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The TOP Aquatic MP3 Players [2021]

Who doesn’t like to entertain themselves with some audio source? Podcasts, audiobooks, music, etc. There are many things we can hear, as long as we are not underwater, of course.

We can erase the last. In this review, we bring 5 MP3 players for you to enjoy your audio entertainment even a couple of meters underwater. It is a surreal experience that you have to live to understand.

It is important to do market research before spending any money, however, as these products are relatively new. Many products go bad after a couple of uses.

In our review, we focus on bringing useful products for different consumers and we hope you find something for yourself.

The Best Aquatic MP3 Players of 2021

The degrees of waterproofing is a bit more complex, but to make it easy to digest, guide yourself with this:

“IP” refers to income protection and the digits represent solids and liquids (dust and water, commonly). In other words, the higher the number in the second digit, the better the product is protected against water.


AGPTek is a very popular brand in the world of aquatic MP3 players. They have many models, but the one we liked the most was the S05: its features offer everything you could expect from a player and a little more.


The product comes with three parts: the mp3 player, the headphones, and the bands and accessories.

We liked the mp3 unit for its simplicity. It consists of three slightly raised buttons: one to play and pause and another two to increase the volume or skip songs and lower the volume or rewind songs, respectively. It has the headphone jack and a light that indicates whether it is on or not.

The headphones are IPX8 waterproof standard like the player and provide stereo sound. Bring many spare tires and in different sizes. The downside is that they are short, something that seems even puzzling given that they are headphones made for swimming, jogging, or riding a bike.

Bring two velcro straps to anchor the unit to the arms.


The internal memory of the device is 8 GB, which allows storing an immense number of songs in mp3 format. Speaking of formats, it supports various formats apart from mp3 such as wav, flac, ape and wma. Sure, heavier formats reduce the effective memory space, but the option is there.

The transfer is simple, you just have to connect the player to the PC with the included cable and that’s it, ready to use.


They come at a really favorable cost and that’s one of the reasons we highly recommend them. We find it to be an excellent product to start with these devices.

Sunstech Triton

Sunstech is perhaps a little known brand, but their aquatic breeders really caught our attention. Products like the Triton offer everything we are looking for: full functionality at reasonable prices.


Design fascinates us. It’s a single band that works as both a player and cable, without annoying wiring or additional units. It’s amazing if you want to swim or run, as you say goodbye to tangles.

The package includes a set of 12 silicone ear cushions of different sizes, perfect to fit your ears and seal tightly against water.

The brand claims that it can be submerged up to 3 meters. An achievement on its own, although we recommend discretion, since after two meters everything possibly sounds bad.


It has a maximum memory of 4 GB, enough for the average user and understandable given the price. The music is loud even when swimming, so it does its job very well.

Stereo fidelity is guaranteed down to a meter of depth, where its effect begins to diminish. The battery lasts about 10 hours in total and the USB is 2.0.

It supports only the WMA and mp3 formats, but the second is one of the most common so it is not much of a problem.


Considering that it satisfies everything you would expect from an mp3 player, we consider it to be an economical and more ergonomic option for listening to music under water or in the rain. If you need better features or other functions, there are better products.

Sony NWWS413

Sony is an established brand in the world and needs no introductions. We were drawn to its aquatic player, the NWWS413 , because it is compact and versatile, designed for many situations and without many drawbacks.


It is ergonomic so it does not have a separate unit to play music, but everything is in the same band as the headphones. Buttons to turn the unit on or change the volume are located above each hearing aid.

Taking cables out of the equation is wonderful because it eliminates any issues with cable length and tangles, plus it’s easier to care for and transport them.

It is available in various colors such as blue, beige, yellow and black.


The battery life can be short with only 12 hours in total, but the advantage is that 3 minutes of charge is equivalent to 60 minutes of use. We like this detail very much since you can completely forget about the headphones without having to crash when you want to use them again for the battery.

It has external microphones in each hearing aid to provide ambient sound directly in your ears, in this way you can be aware of what surrounds you, such as the sound of nature, signals or conversations, without stopping the music.

A detail that if we do not find an explanation is memory. It has only 4 GB of memory. For a product of this price, we expected something more substantial.


They are expensive, especially when compared to similar products in other ranges. However, the benefits are of quality and offers versatility. If you are willing to make an investment for something of quality, this could be a good option.


Ergonomic models have a similar problem to laptops: being reduced in size, components must be sacrificed. Now, this is still true, but Sunstech’s ARGOS4GBBL offers good memory in an ergonomic player.


It’s similar to the Sunstech player we reviewed earlier, although this one is slightly larger. It continues to share the same benefits, but each earphone is longer.

It is available in various colors, such as black and blue, white and red, black and red, and white and blue. In turn, it is available with two memory sizes: 4 GB and 8 GB. We recommend 8 GB as there are cheaper 4 GB models.

In the same way, it is submersible up to three meters deep. The same guarantees apply. Bring 12 ear pads in the package to fit the earbuds to your ears.


The 8GB version is slightly more expensive than the 4GB version but represents twice the capacity. We find it an excellent offer from Sunstech since a product with this memory and design would easily be more expensive.

Stereo sound sounds good even with fast swimming and holds up well even under water. Of course, after the meter of depth, the stereo effect is lost. You can expect around 10 hours of autonomy and the USB is 2.0.

Supports mp3 and WMA formats. Something standard and that should not cause a problem.


For a more expensive investment “hair”, you can get a product with a good memory, waterproofing, battery, and pleasant design. We cannot imagine a better product at this price and we recommend it 100% for music lovers or other audio enthusiasts who want waterproof players and a lot of capacity.

Finis Duo Underwater

Finally we bring a modern player from Finis. The Duo Underwater does not look very impressive at first glance, but it is because it works by bone conduction, that is, through vibrations located in the cheekbones.


The body is completely made of plastic. We find the material flimsy, but it feels good to the touch and is designed to withstand water, even salt water.

It is somewhat reminiscent of earlier earbuds, but this is where it sets itself apart. Each “earpiece” is worn above and outside the ears, positioned on the cheekbones.

They can be submerged up to 3 meters deep, and the funny thing is, they are best heard under water! You should still clean and dry after using them in this way.


As we already mentioned, they are not conventional headphones. These transmit vibrations through the cheekbones to the eardrums of your ears. What is the advantage? Sound no longer travels in a waveform through your ear canals, where water can enter while you swim, but instead “travels” through your bones as vibrations. That is why the sound cannot be altered by submersion.

In more conventional terms, it has 4GB of memory. Certainly, a downside considering the cost of the product, but considering that they are not entirely conventional, we will let it pass. It supports mp3 and WMA formats.

It lasts about 7 hours of use, which makes it the product with the least autonomy on our list. We hope that in the future Finis will improve in these aspects since its product is certainly more expensive than the measure.


There is no way to compare this player to the others on our list, as we are talking about a bit of the future. Maybe later all music players will be like that, but for now, you can treat yourself to these. If you’re in the professional swimming arena, these might be the only ones you can use well. Of course, the battery will be against you.

Conclusion and Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re a swimmer or a jogger in the rainy season, these players will get the job done. Just read a little before buying to avoid having a bad time with a product that does not satisfy us.

We hope that you have achieved something here for you, and we suggest you read our tips to improve your purchase:

Storage capacity

More is usually better. But is it really necessary?

A product with more capacity is more expensive, but if your music folder does not exceed 2 gb, you really won’t get mileage out of an 8 gb player. Even so, they will charge you more for it.

Ergonomic or wired?

Ask yourself how you want to use your player. Stroking gently in the pool or jogging quietly? A wired model wouldn’t be so bad.

In our opinion, an ergonomic model wins the battle, but unless you are going for an intense swim or jog, it is not mandatory.


Higher grade means more protection, but if you don’t dive and aren’t going to dive beyond a dip to swim, perhaps a model with IP65 waterproofing might be enough for you.

Now, it is imperative that you get a model with IPX8 waterproofing if you plan to dive beyond a meter.

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