Best Electronic Locks 2021 [Top Picks]

Conventional locks are not always safe: picking, grappling, pulling and bumping . All because they need to be visible on the outside.

That is why electronic locks exist. They are operated by a motor and are not visible from the outside. They open with keyboards, remote controls, your own phone, or even fingerprints.

We have compiled 5 of the best electronic locks for this 2020. Going through the robust and safe, those that offer the greatest number of functions, and those that serve the whole family.

We hope you get one that you like!

The Best Electronic Locks of 2021

These locks perform a more or less standard function: to make sure that those who enter are the people who have the correct access. That is why we do not place a comparison table. But a list with the characteristics of each lock.

Wafu Keyless Lock W010

We open with a Wafu lock, the Keyless Lock W010. We anticipate that it is, in simple words, a super complete lock, and offers everything you could ask for from one of these devices: multiple remote controls, several emergency power sources, it is invisible from the outside, and can be managed with a telephone.


As we mentioned in the introduction, it is invisible from the outside. Which makes it anti-pick, anti-extraction, and actually anti any theft technique that involves breaking the lock.

It works connected to the electrical supply through a USB cable, which guarantees permanent operation. However, it also uses two double AA batteries that last around 2 years of daily use, with audible and light alarms when the batteries are low. As the last layer of security, the lock has a minimum load percentage to guarantee a final opening. In case of being on the internal side, it has two touch buttons to open and close manually.

On the subject of installation it is relatively simple. All of these locks require a more involved installation process than the average product, but the manual covers everything in detail and includes everything you need.


The package comes with four remote controls to open and close the lock, but the control network can be extended to 16, which makes it very difficult to leave someone without access. If you prefer to manage everything from your smartphone, you can convert the lock into an electric lock via Bluetooth with an adapter, this way you can open and close the door using an application.

Its digital protection is on par with its physical protection, since it has an encryption system to avoid making remote copies of the controls or the use of frequency tuners to open the lock.


Naturally, there are much cheaper models than the W010, but in our opinion this is the most affordable safe lock on the market. It offers multiple controls, a relatively simple installation, and extensive security measures. If you are looking for a lock to protect your interiors, we think this is a great option.

Remock Lockey RLP4G

We bring a Spanish manufacturing brand, Remock Lockey, in particular the RLP4G model . The most important details of this lock are its reinforced materials and its CE and FCC certified security.


Most conventional locks can be opened by anyone with a knowledge of locksmithing, but in the case of electronics like Remock’s, this is not the case. It is invisible from the outside, which gives it protection against any physical violence such as extraction, bumping and lock picks.

In the RLP4G they have made a large number of improvements, such as a more discreet locking bolt that does not protrude when opening the lock, the inclusion of a slide to compensate for gaps between the frame and the door and also an energy management system. It does not connect to the electrical supply, it works with batteries. While these are in use, the system will alert you with an audible signal if it is time to change them, and as a last resort will remain open. Of course, only when the batteries are completely drained.

It is operated with remote controls, up to 10 meters away, but it also has a touch panel. You can extend the number of controls to as many as you want.


Safety is guaranteed: high-quality materials resistant to the passage of time and an integrated electronic antenna that protects it from frequency jammers. CE and FCC certification ensure this lock passed radio, security and magnetism tests.

It has an application for a smartphone to manipulate this lock without the need for controls, but it also adds other functions such as receiving notifications from the lock or giving authorization to other users.

It has a secondary opening system in the form of a second motor that is activated with the control, designed for emergency situations in which the primary system does not respond.


It is a more expensive model than the average, but one endowed with a lot of value. We recommend it to those who are looking for the best investment for their money. There are more affordable locks but at the same time, they do not have the same degree of security as the RLPG4.

Tesa Assa Abloy Lock ENTR

From Tesa Assa Abloy we bring a very smart electronic lock . It combines a modern and elegant design with a variety of interesting functions. In addition, it is super simple to install.


Simply change the cylinder of the lock, it installs in a matter of minutes. That said, it looks very stylish and does not use keys, but rather your mobile phone, its remote control or a numeric code. A biometric reader can be attached to use your fingerprint.

Due to its design and way of operation, it seems to us that it is a lock more oriented to internal doors, since it does not have the same level of security as other more robust ones. Despite this, its design is anti-drilling, bumping and lock picking. The point is that it is not hidden on the inside.

It works without the need to be connected to the power supply, since it uses a rechargeable battery (recharges through a micro USB port). Lasts about 3 months, and charges in 4 hours.


This is where the lock really shines. First of all, it can be operated through your phone (Android and iOS), in which you send encrypted messages to the lock. Here you can also manage users, such as family members. The network supports up to 20 users.

On the other hand you have the keypad number of the lock and the remote control. What makes it very versatile for situations where you have one or the other. You can even have biometric entry if you install the additional module.

Now, the potential of this lock lies in its ability to manage access: you can set the number of accesses per day, limit access by specific hours, or fingerprints.


It is the most expensive lock we have reviewed, although that price is earned on merit. The point is that it is a slightly more specific lock. Its potential can only be appreciated by more advanced users, so we cannot recommend it to the bulk. However, for those who need access control facilitated by a secure and smart lock, we think it is an excellent option.

Kenrod RC Lock

Here we bring a discreet lock from Kenrod, the RC Lock. It has a very compact size, but don’t let that fool you. This lock is really safe and its battery lasts a long time.


Installs with ease, relatively. Sure, drilling is still necessary, so some people might need a technician.

It is made of steel and is invisible from the outside, which gives it security against picks, extractions and bumping .

It is powered by 4 AA batteries, and has an emergency battery that connects to the power supply through an included USB cable. The lock will give status of the battery through voice messages, advising if a replacement is necessary.


The device operates by radio frequency by remote control, or manually from the inside. It has a layer of security against magnetism and frequency tuners thanks to its variable lock encryption. Each command has its own frequency so it is impossible to copy it.

The device comes in packages with 2 to 5 remote controls.


There is not much difference in cost between the models with 2 controls and 5 controls, although in general terms their price is reasonable. If you are looking for an extra layer of security for your home and don’t want to worry about multitudes of options and settings, the RC Lock could be a good option.


We close our review with a lock more oriented to internal spaces, the 0155 SG from CODELOCKS . It does not use remote controls, telephone, or fingerprints, but a mechanical keyboard with more than 8000 possible combinations. Installation is somewhat complex, but we find this lock to be impressive for internal security.


We anticipate that it has physical limits, the door to be secured must have a thickness between 35 mm and 65 mm, neither more nor less than those limits. Tipping it down from the outside is very difficult, but on the inside are the screws, it would still require almost breaking the door.

Without a doubt, it is a more suitable lock for internal access control, since we do not recommend it for exteriors.


It has a drawback and that is that the closure is mechanical. In other words, the order in which you enter the codes doesn’t matter. This strongly reduces the number of combinations, but is in turn immune to magnetic grappling.

It should be mentioned that it is not possible to change the code without first disassembling the unit, but considering how robust it is, it should not be a problem.


The truth is that it is a very affordable lock. There are models that cost up to 3 or 4 times more, making it an economical solution for internal security. Do we recommend it? Yes, to those who have a need to protect rooms, possibly of commercial value.

Conclusion and buyer’s guide

There are several reasons to keep something under lock: the door of our house, the office, a department with inventory, etc. The lock is one of humanity’s oldest inventions, and we have refined our way of making them ever since.

These electronic locks offer a much higher layer of security, but it is important that we know how to buy them. They have their limitations and details, so it is important to read in advance.

We hope you got something you like! Please read our tips to improve your purchase.


An “invisible” lock is one that cannot be seen from the outside. These are best for external locks, as they cannot be forced by violent means such as pulling, picking, or bumping .

Now these are usually electronic and operate with frequencies, so it is important that they have a safety measure against this, such as built-in frequency jammers.

Remote controls vs phone vs biometrics

Each entry method has its disadvantage, but it seems to us that the command method has the same disadvantage as losing a physical key: it requires a change of lock.

In some cases, a complete lock will have to be dismantled and the controls removed or changed with an official supplier.

The method that most convinces us is the telephone followed by biometrics. Likewise, adequate precaution will prevent us from losing our controls.

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