Best Floor Scrubbing Robots of 2021 [Home Purposes]

Cleaning the home, even if it may not seem like it, takes a lot of time. Time that we do not have today. However, you don’t have to face this problem alone.

Perhaps you have already seen or heard of domestic robots, but they have come a long way. Removing grime and keeping floors gleaming is much easier with a robot mop. Some even vacuum and scrub at the same time!

It is important to mention that these products range from expensive to more expensive, so doing a good market research before spending is imperative.

Our review includes the best scrubbing robots you can buy this year, not to mention use cases.

The Best Floor Scrubbing Robots of 2021

It is difficult to talk about such complex products in simple criteria, so we recommend that you read the details of each one. That said, we separate the robots according to their functions and battery life.

Braava Jet 240

Braava is a subsidiary of iRobot, one of the most popular manufacturers of robot vacuum cleaners, so it is natural to find them here. Their models are among the best sellers on Amazon, but the model that we liked in the first place was the Jet 240. It is the most economical and suitable for cleaning small and moderate spaces.


It is peculiar that the body of the Jet 240 is square, practically all mop robots are round. Either way, the body is compact to be able to get anywhere, especially the corners.

It is designed to operate on different hard floors such as parquet, laminate, stone, and tile. Avoid rugs.

Bring several disposable wipes in the pack, 6 to be exact. 2 for scrubbing, 2 for sweeping and wet cleaning, and 2 for dry cleaning (like a mop).


The Jet 240 has 3 cleaning modes, according to the type of cloth chosen: scrub and undo stains with its water spray and vibrating head; sweep and wet dirt clean; and dry mop to collect dust and hair.

Changing modes does not require much: by changing the type of cloth and pressing “clean” the robot changes to the appropriate mode. When finished, the robot can be pressed again to detach the cloth on its own, without having to tear it off yourself.

The navigation system is well designed. Trace and remember trajectories to slow down when cleaning awkward or difficult surfaces like corners, under furniture, and around sink joints. It should be noted that the robot is not going to crash into the walls either, since it considers them in its movement so as not to impact them.

One of its drawbacks is the battery. It lasts around two hours depending on the job. There is the option to buy an additional battery, but it is somewhat annoying to exchange if it is done constantly.

Finally, and a detail that seems great to us, is that a virtual barrier can be established for the robot, so that it does not leave the chosen room.


We weren’t lying when we said it was an economic model. Sure, talking cheap when it comes to robots is still expensive, but compared to other products in the world, the Jet 240 does well on both cost and performance.

Braava 390T

For the most demanding users, Braava has a more advanced robot: the Braava 390T . It stands above the previous model in almost every respect. Of course, it is more expensive, but it is a price to pay for higher performance.


Following the tradition of square shapes, the 390T consists of a central square unit with a rectangular one. We find that the asymmetrical shape, while aesthetically pleasing, could be a bit annoying for the corners, although the brand does not mention any details.

Works on virtually any type of hard floor without carpeting.

The package includes four microfiber cloths, machine washable. Two are for wet scrubbing and the other are for dry sweeping (like a mop). We like that they are reusable, and perhaps even more value is taken out of this model over time.


It has two cleaning modes instead of three, and these are associated with the type of cloth used. Wet cloths are used to scrub away everyday dirt and grime, while dry cloths are used to sweep away dust and all types of hair, including pet hair.

It changes modes by changing the type of cloth, so the process is much faster. In the same way, the cloth can be detached with the robot so that you do not have to touch it with your hands.

It boasts the same navigation system, the iAdapt 2.0. Tracing and remembering paths is easy for him and he has no problem dealing with obstacles and slopes, although he would work faster in a relatively orderly environment to avoid them.

Battery is better on this model, but not by much. Lasts about 210 minutes dry cleaning and up to two and a half hours wet / wet. The good news is that it takes two hours to charge on its base.

It can be delimited by a virtual space so that it does not leave where we left it. Excellent if you want to clean area by area.


This model is more expensive than the previous one. In contrast, it can work longer, in larger spaces, and also has reusable cloths. It seems to us that the investment could be a little more than what people would be willing to do, but we recommend it to anyone who wants a more robust scrubbing robot.

Cecotec Conga Excellence

The Conga Excellence of Cecotec is one of the best selling robots SCRUBBING its versatility, competitive price and quality benefits. We found it to be an excellent offer.


It has a unique body with a metallic finish on the top. In this department, we think it looks the best we’ve ever seen in a robot scrubber.

It is suitable for all types of hard floors thanks to its navigation system, but it is also perfectly effective on fine carpets and even cleans them. Most scrubbing robots simply avoid them.


Starting we anticipate how configurable it is. You can schedule weekly routines to automatically clean at certain times each day. The navigation system is capable of working around obstacles and difficult to access places, as well as avoiding bumps and falls. Its powerful motor and cushioned wheels allow it to scale obstacles up to 20mm high, such as a carpet.

Each cleaning routine has four parts: sweeping with the rotary brush; vacuum the floor, filter, and expel clean air; mop to trap more solid particles; and wet scrubbing to leave things sparkling.

It has an autonomy of two hours, something short for everything it does. The good news is that it knows how to return to its base when charging is necessary.

Both the aspiration and its movement is silent, which we find an interesting detail since the suction power is higher than average.


It is really cheap, if we compare it with others of its kind. However, it seems to us that its functions and benefits are of a higher range. We recommend this scrubber to those who need a deep and automated cleaning.


ILIFE has an extensive selection of robot vacuum cleaners and scrubbers, but the V8S is both. It combines the suction and scrubbing functions to offer comprehensive cleaning and is one of the most complete products you can buy this year.


It has a thicker circular design than usual, but it is on purpose since the dust bank of this robot is super wide. The result is that it needs to be emptied fewer times, in other words, it works more efficiently. Its water tank is also more spacious.

It is suitable for all types of hard floors, although it should be kept away from carpets.


It can be configured to perform tasks on specific days and times, such as vacuuming every day, but mopping three days a week. The navigation is not bad, although it seems to us that it does not compare with that of other products.

The cleaning routine consists of five parts and handles well with pet hair and other solid particles. The drip when scrubbing is one of the best we’ve seen.

The autonomy seems to us a problem: 80 minutes at most and it takes between 200 and 350 minutes to charge. A product of this price should have a better battery in our opinion.


It is an expensive robot, there is no way to put it differently. It seems to us that its functions and benefits are of quality, but we are not entirely convinced. We can suggest it to those who need a robot more to mop than to vacuum but still do both.

XIAOMI Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2

Finally, we review the Mi Robot Vacuum . From the name they see that it is from Xiaomi, the Chinese brand responsible for a variety of high quality electronics. The shape of the robot is one of the ones we liked the most.


It is of the usual circular shape, but has a small disk on top of the unit itself that makes the robot look like a sci-fi tank. Far from being a tank, it is a compact design that allows you to work in uncomfortable or difficult to access environments.

Suitable for hard floors, although it does not work on carpets. Either way, the Mi Robot Vacuum is smart and knows how to avoid them on its own.


The robot’s mobile application generates a map of the space to travel and presents it to you. In this way you can tell the robot what to do in each room or denying access to them along with the weekly schedule.

Navigation is very good and thanks to its engine it can deal with unevenness of up to two centimeters in height.

Its suction power is considerable but it has no problem scrubbing, especially thanks to its dirt sensors and processors that keep track of the tasks performed.

The autonomy of the product is considerable: Two and a half hours in total. He returns alone to his base to recharge if necessary or at the end of the job.


Good is expensive, and this is the case with the Mi Robot Vacuum. It’s a hefty investment, but it’s one we can confidently recommend to those looking for a comprehensive, automated solution for cleaning their home.

Conclusion and Buyer’s Guide

Modern technology is wonderful. The problem is to ensure that they do not sell us a hare.

A robot mop can reduce the effort invested in household chores and perhaps in the future we will all have one as if we were talking about a common mop.

To improve your purchase and save you bad times, we recommend that you read our tips:

Vacuum or Scrub?

In our review we emphasized scrubbing robots, but if you think you have this covered, perhaps a robot that is a vacuum cleaner would just be better for you.

They are cheaper and specialized, although in our opinion the ones that make both are the best.

Battery and Spaces

The battery represents the total duration, but because it is short it does not mean that the robot cannot finish before it runs out.

If you are only cleaning small or individual rooms, a robot with low battery is not a problem. On the contrary, if you want to drop it in your house to do its thing, it is best that it has a good battery and that it knows how to return to its charging base.


Each dog, cat, snake or other animal that you have in your house can react differently to your new robot. If you want them to get along, opt for models that make as little noise as possible as this is what scares animals.

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