Best Gaming Mouse 2021 [Buying Guide]

The consoles come from the factory with at least one control, and it is usually the best (and only) option to enjoy our games to the fullest.

Those of us who enjoy computer gaming do not have the same luck.

Although they may seem unnecessary to some, gaming mice offer undeniable advantages when playing, whether casual or competitive, but the market is flooded with simple, expensive products, and with a label that says “Made for gamers”.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive mouse or the one with the prettiest lights. In fact,  only 3 criteria matter when buying a good gaming mouse .

Our review contains  10 of the best gaming mice available on the market, and we have evaluated them according to the 3 criteria along with the new standards for this year.

In this list, you will find the best option to save money and our recommendations according to quality (to accompany your keyboard, headphones, and laptop ).

We don’t want to leave anyone without a choice, so the mice reviewed are perfectly valid for any genre of video games, although they gravitate to certain genres.

We have also included wired and wireless versions to suit the tastes of different types of players.

Best Gaming Mice 2021

When we look for a gaming mouse, we see that the associated advertising talks about hundreds of functions that, in the long run, are somewhat superfluous.

We focus on three aspects that we know really matter to you when choosing a gaming mouse:  the number of programmable buttons, the type of connectivity, and the DPI . Style is important, but it is something very personal, and only you can say which design is best for you.

If you are not familiar with the term, “DPI” refers to the “Resolution” of the mouse, or ” Dots Per Inch “. This measurement expresses how many points the mouse detects when we physically move it.

If you move a 500 DPI mouse with your hand, the cursor will move much slower than it would with a 5,000 DPI mouse.

Now, this does not mean that higher DPI is automatically better, and that is why all worthwhile gaming mice have features to adjust it, even while gaming.

Logitech G900

Logitech is known for its extensive line of gaming-oriented peripherals and devices, so it is only natural to include one of their excellent mice on this list.

The  6900 Chaos Spectrum  is one of the company’s newest products, and it was designed to compete with other heavyweights in the world of gaming mice.


At first glance, its design may not be as flashy as other mice, although this is billed as a  pro  by some. In any case, its shape is ambidextrous, good news for left-handed gamers who often have limited options.

Wireless Connectivity

The wireless capacity of this product is above average, which makes it its strong point.

While most gamers prefer their devices to be wired to avoid performance losses, Logitech  offers the convenience of wireless with the fidelity of wiring . If you still prefer cable, no problem! You decide how to use it, since it is configurable.

The battery for wireless use is long lasting, and Logitech contends that its optical sensor is not only good, but  the best on the market , making it a good mouse for laptop gamers.


It has 11 programmable buttons to accommodate players of MOBAS (” Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ” , or ” Multiplayer Online Battle Arena “) or MMOS (” Massively Multiplayer Online ” , or ” Massively Multiplayer Online “). They can be as high as 20 if we consider the “ G-Shift ” function of the controller program, and its positioning is not intrusive.

Considering that the adjustable DPI range is between 200 and 12,000,  FPS players ( ” First Person Shooters ” , or ” First Person Shooters ” ) can use it at maximum capacity .

The suite to manage the configuration of the device allows to make profiles to reprogram the buttons and lights. In case you don’t need some of the side buttons, they can be removed from the unit, and the program will automatically recognize them.

As expected, the unit’s colors can be synchronized with other Logitech devices.


The cost is outside the box of “cheap”, but  even within the upper-middle range, the price is still low . In fact, mice with more or less similar functionality tend to be even more expensive.

Corsair M65 Pro RGB

The Corsair brand competes side-by-side with Logitech when it comes to producing upper-middle-range devices at reasonable costs.

The  M65 Pro RGB  is geared towards the FPS gamer, but  its flexibility and cost make it a very attractive option for any buyer looking to cut costs without losing functionality or performance .


It is attractive, with a “mechanical” design that fits the modern style, and the materials used in its construction are light and resistant. The mouse wheel is metal, coated with textured rubber to the touch for precision.

The additional buttons were strategically and non-invasively laid out, but were not designed with left-handed players in mind, which could be problematic for some.

The friction zones were designed to make little contact, allowing quick movements with little effort.

Optimization For Shooters

The unit has a “sniper button” that allows you  to change the DPI temporarily, even within the game, to make plays with greater precision .

The DPI controls are very flexible, and you can program 5 settings to change it in real time using the buttons adjacent to the wheel. If you are not interested in changing the DPI, you can reprogram the buttons to other keys or macros.

The resistance of the left and right mouse buttons can be graduated, which helps players to be more precise with their actions in a consistent way, as opposed to graduating the force when pressing the buttons.


Under the device you can adjust three zones to adjust the weight of the mouse and the center of gravity. This allows the unit to be physically configured to accommodate your grip and play style .

The configuration suite allows synchronization with other products of the brand, and at the same time changes the lights and the mapping of additional buttons.


Compared to other more specific mice, this one offers a solution that accommodates everyone and with a high quality standard. To make matters worse, the price is quite low, and  the difference in quality between this mouse and one twice its cost is small .

If you want to save hardware costs for your gaming, this is an option to consider.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

The Razer brand is a bit  controversial . Many accuse their products of being more expensive than they should be.

However, the  classic DeathAdder  was and still is  one of the most popular gaming mice in the industry .

The  DeathAdder Elite is a reinterpretation of the classic model and shares all its benefits. Its construction is relatively simple without sacrificing functional or technical aspects.


The design is low-key, save for the customizable Chroma lighting elements, which create a very attractive contrast in any setting. The shape can be considered ambidextrous, although the side buttons are more suitable for use with the right hand.

Either way, not everything is style. The design, texture, size and curvature of the mouse make it  very comfortable and ergonomic , allowing the entire palm to rest on the mouse.

The surface is rubberized on the sides, which helps to maintain control when precision is important.

The mouse wheel is textured, which not only provides more comfort, but also  increases the grip and precision of each movement .

Mechanical precision

The DeathAdder Elite carries an  updated optical sensor  that offers a resolution accuracy of 99.4% . The brand claims that the mouse  has one of the highest precision and speed standards in the industry .

They introduced  new mechanical switches , designed in conjunction with leading manufacturer Omron, to set a new milestone in durability and precision. The switches offer a  lifespan of up to 50 million clicks , putting them ahead of other mice that end up being damaged in the first year of use.

A known disadvantage of the DeathAdder is the sensitivity of the click buttons, but the problem is minimized by the precision of the switches.

In addition, it weighs around 105 grams, which is in the medium category without being too heavy or too light.


Apart from the usual click and wheel buttons, the mouse has two buttons behind the wheel and two buttons on the left side for a total of 7 buttons.

The buttons behind the wheel are initially configured to increase and decrease the DPI in use. This feature is very popular on gaming mice , but if you don’t like it, you can change the mapping of all the buttons using the device’s setup program.

The configuration suite allows you to change the button mapping, sensitivity, color and Chroma lighting effects, and even the synchronization with other Razer products.


The mouse is quite affordable and can be categorized as “cheap” by some. Within the upper-middle category, the price is favorable, and it offers an excellent cost-quality ratio.

The product is solid and is made to withstand intense sessions and continuous use. The functionality can be reduced if we compare it with other mice in the category, but its mechanical precision and comfort make it a very attractive option for FPS players.

SteelSeries Rival 710

SteelSeries manufactures different peripherals for gaming, with their mice and mouse pads being part of their most popular products. In popularity they are not as well known as Razer or Logitech within casual gamers, but the Rival 700 is worthy of belonging to this top 10.

The  Rival 700 is known not only as a brand favorite, but as  the only mouse on the market with a shake function, as well as an OLED monitor  (the same type of monitor used by many modern computers).


The mouse has an understated style, contrasted by the customizable tones within the wheel and the brand logo. Its design may be comfortable enough for left-handed players, but much of its usefulness would be lost.

The sides are textured with a double rubber mix, which makes it comfortable and offers better grip.

The back has a box to  attach a customizable rubber plate with your name , although this must be purchased separately, and the mouse wheel has a tactile design to provide more control over movement.

Monitor and Vibration

This is where the Rival 700 really shines, starting with the OLED monitor.

You can put whatever you want on the screen for personalization , like your player name or even animated gifs. The resolution is 128 x 36, which may be small for some, but the most interesting use of this function is the  display of statistics within the game , such as the gold achieved per minute in a  MOBA  or the percentage of accuracy in an  FPS .

Personalization is done through the device’s configuration program, but to switch between different profiles or options,  you don’t need to enter any program , since you can change it directly on the Rival 700 monitor.

In terms of vibration, we have the feature that makes the Rival 700 unique in its category, at least for the moment.

The configuration suite allows you to create profiles with  touch alerts that will give you intuitive feedback on what is happening in the game . You can pin alerts at the touch of a button and a timer, or even receive them when something specific happens in the game.

The vibrations of the alerts  are not directed from right to left . Instead, the vibration is  directed toward the center of the palm , which does not affect your mouse control or precision.


The unit uses  an advanced optical sensor  designed to put you ahead of your rivals in terms of performance. For gamers who prefer laser sensors, and the good news for them is that  the optical sensor can be disassembled and replaced with a laser one .

In fact, the sensor is not the only part that you can replace, since you can also replace the cable and the top cover, and even the designs or materials of the same.

In a matter of programmable buttons, the unit has the usual click and wheel buttons, a button behind the wheel to change the DPI, two buttons on the left side and a button where the thumb rests for  a total of 7 buttons . All of them are programmable, and  if we add the option to roll up and roll down , technically  we are talking about 9 buttons .

The configuration suite allows you to change the buttons, lighting, information displayed on the monitor, and touch alerts. All profiles are saved  directly  to the mouse .

It may not be very suitable for  MOBAS gamers , but the features it does have come up with a different compromise: fewer buttons in exchange for convenient and intuitive information.


After hearing so many functions, one would think that the product is out of the budget,  however, the mouse can be considered as “cheap” , if you take into account what it offers. The relationship between cost and quality is very favorable.

There aren’t many ways to reinvent the wheel, but the Rival 700 seems to be an attempt to introduce interesting features that will hopefully be further developed and refined in the future. At the moment, we can treat it as a glimpse of what could come in the next few years.

Corsair Scimitar RGB

Another mouse from Corsair. This time, we have chosen to offer something to MOBAS or RTS players (” Real Time Strategy ” , or ” Real Time Strategy “).

The  Scimitar RGB was designed for gamers who want lots of programmable buttons and precision. It may not be for everyone, but for those who need these types of products, it is one of the best, not to mention affordable.


The mouse has a striking and attractive shape, and you can distinguish the hues of the backlight and the brand logo. Its design, unfortunately, is  incompatible with left-handed players , since it would lose all its purpose.

On the left side is the  Key Slider  that contains  12 programmable buttons . The buttons themselves are textured to the touch, enhancing grip and control while helping to differentiate columns during intense games.

This mouse is quite comfortable, since it allows you to rest your palm on the highest point with total control over it. The right side is rubberized for more comfort.


The 12 programmable buttons located on the left side are the key point of this product. Some players may not need them for their games, but something useful to remember is that you can always  map the buttons to other functions , and this one in particular can serve as a suite to control different factors in both games and professional programs.

If mapping keys is not enough, you can also configure macros or entire sequences to facilitate certain repetitive actions or procedures, which MMO players are used to.

Apart from these buttons, the mouse has the usual click and wheel buttons, and two buttons behind the wheel to change the DPI.


The cable is twisted, which might annoy some. However, its durability is undeniable.

The mouse uses a good quality optical sensor, although it  does not claim to compete with mice geared towards the highest precision of movement .

Backlit zones and button mapping can be configured in the device suite, allowing you to sync with other Corsair products.

Speaking of configuration,  the macro system is very robust, and allows you to perform all kinds of combinations with timers and double- macros .


It’s not exactly cheap, but given the category, we can consider it reasonable. Its usefulness goes beyond video games , so we can appreciate it more as an all-terrain tool.

MMO and MOBA players are going to love it, and FPS players can put it to more than one use.

SteelSeries Sensei 310

SteelSeries takes another spot on the list, and this time it does so with a minimalist mouse that performs with excellence in both play and work.

The  Sensei 310  is an ambidextrous mouse with impressive mechanical precision and great durability.


The design is minimalist and comfortable. It allows the palm to rest, and the sides are rubberized for more comfort. On both sides there are two buttons, so ambidextrous players will not have problems or losses.

The mouse can be considered as super light, weighing around 92 grams.

Mechanical precision

The optical sensor uses a  proprietary system to eliminate lag and reduce latency . SteelSeries claims that the tracking is 1: 1, and that its system adapts to sudden changes without slowing down the response.

The click switches are of high quality,  offering 50 million clicks in lifetime , apart from much more accurate tactile feedback.


The unit has four buttons, two on each side, and a button to adjust the DPI. The configuration suite allows backlight and button adjustments, all of which are saved directly to the unit.

The backlight system is reactive, and can be configured to respond to in-game events, such as ammo or hit points.


For those who need a simple but precise and functional mouse, the Sensei 310 can be a great option.

The price is reasonable, although for its limited functionality it may be too much. Perhaps you could go for something in the same cost category that is closer to your needs.

Roccat Kone AIMO

Roccat is a relatively unknown brand outside of Germany, but little by little it has been gaining more popularity globally.

Their designs are similar to the most modern mice but with their own touch.

The  Kone AIMO pretends to be  an MMO mouse with 23 programmable buttons ,  but it does so with only 5 additional buttons  than usual thanks to its shift function  .


The design is  very  striking, proudly showing its logo and colors. The shapes are very smooth, and the side contours make it look more compact. Fans of rubberized sides will be disappointed, but the mouse has its own thumb rest that doubles as a shift button  .

The mouse may be heavy for some, weighing  around 130 grams , but its weight is part of its advanced tracking system.


The unit  physically has 5 buttons in addition  to the usual ones: two buttons to adjust DPI behind the wheel, two buttons on the left side, and the  thumb shift button  .

The ingenuity of the system used by Roccat is that  the wheel acts like 5 different buttons , which are the middle click, roll up and down, and tilt left and right. We would then be talking about 9 buttons apart from the click and shift buttons  . When you press  shift , these buttons perform different actions .

The device’s configuration suite allows you to change the mappings and program macros, which are saved directly to the unit.


It has a  proprietary optical sensor , based on sensors used by brands like Razer, Logitech, and Corsair.

It uses a  robust and unique backlighting system of the brand , which allows updating and adjusting the lighting automatically according to use to provide visual indicators.

The feedback zones are interesting, with 4 independent LEDs and the mouse wheel.

“Under the hood”, the unit features  memory to control, compensate for, and eliminate hardware acceleration.


MMO gamers are used to button-heavy mice like the ones we’ve covered, but Roccat, like Logitech, comes up with clever solutions that minimize the use of muscle memory.

Considering the price of the unit, we can safely say that it is a reasonable investment,  it is not entirely cheap, but its functionality is worth the money .

Conclusion and Buyer’s Guide

Gaming mice have become very popular in the last decade, largely due to the rise of eSports.

The problem with this is that many companies sell their mice with irrelevant or exaggerated information. The good news is that you don’t have to throw all of your savings into a mouse to have height quality.

Hopefully you found something you like on our list. Check out these tips so you know how to buy gaming mice without being disappointed:

Do you need a lot of buttons, or do you need a better sensor?

You don’t need to buy the mouse with more buttons if you’re going to play something like CS: GO. Similarly, you don’t need the most advanced sensor with 16,000 DPI if you play RTS or MOBAS.

The key is to buy  what you need . It’s easy to get carried away with colors or buttons, but they add features that are not only unnecessary, but cost more, and complicate use.

Is your configuration red and black? Don’t buy a yellow mouse

Unless you are looking for that contrast, you should check the colors of the mouse that you are going to buy carefully.

You can change the backlight, but  maybe you can’t change the unit color  (and some units can’t even change the backlight color).

Got a Corsair keyboard and headphone set? Maybe a Logitech mouse isn’t the best

This is not just a matter of aesthetics. Each brand uses its own software  to configure and sync its devices.

The least you want is to have a product of each brand because it means installing different software, and this slows down your system and complicates the configuration. For the best results,  try to buy products from the same brand.

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