Best Paraffin / Kerosene Stoves in the Market

The  paraffin stoves , also known as  kerosene stoves (or kerosene) , are a type of stove with a lot of advantages over other alternatives, so that we will perform an analysis through which we will know the best market models, in addition to discovering the most important characteristics to which we must pay attention through a complete guide.

What is the best paraffin / kerosene stove?

paraffin and kerosene stove recommended

Toyotomi Zibro LC-30

Without a doubt, the best paraffin stove you can buy to heat your home this winter.

Buying guide: What to take into account when buying a good paraffin or kerosene stove?

When buying a  paraffin stove  or  kerosene stove , it is very important that we take into account its main characteristics, so that below we offer you a list of everything that you should pay greater attention to.

Tips for buying a good paraffin stove

We are going to analyze some of the most important characteristics that we have to pay attention to when  buying a paraffin or kerosene stove :

  • Power : most devices are in a range that starts from 2000 W and up to 4000 W of power.
  • Tank capacity : it will generally have tanks ranging from 3 liters to 8 liters.
  • Ignition system : you can use a piezoelectric ignition system, which produces a spark to light the wick, or by electronic injection.
  • Consumption : the consumption of this type of stove can vary from 0.08 l / h and up to 0.30 l / h in the case of modern models.
  • Security systems : the new kerosene stoves incorporate different security systems through which any type of risk is avoided, from accumulation of CO2 in the room or overturning the appliance, carrying out the automatic stop, to shutdown systems when detect that no one is in the area for a certain time.

Advantages and disadvantages of kerosene and paraffin stoves

We are going to do a brief analysis through which we can discover the main advantages and disadvantages of this type of stove.

We start with the advantages of kerosene stoves:

  • Although they produce carbon dioxide, they incorporate a detection system to  interrupt the supply  in case it reaches a level that could be dangerous to health.
  • They heat faster than other  home heating systems .
  • Kerosene or paraffin is a much safer fuel, since there is no risk of explosion.
  • At present there are  electronic kerosene stoves with  Inverter technology , which reduce consumption, achieving greater efficiency.
  • It is an independent system if we opt for the wick stove.
  • It represents a significant saving, since with a single liter (around € 2) we can use the heating from 3 to 13 hours depending on the model.
  • There are very complete models with added functionalities, including from the  power regulator  to an  automatic shutdown system  in the event that it does not detect movement of the room for a certain time.
  • There are models designed for small rooms, while others can heat even up to more than 70 m².
  • Current models offer very efficient security features, so the risk is minimal.
  • They offer a  dry heat , with hardly any humidity, improving the sensation of heat.
  • We can choose models with a timer that allow you to program the stove even for several days.
  • It is a  more economical heating system .
  • They have an energy efficiency of almost 100%.

We now turn to the disadvantages of paraffin stoves:

  • Although there is no risk of explosion, kerosene is a  flammable fuel , so there is a risk of fire although it is minimal.
  • They produce CO2, so we cannot use it while we sleep, in addition to the fact that the rooms must always be well ventilated.
  • We need to have liquid paraffin, as well as wick models, we must replace it from time to time.

Consumption of paraffin stoves

It should be assumed that, depending on the type of stove, consumption can vary considerably.

In this sense, first we would have the  simple combustion stove , which is the one that consumes the most, then the  double combustion stove , also with a wick, and thirdly we would have the  injection burner  of the electronic stove, which is the one that It consumes less of all, especially if we opt for a  model with Inverter technology .

We are going to calculate the consumption based on the liters it consumes during an hour at an average power, which is generally over 3500 W, and in this sense we would have:

  • Wick stoves : consumption from 0.25 l / h to 0.30 l / h.
  • Electronic stoves : consumption from 0.08 l / h to 0.30 l / h.

In this way, while wick stoves would give us an autonomy of between a little more than 3 hours and a maximum of 4 hours for each liter of paraffin, the electronic ones would allow us from a minimum of 4 hours and up to about 13 hours per liter in the case of the most efficient models with Inverter technology.

What is a paraffin or kerosene stove?

The  paraffin stoves or kerosene  are heating systems that are fed through a fuel called kerosene, also known as paraffin, which is transparent color is obtained during distillation of petroleum.

It should be noted that, although in some places it is used as the  main home heating system,  this type of stove is often used as  an auxiliary heating system .

This is due to its portability and ability to offer us quality heat at any time and place, especially when we do not have alternative energy sources such as electrical plugs (except for electronic models that require connection to the network).

Types of paraffin or kerosene stove

In the market we will find two types of stove of this type, which are:

  • Wick paraffin stove : this type of stove only requires kerosene and a couple of batteries for its operation, having a lower price, although with fewer functions and also a lower autonomy.
  • Electronic paraffin stove : it is also known as a  laser paraffin stove , and of the two types it is the most interesting since it practically does not produce odors, it has additional functions such as thermostat, programs, power regulation, etc., standing out above all greater autonomy. The two main drawbacks are that it needs an electrical outlet to work, and its price is higher than the previous model.

How paraffin stoves work

Depending on whether we opt for a wick or electronic stove, the operation will be slightly different:

  • Simple combustion wick kerosene stove : the wick is soaked with kerosene obtaining it directly from the tank, while in the upper part there is a cylindrical burner, so that when it is lit, the wick itself will continue to maintain the power so that be a constant combustion. Its flame can reach up to 900 ° C.
  • Double combustion wick kerosene stove : the operation is the same as in the previous case, but it achieves greater efficiency and calorific power thanks to the fact that it is equipped with a second  combustion chamber , thus managing to burn the gases that are produced of the first combustion and, in this way, reduce toxic emissions, reaching a total flame of up to 1200 ° C.
  • Electronic kerosene stove : it does not use a wick for combustion, but rather incorporates a microprocessor that is responsible for lighting and regulating it. Assemble an injection burner and a single combustion chamber, where the kerosene will pass automatically. It is the most efficient option, substantially reducing consumption, and incorporates digital controls, while some models also have a programmer that allows its operation to be programmed even for several days.

The best paraffin and kerosene stoves on the market

This is a selection where we have concentrated the  best paraffin and kerosene stoves on the market , with different models among which you will find the one that best suits your needs.

Zibro Made by Toyotomi 1 electronic paraffin stove, 3000 W, Silver, Large
Zibro Made by Toyotomi 1 electronic paraffin stove, 3000 W, Silver, Large

  • Possibility of regulation, very comfortable heat source; fast and enveloping heat
  • Highest quality clean combustion
  • High performance

Best paraffin stove: Zibro LC-30

This model is designed for those looking for an  economical  but highly efficient paraffin stove .

Thanks to its 3000 W of power, it has the capacity to heat up to 48 m², enjoying a consumption from 0.083 l / h at minimum power and up to 0.313 l / h if we choose to use it at the maximum level.

It has an  electronic thermostat  and  timer , as well as an automatic cleaning system that prevents debris from accumulating in the combustion chamber.


Zibro Made by Toyotomi LC-32 Electronic paraffin stove, 3200 W, Silver, 20m2-48m2
Zibro Made by Toyotomi LC-32 Electronic paraffin stove, 3200 W, Silver, 20m2-48m2

  • Possibility of regulation, very comfortable heat source. Fast and enveloping heat.
  • Highest quality clean combustion
  • High performance

Quality-price paraffin stove: Zibro Made by Toyotomi LC-32

The Zibro LC-32 paraffin stove offers us a power of 3200 W and allows heating up to 52 m².

It guarantees fantastic  energy efficiency , and thanks to the fact that it is an  electronic stove , it has different functions that allow us to get the most out of it.

Its digital screen simplifies the process of use, in addition to incorporating a blocking system specially indicated to prevent the smallest members of the house from modifying the operation.

Zibro Made By Toyotomi 1710996 Wick Paraffin Stove, 2200 W, Black Inox, 14m2-32m2
Zibro Made By Toyotomi 1710996 Wick Paraffin Stove, 2200 W, Black Inox, 14m2-32m2

  • No need for installation, very comfortable heat source. Fast and enveloping heat.
  • Highest quality clean combustion
  • High performance

Cheap Paraffin Stove: Zibro Made By Toyotomi 1710996

It is a  model of a wick paraffin stove  with a power of 2200 W, thanks to which we can heat rooms of up to 32 m².

It   has piezoelectric ignition and has different safety systems to avoid accidents such as anti-tip system or CO2 detector.

It does not need to be connected to the electrical network, although you will have to install four R 20 alkaline batteries for it to work properly.

Zibro RS 30 - Mechanical fuel stove, 3000W, Black, from 24m2 - 44m2, refueling also ...
Zibro RS 30 – Mechanical fuel stove, 3000W, Black, from 24m2 – 44m2, refueling also …

  • No need for installation, very comfortable heat source. Fast and enveloping heat.
  • Highest quality clean combustion
  • High performance

Wick paraffin stove: Zibro Made by Toyotomi RS-30

The Zibro RS-30 kerosene stove is a very efficient wick model that allows reaching a maximum power of 3000 W.

It achieves a   very high energy use , and offers optimal operation and allows to obtain heat practically from the first moment.

This model comes with two wicks, one of which is a spare, as well as a fuel pump for maintenance.

It incorporates all the necessary security systems to be able to use it without risks.

Zibro Made by Toyotomi LC-400 Electronic paraffin oven, 4000 W, Silver / Black, 26m2-68m2
Zibro Made by Toyotomi LC-400 Electronic paraffin oven, 4000 W, Silver / Black, 26m2-68m2

  • Possibility of regulation, very comfortable heat source, fast and enveloping heat
  • Highest quality clean combustion
  • High performance

Electronic paraffin stove: Zibro Made by Toyotomi LC-400

This is a  high-performance paraffin stove , since it allows a maximum power of up to 4000 W, offering the possibility of providing heat to rooms of up to 68 m².

It has all the security systems, in addition to offering optimal operation that  reduces consumption  and  increases its efficiency , without forgetting that it also incorporates security systems with automatic shutdown to avoid risks.

Zibro LC-DX320 Silver and Black Kerosene Stove
Zibro LC-DX320 Silver and Black Kerosene Stove

  • Power: max. 3.1 kW.
  • No installation or removal, connection by plug.
  • Made in Japan and NF certified (French standard), various security systems.

Kerosene stove: Zibro LC-DX320

This stove allows us a power of up to 3100 W, and incorporates a 5.4 l kerosene tank, which, according to the manufacturer, allows us up to 65 hours of operation.

It requires an electrical connection for its operation and has all the security measures and extra functions that we may need.

Zibro Made by Toyotomi LC-130 electronic paraffin stove, 3000 W, Black, 20m2-48m2
Zibro Made by Toyotomi LC-130 electronic paraffin stove, 3000 W, Black, 20m2-48m2

  • Possibility of regulation, very comfortable heat source. Fast and enveloping heat.
  • Highest quality clean combustion
  • High performance

Electronic kerosene stove: Zibro Made by Toyotomi LC-130

This model of electronic paraffin stove has a power of 3000 W and manages to heat up to 48 m².

It has quite small measures, and manages to produce heat quickly and of great quality, with a minimum level of humidity.

It incorporates a  locking system  to prevent the panel from being accidentally manipulated.

Frequently Asked Questions about kerosene stoves

We are going to solve some of the most common questions frequently asked when  buying kerosene or paraffin stoves  as home heating systems   for the cold winter months  .

Is a paraffin stove and a kerosene stove the same?

Yes, since kerosene and paraffin are the same, that is, they are two names given to the same transparent liquid fuel derived from petroleum.

Paraffin or gas stoves, which is better?

If you are considering the possibility of opting for one type of stove or another, it is important that you take these details into account:

– Electronic paraffin stoves consume electricity, while wick paraffin and gas do not.
– We achieve greater efficiency in paraffin stoves than in gas ones.
– For rooms of more than 60 m², the kerosene stoves can be somewhat short.
– A paraffin stove will heat faster than a gas stove.

How much does a paraffin or kerosene stove usually have?

The price depends a lot on the model and type of stove that we are going to buy, so that we can start from prices of less than € 100 and even stoves of more than € 500.

Where to buy a paraffin stove?

It is important that you buy this type of stove in stores that offer you a good guarantee, not only in terms of product quality and post-sale assistance, but also give us the peace of mind that you comply with the required security measures.

How do you light a paraffin stove?

The  stoves modern kerosene  can be switched at the touch of a button, while the former required to use a lighter.

How to turn off a paraffin stove?

To turn off the stove, it incorporates a button that we must press, which will interrupt the passage of kerosene.

Some models do not have a button, but we just have to minimize the regulator knob.

Where to place a paraffin stove?

The stove should be located in a place that is well ventilated, away from flammable elements and out of the reach of children and pets.

Are kerosene stoves safe?

Modern paraffin stoves incorporate different security features that include:

– Detection of high levels of CO2.
– Tempered walls that prevent burns.
– Electronic and double combustion systems considerably reduce the emission of gases.
– Roll-over protection system.
– Some models incorporate a presence system, automatically disconnecting the system in the event that a long time passes without anyone in the environment.

How to clean the filter of a paraffin stove?

To clean the filter we must follow the steps detailed below:

– You have to turn off the stove and wait for it to cool down completely.
– We disassemble the back cover that we will conveniently clean with water and detergent.
– With a cloth we make sure that the interior is free of dust.
– We proceed to reassemble the cover that acts as a filter.

How to change the wick of a paraffin stove?

When it is time to change the wick of the paraffin stove, we must proceed as follows:

– We disconnect the stove and make sure it is cold.
– We take out the paraffin tank.
– We remove the batteries from the back.
– We open the front grill and remove the burner.
– We remove the regulator knob by pulling it out.
– We remove the two screws at the bottom back of the device and remove the housing from the base.
– We remove the pins at the base of the burner.
– We lift the seat and we can see the wick.
– We remove the screw at the base of the regulator and remove the support.
– We introduce the regulator knob again and turn to the right to the maximum.
– We remove the old wick with the necklace.
– We remove the wick from the necklace and insert the new one, making sure that it fits well with its small legs.
– We take the opportunity to clean the remains of fuel under the burner using the pump, which we will get rid of since solid remains will have accumulated that can damage the circuit.
– We place the new wick with its necklace.
– We turn the regulator knob, remove it and place its support again.
– We place the seat and tighten the thumbs.
– We put the case back and put the screws.
– We place the regulator knob, the burner and the grate in their corresponding place.
– We put the deposit and put the batteries.

Conclusion and opinions of paraffin stoves

Paraffin stoves are a great alternative to enjoy high-quality heat and high efficiency.

In the market we have the possibility to choose between several different models, which are designed to guarantee maximum satisfaction, offering a completely safe and well-optimized operation for rooms generally up to 70 m².

Current models have safety devices and special functions that guarantee not only comfort, but also the complete peace of mind of being able to use paraffin and kerosene stoves without the risks that the old models presented.

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