Best Bathroom Heaters in the Market 2021

During winter, the bathroom can get completely cold and you may be tempted to turn up the central heating just to stay warm after a shower for example. Instead of wasting electricity and energy to heat the whole house, you can buy a small heater that will only heat your bathroom effectively and economically.

But when looking for a heater for a small space like the sink, there are a few things to keep in mind. In this article, we will look at the different types of bathroom heaters available, as well as the factors you need to consider when selecting a bathroom heater.

The best bathroom heaters on the market

Rowenta SO2320 Comfort Compact Heater 2000 W, Silence function, 2 speeds, easy to ...

Rowenta SO2320 Comfort Compact Heater 2000 W, Silence function, 2 speeds, easy to …

  • Hot air heater with two positions and adjustable power: 1,000 W silence and 2,000 W maximum power
  • Silence function: noise level reduction (only 44 dba in silent position at 1,000 watts)
  • Cool air fan function as it is designed for use throughout the year

Best Bath Heater: Rowenta SO2320 Comfor Compact

One of the best things about a space heater is that you can take it wherever you want and use it in any room in your house. One of the worst things about space heaters is that they have a limited coverage area, which makes heating larger spaces quite difficult. This fortunately does not apply to this Rowenta model.

Of all the different heaters we have investigated, this unit has the largest total coverage area. Even if you have a very large bathroom that you want to keep warm, this little heater is more than up to the challenge. The large coverage area is especially surprising when it comes to this model because it is also the most economical heater on the market today. Obviously, this combination of great coverage area and great price makes this a great choice.

It is also quite easy to use as you only have two settings to worry about. This ceramic heater can also be set with a timer, so you can have your bath roasted thoroughly before stepping into it in the morning or evening. One thing you’ll want to keep in mind with this unit is that it uses a ton of electricity compared to other bathroom heaters.

Although this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise when you consider your coverage area, it is something to consider before purchasing. Although the initial cost will not be as high compared to other models, the operating cost will add up over time.


Orbegozo SP 6000 - Split programmable bathroom heater with remote control, 2000 W, 2 ...

Orbegozo SP 6000 – Split programmable bathroom heater with remote control, 2000 W, 2 …

  • Orbegozo special bathroom heater with IP-22 protection index, PTC ceramic heating elements and digital display that will help us …
  • Greater comfort thanks to its daily and weekly programming system that will make you forget to turn it on and off.
  • Built-in remote control that allows controlling the heater in a more comfortable and simple way.

Wall-mounted split bathroom heater with great value for money: Orbegozo SP 6000

The Orbegozo SP 6000 wall heater is one of the best for bathrooms on the market today, by far. It works quietly so it would be difficult to hear it while it is on. Music, TV and even conversations would be louder than on this model, so you might even forget it’s working. It is designed to direct air downward, which is the opposite of most models. That has two benefits. The first is that it heats spaces very evenly. As the heat increases, heating the area near the floor first leads to a constant temperature throughout the room.

It also means that it heats up quickly relative to other models. As people generally live and work closer to the floor than to the ceiling, heating that area first results in changes, you will notice it faster. This model comes ready to connect to a central thermostat system, so you can set the room to heat to a specific temperature if you like. What keeps this model from being perfect is its highly visible power cord. If that was mounted more stealthily, the whole model would look better. As is, it works extremely well and would be a great addition to any cold bath.

Cheap bathroom heater: Orbegozo FH 5129

This unit may be small, but that means even the smallest bathroom can benefit from the compact size. Despite the size, the heater is powerful enough to provide warmth and comfort for various bathroom spaces. It can quickly cover up to 20 square meters. You will find it easy to use thanks to its simple setup. You just have to choose between high heat and low heat. Don’t worry, these two options will ensure satisfactory results in your bathroom. Just use the button panel for full control. This product will give you peace of mind. It will turn off automatically in case of overheating.

The exterior remains cool to the touch to avoid any risk of burns. Unfortunately, it doesn’t turn off when tilted. However, the base is wide enough to keep the unit stable. Note that the heater does not include a filter to prevent dust from accumulating inside. This could reduce effectiveness over time. The manufacturer offers you a 3-year limited warranty in the event of something happening to the unit.


Orbegozo FH 5008 - Electric heater with two heat levels and air fan mode ...

Orbegozo FH 5008 – Electric heater with two heat levels and air fan mode …

  • Instant heat system that will allow you to acclimatize the chosen room in an instant
  • 2000 w power distributed in 2 heating levels plus cold air fan function, which makes it a 100% functional appliance …
  • Adjustable temperature by thermostat: system that stops the heater once the set temperature is reached, as well as turns it on in the event …

Orbegozo FH 5008

This bathroom heater can be used as a portable heater when you cannot mount it, or you can choose to use it as a wall heater if you wish. This allows you freedom in choosing the heating method.

To make this heater as user-friendly as possible, it comes with a digital thermostat, digital clock, and timer so you can be in full control. All of these features are built into the front of the heater so you can see at a glance which settings the heater is using. The thermostat is also programmable for complete convenience. Plus, the preheat timer allows you to set the heater to warm up a bit before you need to use the bathroom, so you don’t have to wait for the room to start heating up.

Unfortunately you can only choose one heat setting for this heater and it is fixed at 1500 watt output. However, you can still control the room temperature with the thermostat.

To give you peace of mind after purchasing this product, you will get a 1-year warranty on this heater. This allows you to return the heater for repair or replacement if any manufacturer failure occurs.

Cecotec 9500 Force Ready Warm Vertical Bathroom Heater

If you are unable to install a heater in your bathroom permanently due to the rental or if you simply want a quick, no-install method of adding heat to your bathroom when it gets very cold, you should check out this heater from Cecotec. This is a 1500 watt ceramic heater, which will provide you with plenty of heat when you need it. You can also alter the temperature if you fish up to a maximum of 50 degrees Celsius.

There are three different heat settings available for you to choose from. The lowest heat setting is an energy saving mode that will ensure that there is some warmth and this will keep the cold out of the bathroom. The medium and high heat settings allow you to choose the heat you want your bathroom to be.

The ceramic heating element is strong and durable. It also ensures that heat is well distributed throughout the room.

To keep you safer when using this heater, it comes with some safety features. An overheat protection switch ensures this heater shuts itself off when it gets too hot. Another safety feature is an anti-tip switch. If the heater tips or is unbalanced, then it will shut itself off for safety.

Orbegozo FH-5028

This ThermaFlo heater from Seabreeze is pretty simple and the price shows it. However, the model has a number of advantages and we should not overlook it in any way. The ThermaFlo technology mentioned in the name will allow you to save around 33% of electricity. This is quite an impressive feature for such a common bathroom heater.


Orbegozo FH 5030 - Heater, adjustable thermostat, 2 power levels, fan function ...

Orbegozo FH 5030 – Heater, adjustable thermostat, 2 power levels, fan function …

  • Orbegozo heater with compact design in white
  • Two heat settings: 1250 W and 2500 W, in addition to incorporating fan function
  • Adjustable temperature control by thermostat

Orbegozo FH 5030

This little electric bathroom heater shows that big things can come in small packages. This space heater comes with a safety plug that ensures it is safe to use in the bathroom, and it quickly heats an area up to 20 square meters. It’s equipped with overheat protection so it can last longer, and it has a one-hour shutdown time so that if someone forgets to turn it off it won’t stay on all night. This portable heater can be placed in any room in the house to maintain a comfortable temperature, and also to prevent the main heating system from overloading. This design is lightweight, just 3 pounds, and it’s easy to move around the house when needed, making it the best portable bathroom heater.

The portable and lightweight design is great for being able to move the heater around when you need it. However, due to that design, it takes up more space than one that is embedded in the air vent. This means that you would probably have to have counter space in the bathroom or have a small table or shelf that could support it. If you have a smaller space in the bathroom with no room for these items, then it may not be the best option for you.

Cecotec Low Consumption Electric Bathroom Heater Ready Warm 9550 Force Rotate. 2000 W, ...

Cecotec Low Consumption Electric Bathroom Heater Ready Warm 9550 Force Rotate. 2000 W, …

  • Heater fan with high power of 2000 W. The Neverfrost anti-frost system allows the fan heater to maintain the temperature above …
  • Adjustable thermostat with two power levels: minimum power of 1000 W and maximum power of 2000 W. Thanks to this setting, the …
  • It has 3 operating modes: Eco Mode: 1000 W, Turbo Mode: 2000 W and Cool Mode: fan function. The fan heater has the tip-over …

Cecotec Vertical Heater Ready Warm 9550 Rotate Force

We need to check one of the digital bathroom heaters. It has a fan, but you shouldn’t expect it to be loud. It has multiple power outlets but they don’t go by watts. What the user sees is a certain temperature similar to that of the air conditioning. Your options range from 60 to 80 degrees.

Note that they go at intervals of 5 and you cannot select anything like 64 or 73 degrees for example. This is a minor inconvenience but shouldn’t be a hindrance at all. The thermostat, of course, will allow you to control the level of heat you want. However, this does not conflict at all with the output settings. Thanks to the way the heater works, you can select a faster heating or a long continuous heating. The ALCI plug is of course a necessity as it is not a wall mounted bathroom heater.

DH-QN05 Portable Bathroom Heater

The DH-QN05 ceramic heater is advertised as a bathroom supplement, but it can also be used in smaller rooms and offices. This makes the product versatile and very practical. You are given the option to choose between three power settings: from a fan that produces no heat to a heating power of up to 1500 watts that will save you cold mornings. A significant advantage of this product is that it is waterproof. This feature protects it from condensation.

However, that does not mean that it is waterproof. You can control the temperature of the room thanks to the thermostat detector. Perhaps the most essential feature of this heater is its adequate safety. It will turn off automatically when it overheats, and it will also turn off the same when there is a rollover. Furthermore, the ALCI socket is capable of registering any electrical hazards in advance. This heater has been designed as a portable device. However, the handle is positioned at such an angle that it is easy for the heater to slide out of your hand. You must carry it carefully and perhaps with both hands to ensure a firm grip. The product comes with a 1 year warranty that you can use if it gives you unsatisfactory results.

Honeywell HCE200BE4 1500W Round Ceramic Heater, Black, 900W

Honeywell HCE200BE4 1500W Round Ceramic Heater, Black, 900W

  • Option of 2 heat settings: 900 and 1500 watts
  • Ceramic heating technology with adjustable thermostat; perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and offices
  • Cool-to-touch casing, auto-shutdown protection against tip-over and safety protection from overheating

Honeywell HCE200BE4 Ceramic Bathroom Heater

This ceramic bathroom heater is very inexpensively priced and really has everything you need for a typical bathroom. The size is quite compact but the amount of space it can cover with its heat is quite impressive – 225 square feet. This is a normal size for a living room and not a bathroom.

You will enjoy rapid heating as the resistance of this Honeywell model is of very high quality. The time required for you to feel completely comfortable would be about 5-10 minutes. It has two main settings: high and low, but there is an extra setting that is particularly convenient. It’s called “1 hour.” The name shows that the heater will run for 60 minutes and then automatically shut off. This is one of the main reasons why this product is so popular. The little red light at the top will let you know that the unit is fully operational.

Buying guide: What to take into account to buy a good heater for the bathroom?

When looking for a bathroom heater, there are a number of important factors to consider. From the location of the heater to the features it offers, we’ll go over some of the most important things to remember when trying to find the right bathroom heater for your needs.

When making a decision about what type of bathroom heater to buy, we must take into account the following factors:


In case you are planning to move the heater from one location to another, it is a good idea to buy a small heater that is powered by electricity. This will allow you to easily change the location as and when necessary.


While you certainly want to make sure you have a heater that can keep your bath nice and warm, you don’t want to spend a ton of money operating it either. One way to determine the cost of running your new heater is by looking at how many watts of energy it uses. The higher the wattage of the bathroom heater you choose, the more electricity it requires to function properly. While this will make for a much hotter heater, it will cost more to run.

Coverage area

The next thing you want to pay attention to when looking for a new heater for your bathroom is the size of the heater. The last thing you want to do is buy a new heater, go through the process of installing it, and getting started, only to find that it doesn’t keep your space warm. To find the area of ​​your bathroom, carefully measure the length and width of the space. Then multiply those two numbers. This calculation will give you the square footage of your bathroom.

Heat and thermostat settings

Of course, you want to make sure that your new bathroom heater is easy to use and allows you to find the right heat levels for your needs. This is why you should always look for a model with easy-to-configure heat settings. You should also try to find a model with an accurate thermostat, as this will allow you to set the exact temperature that suits your preferences. Otherwise, you could find yourself guessing what kind of heat levels you need for a while before finding the ones that work best for you and your family.


As with any new appliance, you want to make sure you get a new heater with a good warranty. That way, you will be covered if something goes wrong with it shortly after you buy it. You just want to make sure you read the fine print very carefully, as many companies claim that everything is covered, when only very specific components or parts are. You certainly don’t want to find out you’re not covered and have to spend a ton more money to fix something right after installing your new bathroom heater.


If you plan to keep using the heater for a few years, then look for a heater that is heavily built and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. The more durable models will have fewer moving parts and will be constructed of stronger materials.


Versatile heaters can be multipurpose. They can be used in the bathrooms or in other rooms if necessary. They can also perform more than one function, such as removing humidity from the room or heating both the water and the air.


It might be a good idea to buy a heater that works quietly, especially since the bathroom is a small, enclosed space. This will make you more comfortable, especially early in the morning or late at night.

Heats up fast

Since we normally only spend a few minutes in the bathroom it is important to have a heater that heats the room effectively and quickly.


The bathroom is damp and wet. The chances of short circuits and other electrical interference are high in this environment, so the heater must take into account all types of safety risks.

Types of bathroom heaters

There are multiple types of bathroom heaters available, and each type has its own pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the different types.

Portable heaters

Portable heaters require the unit to be small and easy to transport. They are very suitable for people who need to heat the bathroom only during the cold season. They can be removed from the bathroom and used in other rooms if necessary. Since many of them run on electricity and have a heating element inside, they have to use a fan to force the hot air around the room.

  • Pros : Portable, easy to move, effective for small rooms.
  • Cons : The fan can be noisy and needs maintenance and cleaning.

Ceiling bathroom heater

A ceiling heater is ideal for people who already have a ceiling box ready to place the heater. It minimizes the cost of electrical setup and also lasts for a long time. Most ceiling heaters are portable enough to be moved and reinstalled elsewhere.

  • Pros : Small, reliable, portable in case it needs to be moved.
  • Cons : Durable, cheaper than installing wall heaters

Wall-mounted bathroom heater

Wall heaters come in many different designs, including some that can be attached to the wall with a hook or permanent screws. They can effectively heat small bathrooms and are quite durable, as well as being inexpensive.

  • Pros : Inexpensive, efficient at heating small spaces
  • Cons : Needs more electrical wiring and setup.

Heater and exhaust fan

A heater with an exhaust fan removes both steam and moisture while keeping the bathroom warm. They combine the extractor function with a heating function. This unwanted moisture can affect the wall and appliances and cause the growth of mold or mildew. In summer you can turn off the heating and use it as an extractor.

  • Pros : Keeps out moisture and stickiness
  • Cons : More expensive

Why buy a bathroom heater? Advantages of bathroom heaters

Bathroom heaters bring many benefits to our homes. Now, let’s look at these benefits of bathroom heaters;

Bathroom heating

Of course, the most obvious benefit of bathroom heaters is the fact that they heat the room and make sure you don’t shake while you have business there. As the bathrooms are small, it is not possible to install larger heating systems such as fireplaces. Therefore, a bathroom heater works perfectly considering that it is not huge in size. By leaving it on for a minute or two, the bath is heated and ready to use, and you can say goodbye to the times when you were “dreading” taking your clothes off for a short cold shower.

It is a fairly cheap heating device

Bathroom heaters are a wonderful alternative because they are cheap. Getting them to work is cheap too, which increases profits. And despite the lower price, they offer wonderful performance. That said, if you are tired of feeling cold in your bathroom but don’t want all your money to go out the window, bathroom heaters may be the best option for you.

Gets rid of odors and moisture

Doesn’t it bother you when you see the fog in your mirrors? It happens because your bathroom is too humid, and this is normal given the purpose of the room. But that doesn’t make it any more beneficial, as mold will form over time. Fortunately, bathroom heaters can lower the humidity level in the bathroom air, making foggy mirrors less likely. The way it works is by taking moisture out of the air and removing it through the home’s duct system. Isn’t it amazing? This will also save you the time and trouble you spend cleaning bathroom surfaces. Also, if you have to deal with odors from time to time, a bathroom heater can help you with this too. You will bathe in a warm, less humid, not smelly and clean environment.

Will keep appliances dry

It is not only your mirror that can fog up, but also the toilet, sink and other bathroom accessories. Unless you want to slip when trying to sit on the toilet, a bathroom heater should be used to maintain a specific level of dryness in the area. That said, mold and other grime issues are none of your concern, because this heating device will keep everything nice and not soggy.

Easy to install

No matter what type of bathroom heater you choose, it shouldn’t be difficult to install. Even if you don’t consider yourself a practical individual, this process is not that complicated. Of course, if you don’t want a permanent solution, you can get the best portable bathroom heater to save yourself time.

Advantages and disadvantages of bathroom heaters

Well, to be fair, this is a cheeky addition to any home. There is a reason why people don’t often install any heating options in their bathrooms. That’s because you spend very little time there and when you need to warm up, you typically just run a little hot water.

That said, a bathroom heater will cost you quite a bit of money right away because you have to buy it. So your electricity bill will surely go up although it shouldn’t be much. Like all other electrical appliances, this one could also malfunction and require some repairs. All in all, that’s just one more thing to take care of during the day.

You need to be absolutely sure that you need one of these before purchasing. In case the monetary aspect doesn’t bother you, then you can surely go for it. Heating solutions for the bathroom are not useless at all. On the contrary, the benefits are countless, but if you have other home heating priorities, then put them in order first.

How does a bathroom heater work?

Most bathroom heaters are infrared heat lamps used to warm room temperature. A heat lamp is an incandescent light bulb that is used for the purpose of creating heat. The spectrum of blackbody radiation emitted by the lamp is shifted to produce more infrared light. This allows the lamp to warm up and release that heat into the room quickly.

The incandescent bulb in a bathroom heater has a fine filament surrounded by an inert gas. This filament is a resistance (material that opposes the flow of electricity). When a current passes through the resistance, it converts it to heat. The filament then produces so much that it glows red hot. This is how heat lamps and all incandescent lights work, and why you see the light from the bulb getting brighter as the temperature increases.

Most incandescent lamps are 100 watts or less, but heat lamps can operate up to 250 watts, making them more powerful and capable of producing more heat. The bulbs run at such high wattage that they have to be screwed into a ceramic base, rather than plastic, because this will cause the plastic base to melt. A heat lamp will also have a reflector that directs light and heat wherever you want it to go. So if you have a bathroom heater that is fixed to the ceiling, then the reflector will be pointed down so the room below feels the heat.

This is what constitutes the bathroom heater you know, hopefully use and love, and how it makes the room warm. There are many on the market, and most use the same technology. In this way it heats the room, gives you better control of where you want to heat, and gives you higher temperatures than other options allow.

Bathroom heater safety

Due to high humidity and the presence of water in the bathroom, heaters present multiple hazards. If water comes in contact with any exposed wiring, it can cause electrocution or short circuits. Electrocution can cause death or serious injury.

Therefore, it is vital that the manufacturer has complied with all national safety regulations. Another possibility is that someone could slip and fall on the heater, injuring themselves if it is hot to the touch.

Some measures to counteract these dangers include protection switches. An overheat protection switch will ensure that the heater turns off only when it is too hot. Another safety feature is an anti-tip switch, which shuts off the heater if it falls or is out of balance.


Frequently Asked Questions about bathroom heaters

One of the places where people need more heat is the bathroom. You don’t want to be cold, especially in the morning when you shower. Here are some frequently asked questions you can look at to get an idea of ​​bathroom heaters and their uses.

How long will it take for a heater to heat up the bathroom?

This depends on several factors. The first is the power of the heater, which is determined by the amount of electricity it uses. The second factor is the size of the bathroom. Most heaters only take 5-10 minutes to heat up a bath they are rated for. Obviously, if you choose a heater that does not have enough power for your space, it may take longer.

Can any heater be used in a bathroom?

Not all heaters are suitable for use in bathrooms. When buying one for the bathroom, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, its impermeability must be considered. While finding a 100% guaranteed waterproof heater can be difficult, condensation proof heaters are readily available on the market. These can also be reliable.

Second, there must be adequate space for the heater at a safe distance from any water source to avoid accidents such as electric shock.

Protection against overheating is an additional feature to consider when purchasing a bathroom heater.

Can you put an electric heater in a bathroom?

Any wise person would know that electricity and water are the worst combination, and that they must be kept several feet apart from each other. However, if installed correctly and cared for well, then yes, they can also be effective in regulating temperature.

Can you use a convection heater in a bathroom?

Convection heaters are like fan heaters and use an internal heating component to radiate heat into the room. They are not the most recommended heaters for bathrooms, however, they would be ideal for any other room in the house.

What size heater do I need for my bathroom?

Although the heaters can be of all sizes, it is best to use the small ones in the bathrooms. This is because the smaller the size of the heater, the easier it will be to handle and place in a safe place, and the lower the chances of any unpleasant accidents.

How much electricity does a bathroom heater use?

The electricity requirements of a space heater depend on the model. Some wall panel space heaters can use as little as 400 watts. However, they may not be as efficient. Some infrared heaters that use 1000 watts are considered quite efficient as well as low wattage, while other space heaters require around 1500 watts on average.

Why are there heaters in the bathrooms?

The basic reason for keeping a heater in the bathroom is that you have a low body temperature when you wake up in the morning, and you don’t want to be cold when you enter the bathroom. It also removes unwanted odors and moisture from the air and keeps toiletries dry and germ-free.

How do you know if a heater is safe for a bathroom?

An electric heater purchased for the bathroom should have some protective features that should never be compromised. It must be waterproof or condensation proof. It must be equipped with protection against overheating and protection against overturning. It should also have a protective cap.

Where to place a bathroom heater?

When installing a bathroom heater, it is important to think carefully about where it will be installed. If the flow of hot air is blocked, you will not benefit from the heat and could even make the heater dangerous to use.
You should make sure to install the heater in a location where you will get the most benefit and avoid blocking airflow to the heater by keeping it away from objects or in dead spaces such as behind a door.
If you have a thermostat for your heater that needs to be installed separately, you will need to place it away from your heater. It is not a good idea to try to place the thermostat on top of the heater or in an area where you cannot get a good reading of the room temperature.
When you install the bathroom heater, you must remember to have proper ventilation in place if you are installing a heater that also has an exhaust fan. You can often place them on the wall or ceiling. Also, you will need to have the proper electrical wiring in place. You may need to contact an electrician to make sure you have the necessary circuits in place.

The best way to mount the bathroom heater?

The mounting of your bathroom heater will depend on the type of heater you have chosen. There are many varieties of bathroom heaters for you to choose the one that best suits your bathroom size and layout and the different ones are mounted in different ways.
When installing a bathroom wall heater, you will normally have to mount it on the wall above the current wall surface. This makes installation simple and less drastic as you won’t have to cut through the wall. On the other hand, if you want to prevent the heater from protruding into the room, you should try to choose a wall heater that can be recessed between the wall studs.
Ceiling heaters are usually recessed into the ceiling space so that they do not protrude downward. The same can be said for heaters that are also extractors.
Portable heaters obviously don’t have a mounting option, but they do allow the heater to be removed when not in use, which is great for renting or if you just want to buy a heater that you can take home when not in use in the bathroom.
Whenever you are going to assemble a bathroom heater for yourself, you should always check the manufacturer’s instructions first. This will allow you to get a better idea of ​​how the heater should be mounted. Some heaters even allow you to choose between different mounting methods.

The cost of running a bathroom heater?

Buying a bathroom heater is not the only cost you will have to consider when thinking about getting a bathroom heater to heat your bathroom for the winter. One of the biggest costs you will have to calculate is the cost of keeping the heater running.
Different types of heaters will have different types of heat output and the cost of their operation will vary depending on the way the heater is used and the way the bathroom is arranged.
If you choose a hydronic or electric underfloor heating system, you will find that it can take up to 2 hours to get hot enough to start heating your bathroom. This can be an expensive way to heat your bathroom, especially if you’re only going to use it for half an hour after the heater has warmed up. If, on the other hand, you want to keep your bathroom warm at all times, underfloor heating may be more economical for you.
Ceiling and wall heaters heat the room instantly, but running constantly can cost a lot of money as they simply heat the air and blow it around the room. This uses a lot of energy and when these types of heaters are turned off, they instantly cool again.
Remember to make sure to turn off the rest of the heating in your home when you want to use the bathroom heater as supplemental heating. This will save you money on your entire heating bill.

How often can you use a bathroom heater?

The use of a bathroom heater is not free, because it uses electricity or gas to feed itself. So should you use this product often? The answer varies. It also depends on the type of heater you have.
For example, if you have a heater that is combined with an exhaust fan and a light, then you probably use it a little more often due to the use of the other two. If you can use them independently, then you won’t be able to use the heater as much, especially during the warmer months. The heaters are mainly used during the winter, so there is not much need to use them in the spring or summer.
However, even during the hottest months, you may want to run the heater for a short time to help remove moisture. Continuously producing moisture in the bathroom can end up causing mold to grow, which is always a horrible thing and can cost you a lot of money to get rid of if you don’t take care of it right away.
This is especially important for homes where the bathroom does not have a window because that humidity could cause much more damage than in a room with a window that allows air flow. So even though you may not always feel like you have to run, it may be a good idea to do so until the moisture is removed.

Conclusion and opinions on bathroom heaters

Bathroom heaters are an essential appliance if you want to be comfortable in the cooler months while using the bathroom. The most versatile ones can be moved to other rooms when not in use, and can even serve two purposes. Consider the factors of durability, safety and also your own budget!

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