Best Professional Hair Dryers of 2021 [Buying Guide]

We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that the best hair dryer for you just needs to do one thing: dry your hair. But there’s so much more to consider, with many different brands, models and features to choose from. There’s also a surprising amount of jargon to understand, how do you want ionic or ceramic technology? And do you need to spread or not?

The best advice we can give you when you’re looking for a new hair dryer is: don’t get caught by specifications. Instead, consider how well you will handle your hair type. For example, if you have long hair, a heavy, bulky dryer will soon cause your arms to hurt. CURLY hair? Dryers with diffusers will make a big difference in the way you comb it. People with fine hair don’t need large amounts of energy or heat, and if your hair is thick, try a dryer with a concentrator nozzle to help tame your mane.Best Hair Dryers 2021

What’s more, higher power doesn’t always equate to a better dryer. It’s the way hair dryers use this power, along with their heat settings, that counts and determines how well they dry hair and how bright it looks afterwards.

On that note, don’t be fooled by higher heat settings either. A quickly heated dryer can remove moisture quickly, but it could damage your hair and leave it looking dry and without shine.

About the best hair dryers.

The best hair dryers we’ve tried have one thing in common: ionic technology. Simply put, this technology releases negative ions into positive ions in wet hair. This causes water molecules to evaporate faster, reducing the time it takes to dry hair and preventing unnecessary heat damage.

Beyond motors, hair dryers with ceramic heating elements also tend to outperform those without them. The ceramic not only heats up quickly and evenly, but also generates infrared heat, which causes less damage to the hair than metal heating elements.

Finally, is the cable long enough for you to stretch it from a plug to your mirror? This sounds simple compared to everything else we’ve covered, but it’s often overlooked. You don’t want to get stuck on one side of the room trying to dry your hair in one mirror on the other.

We have subjected the most popular hair dryers to a number of tests, including the time it takes to dry our hair after a shower and after our hair has become saturated after swimming. The weight, price, volume, cable length and shine left by our hair were also taken into account. Here is the selection of the best hair dryers from

What do so-called ionic hair dryers do? They provide negative ions, so that the positives are neutralized and the hair is more relaxed, giving it a soft and shiny appearance.

But while this feature is very important and very fashionable about the best ionic hair dryers these days, it’s not the only thing to consider before deciding which hair dryer to buy. Other specifications such as power or the ability to regulate temperature are essential in any dryer, even if it did not have ion capacity.

And if there’s one thing that worries us all when we buy a new dryer, it’s the brand.

Although there are more and more models of new brands that can have a fairly acceptable operation, we will always prefer the recognized brands that are guarantee of quality and durability, especially those who have had good brand dryers that have lasted us for years. If you are looking for a state-of-the-art hair dryer that protects your hair and is at the same time priced and one of the best ion hair dryers we invite you to review this comparison with several accessible models, however, do not lose sight of your own needs and preferences.

But what are the best hair dryers?

These are what we consider to be the best ionic hair dryers:

Dyson turns his engineering expertise into hair styling with this premium dryer

You can’t hide the fact that this is an expensive device and, let’s be honest, it’s beyond many people’s budget for a small device. But Dyson has put a lot of technology into his Supersonic dryer to justify this price.

It seems that there are few hair dryers that we have tried and, to a large extent, also work on a different plane. Instead of having the engine behind the nozzle, Dyson has moved it to the handle and this engine sucks air through a filter at the base instead of through a vent in the barrel. This design significantly reduces the size of the Supersonic, almost bringing it on par with the size and shape of a pair of straighteners, making it perfect for traveling.

In addition, having the engine closer to your hand and the gun closest to your head changes the overall balance of the dryer, making the Supersonic feel much lighter than its 659 g. This means the end of twisting your elbows awkwardly and lifting your arms until they hurt to achieve the ideal drying position with a dryer.

Not that this is a problem, given how quickly Dyson Supersonic dry our hair. From wet to combed in three minutes and 15 seconds, and with enough shine to eliminate the need to pass the iron over, the Supersonic is one of the fastest dryers we’ve ever used. Only the Revlon Pro Collection One Step dryer and bulker broke this record, three minutes and four seconds.

On paper, the Supersonic’s 1,600W engine should fail compared to other models, but its intelligent use of engineering and airflow technology means it actually works better, while it is remarkably silent in comparison. This engine powers four heat configurations and three speeds, offering something for all hair types. It has a long cable of 2.8 meters and is shipped with three accessories: a straightening nozzle, a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser.

You can also purchase two recent additions to the alignment separately; a wide-tooth comb more suited for textured hair (think Afro or curly hair) and a “soft air” accessory designed for fine hair to add volume without excessive heat. Each of these accessories is connected via magnets, which is a small but pleasant touch.

The supersonic is not perfect. We often lock the filter by hand and it is a bit difficult to access the dry buttons. And while this is the best hair dryer we’ve ever used, we’re still not convinced it’s worth that price. That said, it’s hard to put a price on shiny hair, not to mention the time you save to achieve it.

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Dyson-style performance for a fifth of the price, if it can withstand noise.

Remington’s Keratin Protect is at the opposite end of Dyson’s price scale, but offers remarkably similar features and performance. It is named after the fact that queratin and almond oils are infused into the ceramic-coated drying rack, designed to protect while drying. While this may sound like marketing jargon, it apparently does the job; our hair felt noticeably stronger after only three uses. In addition, when combined with ionic dryer technology, this configuration greatly reduces frizz and makes our hair look great too.

It also doesn’t skimp on features and essentials: it comes with two nozzles and a diffuser and offers three temperature settings, two power settings and a cold trigger button. This matches the amount of accessories the Dyson offers, but its cable is a little shorter at 2.5 meters. In our tests, the lowest heat configuration at the highest power was more than adequate to dry our hair, although the position of the cold trigger button makes it difficult to use comfortably.

As for the design, Remington Keratin Protect’s pink grille and matte silver case make it look more expensive than it is, and this illusion is reinforced by the fact that it is a relatively heavy dryer, with 665 g. This weight is evenly distributed, not as well as in the Dyson, but in the near second, so fortunately it doesn’t feel as heavy as it should be. It’s not too bulky either.

Unfortunately, it’s not the quietest dryer we’ve ever tested, due to its bestial 2,200W engine, with a significantly higher volume (about five decibels) than the Dyson and GHD Air. Elsewhere, Remington Keratin Protect took a little longer than her rivals to dry and comb our hair, four minutes and nine seconds after a shower and five minutes and two seconds after swimming. However, one benefit of this slower drying time is that the hair dried more gently, which increases its protection.

The Remington Keratin Protect can’t really be called an inexpensive dryer, but it’s approaching Dyson-style performance for a fifth of the price. In addition, it is for sale regularly, so it is even more of a bargain.

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Although we’ve put him in second place. The truth is that many think it is one of the best ionic hair dryers of this era. The first thing to say is that it has a great value for money. Being one of the cheapest of its kind but with the support of this renowned Dutch brand.

The Philips HP8232/00 is a professional-quality dryer with a powerful 2200 W engine. Providing an airflow capable of drying your hair in a few minutes. With the 14mm nozzle included in the package, you can give your hair the shape you want. Always with brilliant results. The function of ionizing the hair allows static electricity to be considerably eliminated through negatively charged ions. This gives a conditioning effect for a more vivid, bright and tidy mane.

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The Philips HP8232/00 has six speed and temperature levels to suit your preferences. It also has the function of blowing cold air, to help keep the hairstyle.

GHD’s hair straightening experts have added a touch of luxury to the company’s professional-style dryer.

In what should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever used GHD’s range of luxury straighteners, the GHD Air hair dryer is solid and elegant. In stark contrast to the Dyson Supersonic’s lightweight, aerodynamic design, the GHD Air is a large machine with a thick handle, solid switches and a long barrel, but instead of feeling bulky, this solidity adds a sense of luxury and craftsmanship to everything. A description we never thought we’d use for a hairdryer. This is complemented by its matte black finish, metal details on its housing and GHD brand filter, which can explain GHD’s reasoning behind its relatively high price.

By tilting the balance to 600 g, we expected the GHD Air to be exhausting to use, but its weight is effectively distributed, making it a well-balanced dryer. However, the same cannot be said of its larger size. We often find it difficult to handle in our attempt to get the perfect angle when drying our medium-length hair, especially when the mouthpiece is placed, which lengthens the barrel.

Inside, the GHD Air has a 2,100W engine that powers two heat and two power configurations, plus a cold trigger button. These are fewer configurations than most of its competitors, including those that cost more than half the price, and the GHD Air is only shipped with a single nozzle. GHD also manufactures a diffuser for the GHD Air, but you’ll have to pay more for it.

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In terms of performance, it is not the fastest dryer we have ever used, nor is it the slowest, with an average of four minutes and two seconds to dry our hair after the shower and 12 more seconds after swimming. It’s also one of the quietest dryers we’ve tried, which is surprising given the power it offers. Despite its use of ion technology, its finish lacked the shine created by Dyson and Remington and we often resorted to smoothing our hair (with GHD casually) to reduce frizz. You’re paying for the name when you buy a GHD, and there are cheaper, higher-performing models on the market, but the GHD Air does the job with a luxury air (ejem) if you can make it clear.

The Helios is GHD’s latest hair dryer release, the first since 2015 when the GHD Aura was released and subsequently discontinued, and eight years after the GHD Air went on sale.

It combines the aesthetics of the Air with the power of the Aura and the result is a dazzling, well-balanced and quick-drying device that has defeated Dyson’s Supersonic as our favorite dryer.

Having apparently spent the last few years taking stock of what its cheaper rivals have been doing, the GHD Helios is significantly lighter than its predecessor: 780g versus 1.54kg. It is a quieter decibel than the Air, and about half a decibel quieter than almost all other dryers in this group test, with the exception of dyson. However, it is your speed and performance where you gain more ground.

Until we used Helios, Dyson’s Supersonic was the fastest hair dryer we’d ever tasted, which made our hair go from being wet from the shower to drying out completely in 2 minutes and 6 seconds; from wet to dry after swimming in 2 minutes 58 seconds; and from wet to combed in 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

The Helios took a minute off three times. Our hair dry roughly in 1 minute and 6 seconds after the shower, in 1 minute and 49 seconds after swimming, and we had a soft, stylized hair in just 2 minutes and 19 seconds. The latter is undoubtedly due to the Redesigned Nozzle of the Helios, which is thinner than that of the Air, and has curved edges that were inspired by the wings of an aircraft, designed to reduce turbulence.

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The sacrifice you make for this advanced drying performance is that our hair lacked the volume and bounce we enjoyed after using other dryers on this list, namely the Revlon Pro and, apart from the price, this was the only real negative of a fantastic overall. Hairdryer.


1. Remington D5220

But we can not fail to mention earlier this model that offers excellent performance at an attractive price. The Remington D5220 dryer is the most powerful in this list, with 2400 W. 90 Km/h air jet and has the necessary features to leave your hair shiny and soft.

It has a pilot that indicates the activation of the ion function. Also if we compare it to a normal Remington dryer. It provides up to 90% more ions, reducing frizz to virtually nothing. With the turbo function, this dryer allows you to speed up drying work at the touch of a button. It also has 3 temperature levels and 2 speeds, so you can adjust it to convenience.

The Remington D5220 includes diffuser and heat concentrator, so it is suitable for smooth, curly hair. In addition, it has a back grille that you can easily remove and put on. This way you will be able to clean the filter periodically, very important so that the dryer lasts longer.

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2. Rowenta CV8730E0

To put an end to this comparison that we bring you today we will introduce you another model. The Rowenta Infinity Pro Beauty CV8730E0 hair dryer makes a professional hairdressing result easy. The air emitted by its professional AC engine reaches a speed of up to 120 km/h. Its narrow concentrator nozzle provides a smooth, high-precision finish and its diffuser attachment allows for extra volume.

Includes an Ionic Hair Control depending on the type of hair. The dryer produces millions of ions that remove static electricity from the hair and provide a smooth and shiny result. This effect is enhanced by the delicate heat emitted by the ceramic-covered output grille. A personalized hairdressing result that is fixed thanks to its cold air stroke.

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A complete treatment comparable to that of a professional that provides smooth cuticles that retain hydration for softer and brighter hair, easy to comb. The ceramic coating of the output grille enhances the ion effect with delicate radiant heat.

The finishing touch? The cold air stroke secures the hairstyle with an extra dose of shine. Never before have hairdressing results been so easy to achieve.

Well and finally I encourage you to leave your impressions below these lines. We await you as always in a new comparison of

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