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Best Kitchen Knives 2021 – Top Reviewed

When we get into the kitchen, we all like to get the best result from our dishes. Some will want to save work and effort, driven by their immeasurable hunger. Meanwhile, others will take their time to get a finish worthy of inviting the in-laws to lunch at home on a Sunday and leaving them speechless.

Whatever your case, we generally take the kitchen knife to be used little seriously, thinking that more or less all of them will achieve the result we hope for. However, in this article, we want to show you how each knife goes better with a type of preparation. We will also give you some tips to take care of them and extend their useful life. Can you come with us?

The most important

  • It is advisable to use the ideal kitchen knife on each occasion to make the most of it
  • Kitchen knives should be kept in a stable place to keep their sharpness. To ensure their good condition, they also have to be washed quickly and not left in water for a long period of time.
  • In the section “Purchase criteria” we will help you consider what aspects you should take into account before making the ideal purchase

The best kitchen knives: our favorites

When you go to buy a kitchen knife you will see that there are many different styles. On the one hand, there are the packs for advanced chefs, which tend to have a rather elegant design. On the other, there are also simpler and more adaptable knives, for those who do not usually spend much time in the kitchen. To help you choose, at MONEDEROSMART we have created this list:

The best set of 7 kitchen knives

Chef Knife Set Knives Kitchen Set - Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives Set Kitchen Knife Set with Stand - Plus Professional Knife Sharpener - 7 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Knives Set by Home Hero

This set from the HomeHero brand includes seven kitchen knives. With it you will always have the most suitable knife for each type of food you wish to cut.

It has a stand and a sharpener with two different sharpening modes. They are manufactured with laser finishes, with a good finish and, also, without grain on the blade. They are made of stainless steel and are very easy to clean.

The most complete set of kitchen knives

If what you are looking for is a complete set, this is a great option. It belongs to the same brand as the previous article. However, in addition to the knives from the previous set, it comes with 6 steak knives.

It also includes one for cheese and one for pizza. Like the previous ones, they are made of stainless steel. They also come with a sharpener and stand, plus scissors and a peeler. It is a very complete option at a competitive price.

Best Japanese Steel Kitchen Knife

This Mercer Culinary knife has excellent ratings from its users. It is made of high-quality Japanese steel and is 6 inches long.

It has an ergonomic handle that makes it very comfortable to use. It is designed to be non-slip and safe. It features an ultra-fine edge and is also anti-corrosion. It is very easy to wash by hand.

The best kitchen knife for chefs and professionals

This popular black Victorinox knife features a stainless steel blade. It is 8 inches long and weighs 7.5 ounces. It has an ergonomic non-slip handle and its blade is extra wide.

It also has an ultra-thin edge and is ideal for working with all types of meats. You can also wash it both by hand and in the dishwasher.


Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Kitchen Knives

Choosing a kitchen knife can be difficult due to the multitude of offerings available in the market. However, there are a number of parameters that will allow you to obtain great results in the kitchen. For example, choosing the type of knife well and knowing how to care for it and sharpen it. In this section we talk about all this.


Each kitchen knife manufacturing material will provide us with different specificities.

How to choose the best kitchen knife?

When we think about choosing the best kitchen knife, we must be clear that it does not really exist, but depends on our preferences when chopping food, whether we want a rather professional product or even what type of food we prepare, in case they require a sharper knife or a simple one is enough.In any case, some aspects that will give you an idea of ​​the most suitable kitchen knife to acquire are that it has a good handle and a good blade. If this pair of elements does not have an acceptable minimum quality, we will find ourselves faced with simple ornamental knives, of which we will not be able to reach the minimum expected quality.

How to take care of kitchen knives to extend their useful life?

A kitchen knife can last a long time if used correctly. To achieve this, it is not enough to buy any knife and wash it daily, but there are a series of guidelines to extend its useful life to the maximum, always maintaining its quality. Next, we present them to you:

  1. Work on a surface with adequate hardness, such as wooden boards
  2. Keep the knife protecting its edge, once used
  3. Clean the knife by hand, with a sponge and soap
  4. Avoid dragging the knife on the surface where we are working
  5. Use the knife only to cut food, dispensing with it to cut plastic or packages

kitchen slat

Remember to clean the knife by hand, with a sponge and soap.
(Source: Nugroho: 8clQnz1iu68 /

What types of kitchen knives are there?

For those who are not looking for an advanced kitchen knife or are concerned about achieving the best quality, a multipurpose knife will suffice. But for those who want to go further and get the most out of it, having different types of knives for each food will provide them a plus. In the following table we want to present you the existing modalities.
Knife types Description Advantage Drawbacks
Peeler It contains a blade of about 4 inches, and has a sharp point. Ideal for small cuts. It poses a risk if it is not used correctly, due to its sharp point.
Chef Blade between 7 and 12 inches. Versatile, to be used in many types of food. More difficult to store properly due to its size.
Deboner Curved and thin blade, to remove bones in the meat. Very useful in the most complicated cuts. It requires strength in the hands to use it correctly.
Fillet Long blade, with fine and correct cuts. Ideal for cutting fish, when you give importance to the presentation of the food. Cutting can be difficult when the food is uneven or very hard.
Ham holder Designed to cut large pieces of meat, mainly Serrano ham. Precise and clean cuts. It is used only on very specific occasions, such as when cutting ham.
Serrated Long and strong blade, with teeth. Designed to cut bread. It will allow you to cut such an everyday food as bread easily. Care should be taken with its large cutting capacity and kept away from children.

Is it worth buying a kitchen knife set?

At the beginning of this article we have presented you with several knives to help you choose the best one for you. However, in some cases they came with a more advanced set of knives, with different types for each use.
If you do not have other knives at home or you are looking for good quality, you will be interested in having a complete set.

Normally, buying them separately can cost you more money, but at the same time you will have a specialized knife for each type of cut, which will allow you to take advantage of it more advanced. At the same time, you should take into account what food each knife is for, if you don’t want to spoil them or misuse them.

How can I sharpen the kitchen knife set?

If you consider buying an advanced kitchen knife, you may find that after a certain time it loses the strength and capacity with which it cut in the beginning. If this happens to you, you should not automatically think about buying a new one, but by sharpening it you can extend its useful life.

Some kitchen knives come with exclusive sets to sharpen, although there are other ways to do it. You can use the base of a ceramic mug at an angle of about 20 degrees, or brush it with another knife, a glass bottle or the corner of a rustic wall to get it to work as it did in the beginning.


chopping vegetables

Kitchen knives should be kept in a stable place to keep their sharpness.
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Why is it important to consider the material the knife is made from?

Each kitchen knife manufacturing material will provide us with different specificities. That is, the oxidation that it may suffer with use and the passage of time, the ease of sharpening it, the price that it will cost or the added care that it will require for its correct conservation will depend on it.

Mainly, carbon steel knives are easily sharpened, although they can rust, stainless steel knives are resistant to corrosion, the main ones being, ceramic knives do not lose their sharpness, although they can break more easily, and stainless steel knives are High carbon stainless steel are more expensive, although they are usually the best.

Having a knife with an ergonomic handle is a relief for those who have to work in the kitchen for long hours. This aspect of the knife, which for many may go unnoticed, can actually make things much easier for you during work. Having it will make food cuts easier.

In this way, the knife fits more easily in the hand, avoiding the possible cramps that may arise after using it for long hours. That is why it is not surprising that kitchen knife manufacturers pay so much attention to this aspect when presenting it to the public. In the characteristics of the product they usually talk about it.

chopped onion

If we think that we are going to use the knife for many hours, you should be cautious before purchasing the product and think about the weight of the chosen kitchen knife. (Source: Attwood: 8_Tlng54n8Y /


We want to emphasize the importance of having a sharpener to keep our knives in good condition for a long time. Even if your knives are of good quality, over time they can lose their effectiveness, so having the sharpener will allow you to extend their useful life and have a better use in each case.

You can find some products that already have a sharpener, but in other cases it is not difficult to make one yourself. For example, with a large stone or with many other household materials that will not be difficult to get. Keep in mind that sharpening your knife from time to time can make your kitchen task much easier.


If we think that we are going to use the knife for many hours, you should be cautious before purchasing the product and think about the weight of the chosen kitchen knife. The lighter it is, the more likely you are to easily control it and use it lightly in your regular food preparation.

In cases where you use the kitchen knife little, perhaps it will not be so important to take this aspect into account, although it is always recommended that its weight is minimal. The lightweight knife will make it easier for many people to use it in the kitchen regardless of their level of knowledge and practice.

implements for sauce

Having a knife with an ergonomic handle is a relief for those who have to work in the kitchen for long hours. (Source: Kavasseri: Cw-vIKILluo /


When washing kitchen knives, in some cases their quality may deteriorate. That is why many manufacturers recommend not washing knives in the dishwasher, but should always be done by hand (unless otherwise specified in the characteristics of the product), following careful methods on a regular basis so as not to damage them.

It is advisable to avoid cleaning products that contain chlorine, as they can damage the steel. Abrasive cleaners are also not recommended and it is best to dry the knife with an absorbent cloth immediately after washing so it does not rust. In case it can go to the dishwasher, it is advisable to place it face down.

boy cooking

Some kitchen knives come with exclusive sets to sharpen.
(Source: Briscoe: 5IGprlBT5g4 /


The material from which the kitchen knife is made cannot go unnoticed, since it will largely determine the duration or useful life of the kitchen knife and the quality of the cut that you are going to obtain. Mainly, stainless steel is usually the material of choice, since it has a high resistance to corrosion.

Keep in mind that with good maintenance and washing of the knives you can be able to extend their useful life without deteriorating, although if you buy other materials such as high carbon stainless steel, steel alloy, or ceramic, you will prevent them from spoiling easily. since they guarantee good quality.


Choosing a quality kitchen knife is always a good option and, in this case, you can find products at a reasonable price that will satisfy your requirements in the kitchen, when preparing food. However, for chefs looking for more quality, it is recommended to opt for a set of knives with which you can get the most out of it.

In any case, you must follow some recommendations that we have introduced in this article to extend the useful life of the kitchen knife you choose. If you see that it loses effectiveness, you can easily sharpen it. On the other hand, wash it following the basic steps to keep it in good condition. In this shopping guide we have talked about all this. I hope it has served you!

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