart Vacuums

Roomba is a line of smart vacuum cleaners that belongs to the iRobot brand, a pioneer in the world of robot vacuum cleaners and for many, the best brand of robot vacuum cleaner. This company is the benchmark in the sector in terms of new technologies and updates (almost all brands study Roomba models when reinventing their own). This brand is undoubtedly synonymous with quality and excellence, although that is also noticeable in its prices.

Rowenta smart vacuum cleaners

The brand of specialized household appliances for domestic use, Rowenta, has also launched itself into the world of automated vacuum cleaners and has done so with several models that undoubtedly fall short of the two big ones mentioned above.

However, many users are already beginning to make the typical comparisons of the style: “roomba vs rowenta”, or, “rowenta or conga” pointing to ways and that will surely be talked about in the not too distant future.

LG standalone vacuum cleaners

LG is increasingly betting on cleaning appliances, and this is reflected in their vacuum cleaners and the technology they use. LG smart robots are penetrating the market with force, and it is no wonder.

Vileda cleaning robots

Brand not very recognized in Spain, but that undoubtedly offers great models for value for money (such as its Vileda VR 102 sweeping robot ). If what you are looking for are alternatives to the big brands, Vileda is undoubtedly one of the best options at the moment.

Spanish automatic vacuum cleaner Taurus

Taurus is the Spanish automatic vacuum cleaner you were looking for. This Spanish brand founded in 1962, has undergone an evolution, from when they began with coffee grinders and hair dryers to end up manufacturing intelligent robots. Today they focus their resources on cleaning products and they are really a very good option for smaller budgets, offering great performance at a very affordable price.

Philips broom robots

Philips is a company recognized worldwide for its electronics and technology products. How could it be for less this great brand also at the forefront of autonomous vacuum cleaners.

Dyson ground robots

Dyson, specialists in cleaning appliances, is known for its high-quality, high-performance vacuums. This renowned brand has very popular models of broom vacuums and sled vacuums. And now it also has an entire line of smart vacuums with proprietary brand cleaning systems.

Ikohs automatic vacuum cleaners

This recently founded Spanish company has made a major breakthrough in the automatic vacuum cleaner sector, and it is no wonder that some of its high-performance Ikohs brand models stand out for having very low prices. Roomba type vacuum cleaner models but at a much more affordable price.

Ecovacs Deebot Smart Vacuums

Ecovacs Robotics, like Xiaomi, is of Chinese origin and offers great quality standards at very affordable prices. Founded in 1998 in Suzhou, it is specialized in the production of smart home appliances.

Together with Xiaomi they lead the Chinese market for smart vacuum cleaners, with a share of more than 60%. All of its extensive line of automatic vacuum cleaners is marketed on the market under the name Deebot.

Ilife smart vacuum cleaners

Ilife, also of Chinese origin and although less powerful than the two brands mentioned above (Xiaomi and Ecovacs Deebot) is also a great option in terms of price and quality. The Chinese brand specializes above all in the research and development of automatic cleaning devices, investing each year more than 10% of its profits in the R&D of new technological systems.

Ilife divides its robot vacuum cleaners into two product lines. On the one hand there are the A-series models, which stand out for their great suction power and performance on hard and soft surfaces. On the other, the V series models, models that stand out for incorporating scrubbing and mopping functions.

Other brands to mention

We cannot finish talking about the best brands of floor cleaning robots without mentioning some of the following, which do not stand out for having great models like those mentioned above but do offer a great value for money (some of them are Chinese brands that are starting to emerge and can be talked about in a few years):

Tango, Solac, Samba, Newteck, Clean Maxx (also known as maxclean or max clean). Haier, Hoover, Vorwerk (and their Kobold model) from the well-known Thermomix company and Samsung (which launched their Star Wars-themed Powerbot models).

If you are not a big consumer of branded products, you can always go for the “white label” models offered by some establishments such as Carrefour or Media Markt.

What robot vacuum cleaner to buy? Tips and buying guide

How to choose the best intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is not easy, these cleaning appliances are something new for many homes (although they have been in force since 2002 with the entry into the market of the first Roomba models) and many people are not very clear on what features to look at when choosing an automatic vacuum cleaner.

It’s time to ditch the broom and dustpan (and even the mop) and start enjoying the benefits and conveniences that a state-of-the-art robot cleaner can offer. A vacuum cleaner that goes alone!

Location – type of soil you are going to vacuum

Where are we going to use our floor robot is the first question we should answer. And it is that both the type of floor and the surface to aspire will play an essential role when deciding the benefits that our model needs.

For example, if we want to vacuum on textile surfaces such as carpets and rugs, the ideal is that our model has a central roller that will allow it to suck more dirt.

This decision must be valued and taken into account, since a parquet floor (delicate wood) is not the same as a tile or ceramic floor (hard surface).

The size to aspire is also key, and we must look at factors such as the autonomy of the battery or the efficiency of the mapping system that our model has.

And it is that if we live in a not very large apartment, we will need characteristics that we would not cover in the case of living in a house, duplex or a larger apartment / flat.

Types of robot vacuum cleaners

The type of vacuum cleaner is mainly determined by the anatomy of the brushes and rollers it has. On the one hand we have those that do have a central rotating brush, and on the other, those that do not (instead they have a simple nozzle to vacuum).

Robot vacuum cleaner with central rotating brush or roller

They have one or two rotating brushes at the base, helping and making the job much easier when it comes to getting rid of dirt.

This type of vacuum cleaner is perfect for textile surfaces such as rugs or carpets, as they are capable of removing dirt particles more easily. They also work very well on hard floors (wood, ceramic, stoneware, etc).

It is more common for the brushes and central rollers to get clogged by dust or hair (if you have pets), so the maintenance that must be done is greater and that when cleaning more, it becomes more dirty.

Robot vacuum cleaner without roller or central rotating brush

They do not have any type of roller or brush on the base, performing a simple vacuuming task through the nozzle. So on textile surfaces (carpets and rugs) they are less efficient.

However, this is so good an advantage, since although they are less efficient on this type of surfaces they are also less prone to getting tangled in rugs or long-pile carpets because of the central brush.

In any case, they do have one small side brushes or combs that facilitate their work when it comes to getting to dirt in nooks and crannies.

Robot cleaning design and dimensions

The size and dimension of the device play a fundamental role, and that is that larger models are more effective when it comes to overcoming obstacles (such as cables, thick long-pile carpets,…) and not being blocked. In turn, they also have more difficulty accessing certain areas, such as under furniture or sofas (although some models have “low profile” functions that allow them to reduce their height by a few cm).

Its design, while comfortable, must be resistant. On the one hand we want its accessories and parts (rollers, brushes, tank, …) to be easy to remove in order to perform proper maintenance and cleaning. On the other hand, we want its finishes to be of quality materials (metal, steel, …) and that it has bumpers and protective edges to prevent its deterioration with blows against the wall, furniture, etc.

Robot vacuum cleaner performance

Sensors and navigation system

High-end robotic vacuums use advanced navigation systems through camera imaging and laser sensors that allow them to map (create a navigation map) and prepare efficient and customized cleaning routes for your home in advance. In addition, the efficiency of these routes improves the more information they capture and process. We could say that these models are intelligent, since they learn and improve their cleaning efficiency over time.

In contrast, low-end robotic vacuum cleaners use random orientation systems with infrared or mechanical sensors and follow a cleaning path in real time. These vacuum cleaners could not be considered “intelligent” since, as they do not have a memory and learning system, they do not improve over time, they simply carry out the maneuvers they have programmed.

Suction capacity and power

We measure the suction power of a vacuum cleaner in the form of Pascals (Pa). While the power we measure it in Watts (W) and Volts (V). We must keep these values ​​in mind when choosing our robot vacuum cleaner, especially if the surfaces to be vacuumed have a lot of hair or dust. Most models have a power between 50 W and 100 W.

Brushes and rollers

Most often, our robot vacuum cleaner has a central roller (ideal for cleaning textile surfaces such as carpets and rugs). Two side brushes are also usually incorporated as standard, which are responsible for cleaning corners and skirting boards as well as attracting peripheral dirt to the suction area.

In some models, which have the mop function, we can find an accessory to fix the mop (with which the robot cleaner will mop the floor). Other models also have anti-snag rollers (which prevent the robot vacuum from getting stuck on large surfaces such as carpets or very dirty areas).

Tank capacity and HEPA filter

The greater the deposit capacity, the greater the volume of dirt that our cleaning machine will be able to collect. Apart from that for convenience it will also allow us not to have to empty and clean the tank after each use (although models are beginning to be designed even with automatic emptying). Standard tank measurements for automated electronic vacuum cleaners range from 250 ml (for small spaces) to 500 ml (for large surfaces).

A HEPA-type filter will make our vacuum cleaner more efficient, retaining a higher percentage of dust and dirt particles and preventing them from going back outside.

Autonomy and electric charging system (charging base)

The normal thing is that our vacuum cleaner performs a full charge of its battery in a period of between 2 and 6 hours (depending on the model), while the autonomy does not usually exceed 120 minutes (although there are models capable of holding up to 180 minutes) and they don’t usually have a working time of fewer than 90 minutes. Its batteries range from 2,600 mAh to 5,200 mAh.

However, do not be fooled solely by autonomy, since more autonomy does not mean more cleaning work carried out (other factors must be taken into account, such as the navigation system of the device, which will greatly increase or decrease its efficiency).

As for the charging system, most models have an electric charging base that is left fixed and plugged in somewhere in the house (out of obstacles). The process is simple, the robot returns when it is low on battery, although simpler models do not have this automatic function and will be left behind.

Different surfaces and cleaning modes

It is important, and as detailed in the manufacturer’s manuals, that before putting our robot vacuum cleaner into operation, we remove furniture and obstacles that may interfere with its cleaning task.

Anyway, we have to look for a vacuum cleaner that is a bit “all-terrain” and that is capable of vacuuming on different types of floors (hard wooden floors, tiles, rugs, carpets, etc).

And it is that we will not always be putting everything aside (so there will always be some other challenge).

On the other hand, the cleaning modes are perfect to turn our cleaning robot into a versatile and efficient cleaning machine, being able to customize the passes it will give, areas to be cleaned or increasing / limiting the power and speed depending on the area. of the house you are in.

Control and ease of use

The way in which we can control and put our vacuum cleaner to work in the house is crucial. Factors such as the type of programming, if you have a remote control or mobile applications are very important.

Most often, our cleaning robot has a manual programmable system (through the buttons integrated in the device) or remotely (using remote controls or apps on our smartphone, for which the robot will be required connect to home Wi-Fi). Currently, we are also beginning to find models that can work with smart speakers like Alexa or Google Home.

The option of being able to prepare and configure in advance the cleaning mode and operating programming of our automatic vacuum cleaner is very useful, and according to our point of view, essential in any model that you are evaluating.


The higher the power, the higher the decibels (dB) that the device will emit in operation. In other words, it will make more noise, and it is something that we must also take into account. Other elements that can contribute to higher noise from the vacuum cleaner are the design elements themselves (such as bare edges when colliding with furniture and walls) or even the rattle of the wheels itself.

Robot Floor Cleaner Accessories and Extras

Purifying and anti allergic

Although many do not know it, a robot vacuum cleaner not only vacuums (or scrubs in some cases), but also purifies the air through its filters as they carry out the cleaning task.

This is great if there are any allergic people in the house, as they keep the environment clean, free of mites and bacteria.

House map (digital mapping)

What is mapping in a robot vacuum cleaner? Robotic mapping or digital mapping (type of navigation and route efficiency) is a key point when choosing an automatic vacuum cleaner. It is so important that it is where we can see the greatest investment in research and development by brands to develop and patent their own navigation systems.

The most common sensors used by these devices are infrared and mechanical sensors (in lower quality robot vacuum cleaners) and laser sensors and cameras (in higher quality robotics).

Some models also have an intelligent learning system, and it is that they improve the efficiency of their routes with each pass they make. Learning about the data collected and improving the cleanliness of your next schedule.

Scrub function

We know that the main and primary function of these small appliances is to vacuum, but… What if they also had a scrubbing function? The floor scrubbing function is something to take into account, especially if you are evaluating a high-end model, where the extra of scrubbing the floor is almost always incorporated.

There are mainly three types of scrubbing in an automatic vacuum cleaner. On the one hand we have the models that incorporate a water tank, others that incorporate a mop (working wet and humid) and finally those that work by dripping.

Mop function

One of the less well-known cleaning robots’ functions is that this task does not allow them to vacuum or suck up dirt or dust (since they do not have a vacuum cleaner or rollers for this task).

As the name suggests, they act like a regular mop, and as it travels it carries dirt and dust, remaining attached to your mop or cloth.

Pet mode and silent mode

If you have a pet and you are going to program your automatic vacuum cleaner to activate when you are not there, it is best if it has a “pet mode” so that it is not altered by hearing noises, knocks and so on. This mode works in a quieter way but without sacrificing power since it is specialized in the extraction of hair in rugs and carpets.

Silent mode, as its name suggests, is a mode in which the machine works at lower power to emit less noise (less dB). It serves as we have said for when your pet is left alone, or, to leave it running while you work, watch a movie, or whatever else you want to do in your home environment and you do not want an annoying background vacuum cleaner noise.

Price How much can a good robot vacuum cleaner cost?

The price of these home cleaning gadgets will depend on the specific range in which it is found, we can find them from the cheapest around 100 euros to high-performance models that are around a thousand euros.

But as in everything, the price is usually a good indicator of the quality of the product, so the better the materials, the system and the functions of the robot vacuum cleaner, the more expensive it will be.

The best thing is that you opt for a balanced model that falls within your budget and the technology and technical advances of the device.

¿ What is a robot vacuum cleaner robot?

An automatic cleaning robot (or as many say, a mop and sweeper robot) is a cleaning appliance within the family of vacuum cleaners. They usually have a round circular shape, although we also find them with a triangular, square, oval shape.

These small electrical devices allow you to automate the cleaning of the home so that you do not have to do it and they help around the house, saving you time that you can use for other things. Basically a robot that sweeps alone, a real joy!

Since the first models on the market, in 2002, introduced by the Roomba brand, robovacs (or robotic vacuum cleaners in English) have evolved a lot to become authentic high-performance cleaning machines, capable of leaving your home as pristine as if you would have cleaned yourself.

Advantages of a robot cleaner – reasons why you should get one

There are many reasons that we can find, and many of them will vary for each person, but some of the main advantages why it is a good idea to buy an automatic vacuum cleaner at home are:

  • You have little time to take care of cleaning the home. Or lack of desire, because honestly the last thing we want is to start sweeping after a hard day at work. In the end, a cleaning robot is an investment in quality of life that will save you many hours of your time.
  • You have pets at home, and as you well know, it is impossible to have the floor clean for more than 5 minutes, since it is always full of hair (and sometimes even a little gift).
  • You are allergic and you have to pay special attention to dust and dirt to avoid those congregations of mites and bacteria that can trigger your sneezes.
  • You have young children at home who are crawling up and down, and of course the last thing you want is for your baby to put dirty hands in his mouth.

How does a robot vacuum cleaner work?

A robot vacuum cleaner works completely autonomously and automatically. Depending on the model and quality of the electrical appliance that we choose, they will have one or other benefits, however, it does not matter if you buy the cheapest smart vacuum cleaner on the market or the most expensive, they all have a series of the same functionalities for all models. Everyone helps around the house in an incredible way.

These devices are equipped with several proximity sensors and damping systems, which allow them to detect certain obstacles (such as walls, tables, cabinets, chairs, steps, …) and not collide with them, or in the case of hitting it. in a smooth and controlled way so as not to harm them (or themselves).

If you are thinking of getting a high-end robot vacuum cleaner, you should know that these, in addition to the sensors mentioned above, also have optical cameras and laser mapping sensors (or towers) with which they are capable of doing a scan in time. of your house to create a digital map that will later be used to plan the cleaning route. These models are also “smart”, since they will be able to improve and optimize cleaning routes with the data collected in each cleaning they do. They do this thanks to an artificial intelligence algorithm that allows them to recalculate the routes they have already taken to optimize them in the future.

Some higher priced models also have dirt sensors, detecting the surfaces where the concentration of dust or dirt particles is higher. Once they have detected these specially stained areas of the floor, they are able to activate intensive work modes fully automatically.

If we look under the device we will see on the one hand the circular brushes (two or more) that are responsible for attracting dirt and dust towards its suction nozzle, they do this by turning counter-clockwise. We can also see a roller with brushes, this is the one that will be in charge of sweeping the floor while the suction task is being carried out. All this collected dirt is stored in a specific deposit for dust and other dirt, first passing through a HEPA filter (or another, depending on the model). In the event that your robot also has a scrubbing or mop function, you can replace all these elements with a mop or a rubber cylinder.

Finally, we cannot forget about the charging base station (or charging base), where the robot will go to recharge its battery when it detects that it drops below a certain point or percentage, establishing a connection through a signal between the device and the base of load. Be careful because some very cheap models do not have a return to automatic base and if they run out of battery they will do so through your house or apartment.

Characteristic parts of sweeping robots

Depending on the price of your robot vacuum cleaner, it may or may not have extra components, but the main parts that we can find in one of these devices are …


The heart that gives life to our robot, the working autonomy that the vacuum cleaner will have to carry out cleaning tasks will depend on it (normally it has an autonomy of 60-120 minutes).

Charging base

Also known as the charging center, this is where the automatic vacuum cleaner will go when it runs low on battery power. You can do it automatically or not, it will depend on the model.


The tank is a vital part of our robot vacuum cleaner, and it is where all the dirt and dust that it collects will go. So a larger deposit will always be better.


Filters are usually interchangeable, as they wear out over time. And it is normal, in the end it is the part in charge of capturing dust and dirt particles, as well as pollen or other allergens.


Each automatic vacuum cleaner usually has between 3 and 4 wheels, these are usually 360º rotatable, allowing the machine to move freely.


A ground robot usually includes two types of sensors, infrared, which measure proximity in front of obstacles and fall sensors that measure the distance of the robot to the ground or the available terrain of trajectory en route, they do it to avoid falling down stairs, balconies , etc.

Maintenance and cleaning of automatic vacuum cleaners

This type of autonomous vacuum cleaner does not require much maintenance, as long as it is used with a head.

In the end we are talking about an automatic cleaning machine, so it will never be as efficient as a sled vacuum cleaner.

So if you want to extend its life to the maximum, do not try to use it in high performance tasks such as basements, warehouses or industrial areas where there may be a very high conglomeration of dirt.

Filter and brush maintenance

It is advisable to clean the filters and brushes once the robot vacuum cleaner has finished its route and returned to base (pay special attention to the bearings and edges of the rollers, this is where more dirt usually accumulates).

It is also important to empty the tank to avoid possible “losses” in the suction capacity of the electrical appliance.

Wheel maintenance

You do not have to perform maintenance on the wheels after each use (although you can if you want), but it is advisable to clean the wheels at least once every two weeks.

Pay special attention to the front wheels, as dirt can prevent them from working properly. To clean them you just have to remove the wheels and clean them separately.

Sensor maintenance

The accumulation of dirt particles on the sensors can make cleaning our devices very difficult. And it is that these in the end are the “eyes” of our machine, so if you want to avoid colliding or even rushing down the stairs, you should keep the fall sensors and obstacles pristine.

Again, this task is not routine, and a monthly maintenance is more than enough.

Battery maintenance

Before using the vacuum cleaner for the first time it is advisable to carry out a full charge of 14 hours (this period may vary depending on the manufacturer). This process should be repeated for the three subsequent loads (if so indicated in the model manual).

You can identify a problem in the battery of your automatic vacuum cleaner if to carry out a programmed route it has to return several times to its base.

Frequently asked questions about robotic sweepers and mops

Conga vs Roomba robot vacuum, which is better?

iRobot Roomba vs Cecotect Conga, fight of the titans. Without a doubt, one of the most recurrent questions that our users ask us is this, if a conga or roomba robot vacuum cleaner is better. And the fact is that these two brands dominate the market for smart vacuum cleaners, in total both brands have a share of over 80% of the robot vacuum cleaner market in Spain. To decide you must take into account the following:

Price : Roomba vacuum cleaners are usually more expensive, since their models fall within the high range. On the other hand, the Cecotec are more affordable and offer excellent value for money.

Innovation: We have already mentioned it before, and it is that Roomba is the model to be followed by any smart vacuum cleaner company. Something to keep in mind, since the pioneers in developing new functions (R&D) is always the iRobot company, while the others are limited to follow in their footsteps.

Experience : in this last point, closely linked to the previous one, we refer to the company’s path in the sector. And, iRobot has been in the automatic vacuum cleaner market for more than 20 years (with all the investment in technology and development for its vacuum cleaners that that implies) while Cecotec has been several less.

Features: there are several and different features offered by each brand, some of which we want to highlight are the following:

– Scrubbing function: within the Cecotec models we can find, for the most part, the scrubbing function, while iRobot only has it in the high-end models.
Navigation system : a Conga robot vacuum cleaner works in a more chaotic way, making it more difficult to reach the charging station, while the Roomba models have the best navigation system in the entire robot vacuum cleaner market.
Battery : Cecotec has batteries with greater performance and autonomy than iRobot, this is the case even in high-power models.
Durability : the materials and finishes used in the design of the Roomba models are of a better quality, which is evident in the resistance and useful life of the device.
Dirt detector : again, iRobot models have the best dirt detector on the market, thanks to which they have intensive cleaning systems and modes that act automatically.

So our conclusion is that if you are looking for a brand that is synonymous with guarantee and efficiency, opt for an iRobot Roomba (as long as you are willing to pay its price).

Otherwise, if you are looking for a more balanced option in terms of quality-price, opt for the Cecotec Conga Series.

But don’t worry, they are both great brands and it is clear that whichever you choose will be a fantastic purchase.

Xiaomi vs Conga robot vacuum cleaner Is there a winner?

On the one hand, we have a titan of technology in general (Xiaomi), offering very good quality products at scandal prices. On the other, a titan specialized in cleaning and household products.

Both are great brands, but taking into account that Xiaomi “has just entered” in the sector of cleaning appliances, while Cecotec Conga has already reached a journey of years, we would opt for the second option if what you want is reliability and product guarantee .

Which robot vacuum cleaner is better for Roomba or LG?

Here the answer is clearer. Roomba is the quintessential brand of smart vacuum cleaners. It is THE option.

However, LG has entered the market betting heavily on some specific models. But again, we repeat, the variety of range and features that Roomba offers is far above what LG can currently offer.

Are robot vacuum cleaners compatible with Alexa?

Yes, if the model allows it, since the main function of a virtual voice assistant such as Alexa (developed by Amazon) or others available on the market (such as Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant or Google Home), is to set and control other smart devices using voice commands.

A virtual assistant or smart speaker will allow us to execute orders to control our smart cleaner without having to resort to the mobile app or the remote control.

However, given the novelty of these devices, not all vacuum cleaner models have this functionality. Some of the current models on the market that already have this option are:
– Neato Botvac D7 Connected
– IKOHS Netbot S15
– ECOVACS Robotics Deebot N79s
– iRobot Roomba 670, 671, 675 and 676 series
– iRobot Roomba i7 +

Where to buy a robot vacuum cleaner?

There are many options when purchasing an automatic vacuum cleaner. You can do it digitally with online stores (eCommerce), marketplaces or other types of platforms. Or, physically, in small specialized stores or large shopping centers.

If you are going to opt for the digital route, it is best to do it through eCommerce or trusted marketplaces such as: Amazon, Carrefour, MediaMarkt, Worten, El Corte Inglés, among others.

Robot vacuum cleaner vs vacuum cleaner broom vs sled vacuum cleaner, which do I choose?

Unlike more traditional sled or broom models, robotic vacuums are self-contained and (for the most part) smart. The vacuums we’ve tested are equipped with lasers, motherboards, sensors, and even Wi-Fi to navigate the home without assistance. With a few exceptions, you hardly have to interact with them.

So if you are looking for comfort and to save time to dedicate to your hobbies, without a doubt opt ​​for a robot vacuum cleaner. They can be somewhat more expensive, but it is more than compensated in what you will earn in quality of life.

Are there electric robot vacuum cleaners for swimming pools?

Indeed, there are models that are used to clean the floor of swimming pools (also known as automatic pool cleaners).
A fairly recognized brand for this type of sweeping robot is the Dolphin brand models.

Who Invented Robot Vacuums?

Everyone thinks it was Roomba, in 2002 with the commercialization of its first models. But the truth is that we have to go further back, until 1996, where the Swedish brand Electrolux registered the first prototype, the Electrolux Trilobite.

Years later, in 2001, the British company Dyson released its model, the DC06, however, it was too expensive to bring it into production and never went on sale.

And it was then, in 2002, that iRobot surprised the market with its Roomba models. Brand that has undoubtedly been the pioneer and most revolutionary in terms of smart vacuum cleaners since then.

Other types of vacuum cleaners that may interest you

The vacuum cleaners are an essential appliance in any home cleaning to remove any dust or dirt. But with so many types and models to choose from, making a purchase decision can be really difficult. That is why, below, we leave you a compilation of all the comparisons that we have carried out, always selecting the best vacuum cleaners.


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