Best Nebulizer Fan

Best Nebulizer Fan in the Market [2021]

Are you making the decision to buy a water mist fan? Then this top of the best water spray fans in which you will find a selection of the best models for different prices and characteristics is the solution.

What is the best nebulizer fan on the market?

But since we know that time is short, we leave you our recommendation: the best nebulizer fan with water is the AEG VL 5569 model .

aeg vl 5569 humidifier nebulizer fan

AEG VL 5569

A fan with water ideal for the hottest summer months

The best fans with water on the market

We leave you with our 6 recommendations of the best nebulizer and air conditioning fans that you can currently find on the market.


aeg vl 5569 humidifier nebulizer fan
Oscillating Nebulizer Fan with Ionizer (Humidifier)

AEG VL 5569

It is considered by buyers as an outstanding purchase, with more than 4 stars out of 5 but, in addition, it is, if we consider all the aspects it covers, the best according to our own experts.

We begin by highlighting that its design is not going to discover it, since it is one of the most similar devices to a common floor or pedestal fan that we can find and that, at the same time, turns out to be a nebulizer. It has a circumference of 40 cm for the area of ​​its blades, height and inclination adjustment and a weight of 7 kilos. The transparent tank, located on its elegant (round) base, is 3 liters. Above we find several commands that allow us to access all the options of the device, although it also has a remote control for this.

Its power is 85 W and it allows us to enjoy three levels of speed as well as two modes. In addition, the water to be dispersed also varies, which means that it consumes between 200 and 300 ml per hour, quantities that are certainly quite moderate, but we assure that they are not insufficient, but that its dispersion system is highly efficient. In addition, you can use the ventilation function without fogging although, with the latter, you can refresh spaces, depending on the brand, of up to 70 m². Similarly, we can also make only the humidifier work. It also has a timer, programmable up to 7.5 hours.

That we like
✅ Electronic speed regulator and remote control
✅ It can work with or without the humidifier
✅ It has a timer (up to a maximum of 7.5 hours)
✅ Autonomy of up to 15 hours
That we don’t like
❌ It only has 2 pre-programmed “wind” modes (apart from its 3 speeds)


tristar ve 5887 pedestal nebulizer fan
Multifunctional nebulizer fan

Tristar VE 5887

We would talk about the previous one again because its spectacular value for money makes it, precisely, the best. However, we propose another option so that you have a choice.

A very aesthetic model of fans with water, in white (black for its wheel base) and weighing 9.1 kilos whose maximum height is 132 cm. It has a small water tank, as we can imagine when looking at the device, as it is thin (its structure is in the form of a pill, with a very shallow profile). We can make it work through its LED screen, which is very complete or with a remote control, which is included.

It has a motor with a maximum power of 95 W with which it will work to give its third flow of air, the most powerful. In addition to nebulizing (the tank lasts 6 hours in a row), this model also ionizes to improve air quality, it can be timed up to 8 hours.

That we like
✅ Platform with integrated wheels (makes it much easier to move)
✅ It has a remote control and timer
That we don’t like
❌ Somewhat small water tank (1.8 liters)


Cecotec force silence 790 anti mosquito nebulizer fan
5-blade nebulizer fan

Cecotec ForceSilencie 790 FreshEssence Ionic

Can’t you trust yourself? Do you want to try this type of device investing the minimum? Try this beautifully designed model in black that includes a large control panel on its trunk, with LEDs included, as well as a cone with wheels to facilitate its transport and that neither its measurements nor its weight pose a problem for you. Another point is that the tank is not separated from the body but is part of it, being totally disguised. This, by the way, is 3.1 liters. Its motor is made of copper and the brand promises to extend its useful life. Finally, highlight its triple security system.

Regarding its functions, we see that it is ionic, which means that it eliminates dust, bacteria and allergens, aromatizer, which includes a maximum 12-hour timer, three available speeds and a power of 90 W.

Another model, although for us it is behind, would be the Jocel JVA030535 . Nice tank and design in general, three speeds, A + energy certification and remote control, although we went down to 70 W.

That we like
✅ Constant humidifier system (without intervals)
✅ Modern and elegant design with touch controls and LED display
That we don’t like
❌ It should always be connected to an electrical outlet (it does not work with a battery)


Nebulizer fan with variable resistance black pro koolok
Nebulizer fan with variable resistance

KooLook Black Pro

If you need a lot of power and a huge spray volume, this is your model, an incredible outdoor nebulizer fan. Of course, we are talking about a professional use or its implementation in large spaces such as gardens, patios or terraces.

This professional nebulizer fan has neither more nor less than 180W, 4.8 liters per hour sprayed and a nebulization distance of up to 8 meters make it essential for spaces of 50 meters, being able to reduce the temperature by about 10 degrees depending on the mode. The tank, as you can imagine, is very large, 52 liters to be exact. It has a configurator for the speed and the amount of sprayed water to be nebulized.

It weighs its 20 kilos but having wheels for transport, certainly this is an aspect that may have little importance for most. Of course, we can adjust its height and the oscillation of its head, which is made up of three thin blades with a totally efficient design.

That we like
✅ High power CE certified humidifier fan (180 W / 220 V)
✅ 52 liter tank (spray volume / water consumption 4.8 liters per hour)
That we don’t like
❌ Somewhat high price (it is designed for a more professional use or to cover large spaces), although its features are worth it.


Oscillating floor mist fan and exclusive design aigostar forest mist 33 JTU
Fogging fan with LED display (exclusive design)

Aigostar Forest Mist 33JTU

If the best on the market or the one with the best value for money convince you (they are also indoor, be careful), we can give you yet another alternative, this indoor nebulizer fan.

It is made in black and white, with a very aesthetic design that is 132 cm high and 11.4 kilos. Its base includes wheels. It has a head of 40 cm for the diameter, which protects three completely rounded blades. It swings 16 degrees up, 8 degrees down, and 80 from side to side. Its tank is 1.8 liters, the most restrained of the top. In the central area we have an LED screen from which to control all the options that are offered to us, although we can also do it from your own remote control.

With its 95 W of power we can enjoy three speeds, different modes, including one ECO, ionization or timer of up to 8 hours. The maximum air flow that we can achieve is 51.44 m3 / min.

That we like
✅ Ionic humidification function (ultrasonic and atomization) that allows a gentle spraying of 140 ml / h
✅ 3 spray modes and 3 speeds
✅ With timer and remote control
✅ Rolling base and modern design with LED display
✅ Can function as an ionizer and nebulizer without having to activate fan mode (give air)
That we don’t like
❌ Tank capacity of only 1.8 liters


Taurus Alpatec VB Nebulizer and Tactile Atomizer Fan
90W Atomizer Fan with Touch Control

Taurus VB 02

The truth is that this model is quite similar, both in design and performance, to the Cecotec that we have recommended before as the best cheap nebulizer. However, as you can imagine, besides the brand, there are some other differences.

We see a structure with a large base with wheels, a very wide trunk that perfectly conceals the 3-liter tank, which integrates an empty tank indicator, a 40 cm diameter head with 5 blades and a touch LED screen from the you control all your options. As for what you’ve been wondering, yes, it is ice-compatible and actually comes with two freezable pieces included. It also has a remote control.

On the other hand, we see that it is 90 W of power, that it has three speeds as well as three modes, including the ability to repel mosquitoes (including, on your own, a suitable pill for this), ionization to purify the air, fragrance programmed shutdown, oscillation …

That we like
✅ Ionized, fragrance diffuser and anti-mosquito function
✅ Three air speeds and three nebulizer modes controllable from your remote control
✅ Steel finish material
That we don’t like
❌ It is suitable for a large terrace (more than 15 square meters)

Best brands of nebulizer fans

Although today you will find devices from dozens of brands, the truth is that the sector is still dominated by a few. Although for us it is not a determining factor, it is good that you know which firms stand out when it comes to manufacturing and selling nebulizer fans.


It is a top firm of products for the home in general, having some very cutting-edge models of fans with water spray, as you will have already seen when you see our top.

They have development policies that focus on innovative technology and seek to reduce the impact that their devices have on the environment, avoiding carbon whenever possible and making machines with highly efficient materials, technologies and systems.

Xcellent Global

It is one of the brands par excellence in the online purchase of fans, nebulizers or not.

Its designs are simple, seeking that the user can use any of its devices without difficulty. These also include an extra security, always present in the company’s policy, achieved by including high quality and resistant materials as well as the introduction of risk reduction systems.

Aero Cool

It was formed at the beginning of this century with a workforce exquisitely chosen from among the best engineering specialists of competing companies as well as outstanding in universities, masters and other scholarly environments; A great success when choosing your template!

They have a policy in which a percentage of their profits, without exception, goes to research and development of new technologies, being one of the most prominent companies in this regard. In this way, they are able to offer products with optimized components, excellent functioning systems and with designs based on user safety.


Known where they are, it has accompanied us for several decades now. Since we are aware, this has been a benchmark in air conditioning devices, especially in those of the entry-level or basic range, including very good performance and unbeatable prices within the group of best fan brands.


On the other side we have Taurus. It is dedicated to the manufacture of all kinds of household appliances and home appliances. Although, their prices are somewhat high (not exorbitant), accompanied, yes, of an enviable quality.

Other featured brands

Although they have not reached the honor ranking of the best nebulizer fan brands, they deserve a mention:

Biolaper, Purline (and its Purline Misty model), Orbegozo (where we highlight its Orbegozo SFA 7000 model),


What nebulizer fan to buy? How to choose the best fan with water for each case

Although with this effort we have done a good screening job in order to buy a nebulizer fan, what we want is for you to decide which is the most appropriate model. To do this, we give you some advice based on the most important specifications and features of these devices.

Water tank capacity

Fogging is not consuming too much water. Therefore, unless you are going to make continuous use of the device, our advice is that you do not go for huge but medium-sized deposits. Otherwise, you will only be able to disperse or spray water that can even go bad if you don’t constantly monitor it.

The usual thing is to choose fans with a capacity of between 1.5 and 2.5 liters although, as you can imagine, there are those with larger and smaller deposits; it all depends on the use you are going to give it.

Ice bin incorporation

There are not many models that incorporate it but, indeed and as you have already read, we can find them.

Know that, in a conventional way, you can include ice in any tank and this will make the water cool down; there is no mystery in this.

However, there are other models that have a special compartment for ice, so that it does not melt so quickly. There are also some nebulizers that come with their own “ice”, which are nothing more than pieces of a plastic material that absorbs and maintains the cold very well (like the ones we use in portable refrigerators).

Nebulization system

It is essential to find a diffuser with a very precise efficient design and a high quality so that the water comes out as fine as possible and does not get too wet, so that it does not become annoying and cannot damage furniture and other elements with medium use.


The more power, the more air and the better quality of water dispersion. However, this will also increase consumption. Therefore, consider the space to be refreshed, the temperature of this and other conditioning factors so as not to be spending more unnecessarily.

Our advice is that, for domestic use, never go above 100W (you have less than enough) and that you do not reach 75W if the space to be conditioned is small or you choose a moderately sized model. In fact, the desktop ones work wonderfully with about 30W.

Air flow or flow

It depends on the power that we have already talked about, but also on the efficiency of the system, the quality of the engine, the aerodynamic design of the blades and the speeds with which it works.

Do not be seduced by large figures and always look for an air flow according to your needs. There is no use wasting energy in a flow that even bothers you more or on the contrary, spending the money on a nebulizer with a minimum flow and that is not enough.

Size and weight

Keep in mind that including a tank and a water pump makes them heavier devices. However, if this is important to you, pay close attention because to those kilos you will have to add the liters of water and, although we advise moving it with this vacuum, we know that, in the end, nobody does. So consider what the total weight will be and how often you will carry it. If this can become a problem because you want to move it often, find one with wheels and you forget about the weight.

Of course, its size will depend on your available space and the place to be refrigerated, being evident that the larger the diameter of the blades as well as the water outlet, the more of it we can enjoy.

Adjustable angle and height

The regulation of these aspects for us is essential in most devices that are close to the user. However, if we consider that, in addition to air, we are generating water, the need becomes more pressing. What good is this function if we cannot enjoy it at will?

Make sure that the head of the blades can be tilted at least 20 degrees. This figure is highly variable if you get a model that also adjusts in height, since the angle is already multiplied.

Remote control or remote control

All a plus in terms of comfort having a remote control that allows us to start and stop the device. If, in addition, we can control the other functions from it, even better! This, today, by the way, is the most common so, if you are going to invest in a model with a remote control, make sure that it complies with everything you can want from it.

These work on batteries and their consumption is minimal, so you will have to put a pair on it and you will throw it away all summer, perfectly, leaving the batteries useful, if you remove them, for the following year without problem.

Water spray fan speed settings

Essential to truly enjoy the appliance. Having more than one speed allows us to adjust these to each moment and need. Thus, we will cool down more on the hottest days and we will be able to save on our bill on the days when the temperatures are cooler.

The usual thing is to find three speeds in modern mid-range fans and even in the input ones. Others, of course, go much further and offer up to eight, as we have seen in various models.

Be sure to check out the night or eco and turbo modes. The first prioritizes the low noise level by offering a minimum flow in exchange for a level, also, minimum noise. The second does the opposite, it has its system to offer a very powerful air flow that refreshes a lot and very quickly.

Programmable timers

This is a function that allows us to configure certain parameters in advance so that the device works for a specific time and then turns off without the need for us to do anything. It is an essential when it comes to sleeping cool.

Additional functions of terrace fans

In addition to giving air and fogging, there are some that can offer.

Humidification (humidifier)

The amount of water that comes out is minimal, practically evaporating as it is thrown. This makes the environment more humid but not wet.

Ionization (ionizer)

The air is, in part, purified by separating its ions.

Disperser or sprayer

There are models in which there is a small space to place an aromatic liquid and a good smell can be dispersed.

Nebulizer noise for fan

The noise level of these devices is highly variable. At a higher price, generally, a better noise dissipation system. However, in general, higher power also means more noise.

If you are looking for a quiet one, move between 40 and 60 decibels. Higher figure will suppose since it is not suitable for times when you need silence such as at bedtime or if you are reading or watching television, for example.

Consumption of the water ionizer

Directly related to potency. However, today we already see how most appliances, whether they are fans or not, adjust these characteristics to be more attractive to the public, showing great efficiency that reduces the gap between low consumption and high power that existed only a few years ago.

With as many models as there are, unless this point does not matter to you at all, we advise you to spend some time looking for a model that certifies energetically, at least, as A.

Reliability and good warranty of the water mist fan

Products sold in our country always have a minimum two-year warranty when it comes to non-perishable items, as is the case.

However, it is not uncommon to find manufacturers that give you a larger guarantee, free or for a small price, on all or part of the nebulizer parts. This, especially when it is free, already makes us see that we find a manufacturer that trusts what it sells and that gives importance to its customers.

In any case, you can get insurance. This is usually offered by the distributor, that is, the store where you buy it, and not the brand itself.

Comments and opinions of the nebulizer fans with water

Buying on the internet has the enormous advantage of being able to know what other buyers think who already enjoy the product you have in mind to buy. Reading their opinions can help you both to finish convincing you and to back down and keep looking for other options.

Actually, almost all stores currently offer a comment space so that their customers can express themselves about their shopping experience with carriers, as well as with customer service and other professionals and, of course, regarding the product itself. , its quality, performance, guarantee …

Price of fans with humidifier

In general, the prices at which we operate will be a little higher than what we would find for a conventional fan with the same characteristics. Thus, we can find decent models starting at 50 euros and we would move on a fork, to maintain an excellent value for money, up to 100 or 120 euros.

Of course, then we have the high-end models that completely go beyond these figures but, of course, offer benefits with millimeter precision and, in general, their characteristics are much more delicate and pleasant for the user.

Wha é is a nebulizer and what is fan?

This is a fan-type cooling device with the addition of a tank from which water is extracted to vaporize it in the air, mixed with the flow created by the movement of the blades. Its use is normally domestic for houses and flats, but it is also used as an industrial fan for workshops, bars and restaurants (especially on their terraces).

We usually find them on a pedestal (standing) but if you are looking you will also find more specific models such as wall-mounted ones, widely used in hospitality, for example, or desktop.

As you can imagine, the fact that dispersing water will mean that, being under it for a long time, we will get a little wet. However, and although this is very pleasant, its objective is not to soak us but to refresh the environment more than a typical fan can. This happens not when wet but when the water evaporates.

The main advantage of a nebulizer fan is that it is capable of achieving a significantly lower temperature than with a regular fan, looking more like an air conditioner.

However, fogging fans are more suitable than air conditioners because they humidify the air, that is, they do the opposite of air conditioning, which dries out when it has been running for a long time, and can even become unhealthy.

How does a fan work with water?

Power is required to operate the appliance. In this case, we take it from the electrical current by plugging it into it.

On the other hand we have a reservoir, which must have a sufficient amount of water for the fan to absorb and expel it.

This is achieved with a high pressure fogging system. The captured energy is transferred until it comes into contact with gas so that the pressure increases. With this, an air flow is squirted while the pressure dissipates, achieving a lot of volume. As this happens, the system, on the other hand, connects to the tank and absorbs the water from it, expelling it with the energy jet.

This expelled air is dispersed reducing its pressure and increasing its volume thanks to the design of a system of blades that move in concentric movements.

How to use a water mist fan?

The use of this device is very simple:

  1. All you have to do is fill your tank with softened water (if your tap water contains a lot of lime, you can use a product that, with a few drops, does this job; it is used in fish tanks) between the minimum and maximum measurements included.
  2. Afterwards, you will have to configure its options for amount of dispersion, speed and any other, so that it works to your liking.
  3. Start it up and enjoy a refreshed environment.

What you should, of course, is keep in mind that we are talking about the dispersion of water, even in minute particles. Therefore, it is important to control the exposure time:

  • Especially if we use electrical appliances, as these could break.
  • It goes without saying that, in addition, we must consider our own well-being.
  • Furthermore, the environment is also important. Of course, it is an ideal device to use outdoors, where it is not so important if the surrounding elements get wet. But we can also use it indoors if we use its ability to nebulize to a minimum and not for long, in addition to not focusing directly on everything that could end up spoiling or protecting. For example, we can cover a parquet with a carpet. In any case, respect the minimum distances recommended by the manufacturer.

Maintenance and cleaning of a nebulizer fan with water

Nebulizers do not require maintenance beyond cleaning. This consists of:

  • Empty the tank if it is not going to be used for many days so that the water does not become stale and dirty and, of course, to avoid the appearance of mold.
  • Leave it completely dry.
  • During constant use, clean the surface of the appliance with a damp cloth.
  • Use a non-soapy solution such as water and bleach (10/1) or any other disinfectant to clean your ducts every two years.


Frequently Asked Questions about Water Fans

We end with two points that, in addition to all the above, is what we are most consulted for.

Main differences between a nebulizer fan and an air conditioner?

Knowing how it works, you may wonder how this device differs from the evaporative air conditioner.
· Portability . The first difference and that, without a doubt, becomes evident and will condition your purchase is portability. The fan is designed to be easy to move while the air conditioner requires effort and specific actions to do so.
· Consumption . The air conditioner consumes more, both water and electricity. In the case of water we see that the difference is less and less but in the electricity bill you will notice it more.
· Power . The air conditioner offers a more powerful effect, with a large amount of cold humidity.
· Price. The fan, due to its specifications and simpler systems, is considerably cheaper.

Which is better, a nebulizer fan or a stand fan?

This question depends entirely on your taste and your need. You already know that the nebulizer will refresh the environment for the obvious reason of dispersion of water, leaving a greater sensation of humidity. The conventional fan only moves the air to create a thermal sensation a few degrees below but maintaining the ambient humidity.

If the nebulizer is not essential, perhaps you should consider opting for a normal fan and, in any case, choose a small humidifier if you need it. However, if reading all of the above you continue to consider it (we suppose so, that is why you are here), the truth is that we have to tell you that you are not going to fail. The nebulizers are sensational and, if you have the option to enjoy them due to the benefits of the space, we do not doubt it!

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