Best Car Cameras Available [2021]

Do you need a camera in the car to take care of the mishaps? A seat belt saves your life, but with a security camera you can save yourself a lot of trouble with the authority or security companies. That is why we have compiled the five best car cameras for 2020.

We hope you get one that you like. We have focused on covering various use cases.

The Best Car Cameras of 2021

Each camera essentially does the same, what changes is the added value. However, it seems to us that video, angle, and coverage are important in all cases. You should never forget to check if the camera you want will work well in your car, and if you want to record backward and forwards or only backward, then you will need other accessories.

AWESAFE Dashcam Full HD

The AWESAFE car camera has impressed us. It has everything you could want from a dashcam: Full HD, motion detection, parking monitor, night vision, and more. The best part? The price.


The camera itself is shaped like a square, and is attached to a swivel arm. On the other side you have the monitor.

Being designed for vehicles, the operation is simple: 4 buttons for the main functions and a button on the bottom to turn on.

Since it’s a single camera it only records the front, but its 170 ° wide-angle lens captures almost as much as our own field of view.

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It is quite discreet, both for its size and its color, although it cannot be recorded inside the car, the frontal shots would be lost.


It records in true Full HD, which is perfect for keeping track of eventualities. With cameras like these, the most important thing is to be able to reconstruct events that could be required by insurance or authorities.

It has the G-sensor function that detects the “severity” of situations to record the moment, then protects the video clip from being overwritten.

It can be configured to record in a loop, that is, in record cycles. They range from 1 minute to 20 minutes. If there is no more space, the camera overwrites the oldest video (except those protected by the emergency lock).

It has WDR and night vision. WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) is a security recording technology that involves taking high-quality shots in bright or dark conditions. This allows the offender plate to be captured at high speed.

Finally, we highlight its parking monitor, which works for 24 hours (although it requires an external battery) and its motion detector. In this way, the camera starts recording when it detects something strange.


AWESAFE offers us an excellent front camera for vehicles at a gift price. For those who need to monitor both behind and forward or need surveillance inside the car, it will be necessary to look for another option. If you want a camera to have greater security in case of emergencies, we think that AWESAFE is an excellent option.Buy From Amazon


AUKEY has a few car cameras, but the DR01 is the one we liked the most. It performs quite well and is built to last.


It is slightly larger than the previous one from AWESAFE, so it is not as discreet. That said, it is still in the shape of a square where the camera is anchored to a kneecap. We like that it has included a suction cup and 3M stickers to mount it, there are those who prefer one over the other.

It only monitors the front of the vehicle, but its 170 ° wide-angle lens covers a good field. If you use it with adhesive it is possible to mount it on the dashboard, where you possibly have more field of vision.

The durability is impressive, withstands temperatures from -30 ° C to 75 ° C and the battery always has a reserve for security recordings.

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Capture Full HD video with a 6-element camera, all this helps to take much clearer images.

Once configured it turns on automatically when the engine is started. It turns off in the same way.

It has a motion sensor to start recording in case of emergencies. These videos are protected to avoid being overwritten. In the same way, it has recording in configurable loops up to a maximum of ten minutes each, when the camera does not have more space, it will overwrite the oldest recordings that have not been protected. An AUKEY antenna can be attached to embed speed, location and route traveled to each video, although this is purchased separately.


With all these additional features, the camera is at a good price. The question remains that it does not record video in the back, but for its purpose, it does, and very well.Buy From Amazon

Wordcam Camera-Rearview Mirror

Wordcam has a very original camera : It is a rear view mirror! We liked its design, control and versatility. It comes at a good price and monitors both the front and the back.


Well, as we said, the camera replaces the rear view mirror with another 7 “inch” mirror “that is actually an IPS LCD monitor. The camera is a 6 element camera and records Full HD video with a 170 degree wide angle lens. It includes a camera to monitor the back and this is 480p at 120 °. Also includes a 16GB 32G micro SD card

Being a replacement for the mirror and including a tiny rear camera, we can say that this camera (or better said camera package) is super discreet.

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The front camera records in Full HD and the rear in 480p, and they are activated once the march begins. However, you can activate the parking mode that records the movements, both forward and backward, taken before parking the vehicle. Good to avoid misunderstandings on the street or to be used as evidence with the authorities.

It has an accident sensor that detects collisions and protects the videos taken to prevent them from being overwritten. Loop recording works for both cameras and automatically erases old videos when it runs out of space (except protected videos).

One feature that has fascinated us is the reverse mode in which the mirror shows you the rear camera along with guide lines so you know for sure which direction and how much you are moving.


If you want a simpler camera, it is better to look for another option. But if you want a sufficient auto camera that fulfills all the functions out of the package, this camera is at an excellent price. Sometimes cheap is expensive, and this is the case with many of these cameras since you need to buy memory or an additional camera to monitor the rear.Buy From Amazon

Xiaomi 70mai Smart Dash

The camera Xiaomi earns place in aesthetics, but also in the modern. It’s compact, records great videos, responds to voice commands, and has an app. There is no rear monitoring, in fact, there is no monitor, but it is versatile to capture video or snapshots at key moments.


The entire chamber is a cylinder anchored to a small ball joint. It is mounted with adhesive and that’s it. It is one piece. The only button it has is the power button. Everything is handled with voice commands.

It does not include memory to record but accepts micro SD from 16 GB to 64 GB with speeds class 10 and up.

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What separates this camera from the rest is voice control. There are cameras with fewer buttons or simpler menus. But nothing comes close to the ease of saying “Take a picture” to your camera. This in turn can be a problem as the camera only responds to English. They claim that the accent doesn’t matter, so if you don’t know English but you learn a few lines, you shouldn’t have a lot of fun.

Like many cameras on the market, it responds to collisions by blocking recorded videos to prevent them from being overwritten, and it also keeps them indexed in a folder within memory.

Within the 70mai application you can see the videos and snapshots taken, review the history or download the content directly to your phone.

Night vision is particularly good. Recording in low light conditions does not impact image quality. Additionally, WDR technology makes sure you can reconstruct offending details at high speeds or in low light.


The main advantage of this camera is its control and design, and its price seems acceptable to us. For the same price, you can get cameras with similar features but different designs and controls. If you want a camera that never forces you to take your hands off the wheel or one with which you can react almost immediately, Xiaomi’s is a good option.Buy From Amazon

AZDOME Dashcam 4K

To finish we have the AZDOME 4k camera . This camera is truly a beast, possibly more than what a casual user needs but for those who need much more advanced monitoring, we think it is one of the best.


At first glance, it doesn’t seem like anything to write home about. It has a square body anchored to a ball joint and is mounted with a suction cup. On the other side is the camera monitor with five buttons.

It covers the front of the vehicle with its 6 element wide angle lens in a field of 170 °.

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Of all the cameras we have reviewed, this is the one with the best video recording. 4K ultra HD, WDR, and 170 ° wide angle. Very high image fidelity.

WDR night vision makes sure that low-light recordings and captures are the best. It has microphones to record the audio inside the vehicle.

Loop recording is configurable and takes care of erasing the oldest videos to make room, except for those that have been recorded by the emergency sensor.

If connected to an external battery, it can function as a parking monitor, automatically turning on in a collision to record what happens. Besides, its motion sensor detects activity near the car and records it as well.

The camera works as a GPS that keeps track of the road traveled and the speed. All this information can be checked in the company’s computer program or its mobile application.


It is natural that the features and functions of the camera mean a higher cost. However, they seem to us to be important, though not vital, additions. For this reason we recommend it to those looking for a more advanced camera that doubles as GPS. Seen this way, the camera is not so expensive.Buy From Amazon

Conclusion and buyer’s guide

One more layer of security never goes wrong, and considering the inexpensive options available, you wouldn’t even burn your wallet.

Each camera can more or less serve your needs, so we hope you have found one that works for you.

Read our tips below to improve your purchase:


We don’t recommend anything less than HD, that is 720p. It is common for the rear camera to come with a lower resolution than the front one, but a 480p camera could record very distorted images that are difficult to reconstruct.

Emergency Sensor

It is a popular feature on many of these cameras, however its accuracy varies with each camera and is not easy to express in quantitative terms.

We recommend that you read user reviews about these cameras, as in each case it could be better (or worse) than what the sellers report.

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