The 5 Best Laptop Cases and Sleeves of 2020 [Eco-Buy]

You want to protect it but you don’t want to carry a lot of weight. I have no doubts, you need cheap laptop sleeves. Today it happens very often that we have to go to work, school, or university with a computer or a laptop or a tablet. It has become an essential item. However, it has not ceased to be precious to us. And we already know how precious things are treated.

Best laptop sleeves in the market

While we are carefree, many things can happen to a computer placed in any bag. Scratches, bumps, humidity, to say a few. You can rest assured, this is solved very quickly. Here are our tips, as precious as the covers that we present below.

Best Laptop Sleeves in the Market

100% space-saving and the same percentage of comfort. Nobody likes to carry a lot of weight and that is why you can forget the giant bags for computers, in which not only the latter could fit but also half the house. Result: weight. The best covers that we have selected for you are for all tastes. With attractive designs, the possibility of a handle, and small integrated pockets, you will want to go out with your laptop to release your new case, which by the way, really protects and is very cool. Here are the best laptop cases:

Plemo laptop sleeve

Youthful and with a touch of elegance, this cover is for men and women with their own sophisticated style. The careful details and good materials are the strengths of this first product.

Plemo laptop sleeve


  • Suitable for laptops and available in different sizes at different prices.
  • The product weighs little but its filling is reliable: polyester together with a wool lining, quality materials to protect your computer from shocks.
  • Strong and durable canvas outer fabric.
  • It is tightened with a very smooth zipper.
  • It can be worn alone or put in a backpack or purse.
  • Available colors: blue, light blue, dark blue, and gray. Elegant and casual at the same time.

What we like:

  • It is essential but very well lined.
  • It looks like a computer suit, in fact, it fits perfectly and there is not much room to move.

What we don’t like:

  • The version with top handles is only available in some colors.

MySleeve Design cover

If you want to express your personality and character, this object can be your presentation ticket. Quantities of fantasies, drawings, and colors, for young people and students, both boys and girls.

Funda MySleeveDesign 

Features and functions

  • Material: Neoprene.
  • Protects from minor bumps, scratches and moisture.
  • Available in various designs, colors and sizes.
  • It closes with a zipper.
  • It takes up very little space and therefore fits perfectly in a backpack.

What we like:

  • The designs and colors are designed for all types of people and ages. Each one will find his or her better half sleeve.
  • It fits well for laptops of all sizes and leaves no room to spare.

What we don’t like:

It is very beautiful but not having a handle to carry it as a handbag we cannot show it very often.

Laptop Case Wallet Sleeve

Basic but well equipped and lined, it focuses on the comfort of the computer and its accessories, thanks to a small bag to put the power cable or anything related to your laptop.

Laptop Funda Cartera Sleeve

Features :

  • Material: Neoprene.
  • Computer measurements: 13.3 inches.
  • The cover is accompanied by a small very useful bag to store the cables you need.
  • It has top handles and opens with a zipper.
  • The interior is well lined and the corners have double protection.
  • It has two pockets to put small things like documents.
  • It protects not only from scratches and bumps but also from water, oil, and liquids, which remain on the surface without reaching the interior.
  • Available in black, light blue, gray, purple, and red.

What we like

It is an everyday bag, for those who do not want to carry more weight than necessary.

What we don’t like

The colors available are not many and they are not very bright.

Coodio Sleeve Laptop Sleeve

A funnier and more youthful version of Coodio. And that you can wear it whenever you want. Thanks to the double handles it can be a hand or shoulder bag. You can distribute the weight of your laptop without occupying your hands. The front pocket is useful for carrying documents or the laptop charger itself.

Coodio Sleeve Laptop Sleeve


  • Material: Neoprene.
  • For 13.3 inch computers.
  • It has a removable handle so that it can be carried by the shoulder or by the hand, depending on the moment and the taste of each one.
  • The front pocket is comfortable and can be used to store the charger cable or documents or small objects.
  • Available in several colors (uniform or rather drawings and fantasies).

What we like

  • Carrying it on the shoulder is great, especially when we have to walk a lot.
  • The integrated pocket is the real icing on the cake because it allows us not to carry anything else.

What we don’t like

Neoprene may smell a bit bad at first, but it goes by quickly.

Amazon Basics protective case

A glove for our laptop of all sizes. Total basic for total satisfaction. Black, thin and light, it can be carried by hand or in a bag. Ideal to protect our electronic companion when we go on a trip.

Amazon Basics protective case

Features :

  • Material: Neoprene.
  • Various sizes (inches) available. The price varies a bit.
  • It has a zipper on the top.
  • It is thin but well padded. Protects from bumps, scratches and any accident.
  • Save as much space as possible. It can be safely stored in a bag.

What we like

  • Although the computer fits, there is just room for the charger. If not, where do we put it?
  • Great value for the price.

What we don’t like

It does not have a handle. When we do not want to go out with a lot of load, it would be good to treat this product as a small bag.

What are laptop sleeves?

Technological advances are within everyone’s reach thanks to the growing number of people who demand the best-cheap-cases-computer devices in their professional and daily tasks. Such is the case of the laptop, which given its characteristics can be used at any time and in any place. This condition exposes you to many risks, such as falls, scratches, and bumps.

For this reason, it is profitable to resort to laptop sleeves that protect them when moving and storing them, for the sake of their integrity. These covers, which come in different shapes, are usually made with a thick outer material, reinforced at the edges and corners.

They are an ideal solution to keep these peripherals away from dust and moisture. They are made up of heavily padded pockets and straps to keep equipment firmly in place.

They also have several compartments and special sleeves to hold cables, pens, mobile phones, adapters and discs.

Types of laptop sleeves

One of the most important aspects when choosing a case is knowing the dimensions of your device. For more popular laptops like the HP or Samsung laptop sleeve, you will find covers that are exactly tailored to their sizes.

The rest can also have a wide variety of presentations in a standardized or universal measure, as they are usually known. Commonly, the ranges on the most frequently used laptops are 13.3, 15.4 and 17 inches, but we assure you that you will have no trouble finding a cover for your personal equipment.

The variety of proposals around the forms, designs and manufacturing materials are endless, highlighting the following among the most common:

Basic neoprene:

This type of sleeve allows a superior fit to the rest, fitting “like a glove” over your laptop. This minimizes the chances of the equipment sliding inside, holding it firmly. Although this material tends to expand a bit, you will want to make sure you get the right product for the exact measurements of your laptop.

The snug design in turn contributes to its lightweight portability, without creating additional load. You can tailor your personal style to the selected case, choosing from models with multiple options in colors and patterns printed on the covers, ranging from deep blacks to bright pastels. It is possible to coordinate your wardrobe in accordance with the cover, for more demanding tastes.

The selection of a thick sleeve is recommended in any case, as it will be able to absorb shocks effectively. It is an excellent material that will isolate your equipment from the outside.

Rigid case:

Another variation in the presentation of these convenient covers, which like those made of neoprene, can come in many different qualities and designs. In these rigid cases, the combination of the material used inside and outside will be the aspect that will make the difference.

They can be made with a nice cover, made of fiberglass or polypropylene plastic. This translates into greater protection for your laptop from the outside world, giving you the best security.

Probably the most important difference between hard and soft cases is the interior. The average soft case offers very little internal protection, yet almost all hard cases feature EPS foam covered in fabric or felt, with molded shapes tailored specifically for each laptop.

This not only keeps you in place, preventing free movement within the case, but also provides vital shock absorption for drops, bumps and crushing.

A sturdy exterior provides a writing surface while you’re in a car, traveling on a train, or sitting in a chair without a table during a meeting, but it can also increase the overall weight of the load.


Laptop sleeves can reflect our personalities and tastes. They become part of our style of dressing or what we want to express in our field of development.

Regardless of whether the person is reserved or avant-garde, there is always the opportunity to find a model that can accommodate special preferences.

Consider your budget:

The sum of virtues that a cover can offer also increases its price. We usually fix our gaze on the models with the best materials and aspects, a dream that disappears when we observe their monetary value, which may be out of budget.

Patiently researching each proposal increases your chances of finding an affordable alternative.

Pockets and protection:

The basic covers will provide one or two additional storage pockets, which can be used as a space for the power cord, adapters, or extra batteries.

Other sections include slots for file folders and notepads, as well as allowing the addition of pens and business cards. They would also be an important support to save a CD or pen drive.

As a form of protection we can find zipper closures that can be blocked if necessary, velcro or magnetic clip, as well as the use of small padlocks or secret combination system, among others.

Keep a luggage tag with your name on the cover. If someone else in the office, a meeting, or the airport has one that looks the same, you can easily tell yours apart without opening it. Keep an ID card inside, in case the luggage tag falls off.

Comfort and versatility:

The ease of carrying our laptop with minimal effort is one of the main reasons to purchase this product. In addition to their protective qualities, they give us the opportunity to keep everything concerning our equipment in one place, as a way to promote order in our habits, a factor that increases productivity.

In the case of using straps, check that they are adjustable to select the appropriate length. Similarly, the addition of padded sections to these supports provides comfort when carried over the shoulder. Additional handles and clips help to carry the weight differently, which is valuable on long walks. In the case of backpacks, see if the weight distribution can be organized evenly, to minimize fatigue as well as the impact on your back.

Traveling with technology:

With the different modes of access to information that currently exist, it is essential to incorporate compartments to carry most of the devices we need when traveling.

Some of these resources have special conditions that require additional protection, such as padded sections. The availability of locating each of the components quickly makes rethinking the space that will be assigned to them.

This increases the weight considerably, so the selection of covers with wheels and special handles is recommended to move smoothly in airports.

Avoiding direct contact between each device will ensure its integrity and proper functioning once it reaches its destination. Include spacers like pieces of cloth or sponges to accomplish this.

Environmental considerations:

You have to know what is the susceptibility of your laptop to changes in temperature and humidity. Almost all electronic devices are affected by environmental conditions, and soft bags offer little protection against the elements.

Hard cases are a much more useful tool for combating low humidity and extreme temperatures. Neoprene covers trap heat, so depending on the area you live in, you will have to think twice before selecting this material.

You can even buy a laptop sleeve that has scientifically made material to keep your gear cool in hot weather. Excessive magnification can damage internal cabling, cards, and prevent it from working properly.

Sleeve accessories:

The added anchors and rings allow extending the use of these covers incorporating complementary elements such as flashlights, tinderboxes or any additional support you may need. They can also be used to fix them between luggage, keeping all bags together. This is an advantage for users who travel constantly, and who need to maximize the characteristics and functions of this valuable protection and transport element.

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