Best 4K Projectors of 2021 [Amazing 4K Experience]

Going to the movies is an exhilarating experience, and one that many people are drawn to. However, how about the same quality, but from the comfort of home?

That is the promise of projectors, and although many people still think they are excessively expensive devices, the reality is that the prices are super competitive, and you can enjoy screens of up to 300 “diagonal inches in 4K for the price of a smartphone. .

We have collected 5 home projectors, all with Ultra HD resolution (or 4K, 4 times more pixels than Full HD, or 1080p). Each one has its individual benefits, and we hope you get one you like!.

Best 4K Projectors of 2021

We do not put the usual comparison table from our reviews for a simple reason: the projectors are, in general, very similar. That is, they all fulfill the same function. They vary in qualitative aspects and are best described in their individual reviews.

That said, we assure you that all of these projectors are 4K resolution, with projected screens of at least 100 ”diagonal inches.

BenQ TK800M

BenQ is a very popular brand in the world of home projectors, and the one that took the number one spot in our review was the TK800M . It is characterized by having a very high color performance and compatibility with 3D images.


The device has a rectangular shape, with dimensions 35 x 13 x 28 cm, and an approximate weight of 4.2 kg. Its look is casual look, it doesn’t stand out too much, making it a great addition to any living room. The projector lens outputs images clearly up to 100 “diagonal inches.


It features keystone correction to project well-aligned images, as well as a proprietary audio mixing system that provides various tuning modes to customize the listening experience to your liking or situation.

Now the projector comes with two pre-loaded modes: soccer mode and sports mode. The former, appropriately designed for soccer, maintains light skin tones, with lifelike undertones, and brings out grass green, while the audio mixer ensures that the commentator’s voice is heard clearly. The sports mode is similar, although it features warmer colors with lower brightness, while applying the same degree of auditory fidelity.

The projector’s color performance encompasses 96% of the Rec. 709 color space, a standard used in high-definition television. The refresh rate is 120Hz, which eliminates blurry images.


Being 4K, we cannot expect such cheap prices, although the truth is that it is at a very favorable price. We suggest it to those looking for a compromise between quality and price.

BenQ W1700

We continue with another projector from the BenQ brand, the W1700 . A 4K projector with acceptable quality, good sound, and the best part? Super affordable



To be honest, we like the look of this projector better than the previous one. Both are casual, but the W1700 has a softer, more modern design, so it fits easily into any environment. It has dimensions of 27.2 x 35.3 x 13.5 cm with an approximate weight of 4.2 kg.


It has an alignment adjustment to project sharp images with accurate colors. One of the details that we like the most about this projector is its ” Cinematic Color ” technology that gives greater precision to colors, with around 96% of the colors of Rec. 709 and a very high contrast ratio. Apart from this technology, it has other improvements, such as improvements for pixel clarity and skin auto-detection to preserve realistic colors. It supports HDR10 technology.

It boasts its sound mixing technology to amplify and enhance the sound, so the projector can safely be said to have good audio without the need for speakers.


Simply put, there is no 4K projector at a better price. In fact, some Full HD projectors are even more expensive than this. So if you’re on the hunt for a super affordable 4K projector, the W1700 might be your best bet.

Viewsonic PX747

Viewsonic has a bestseller in the PX747 . The initially more expensive projector has seen price cuts, but its quality is undeniable. An impressive lamp, high degree of contrast and with a gigantic projection.


It has a clean and modern look, with a simple white color and an inconspicuous shape. Its dimensions are 13.5 x 33 x 26.1 cm with an approximate weight of 4.2 kg. The projector lens emits a screen up to 300 “diagonal inches.


The 8.3 million pixel resolution is even more impressive thanks to its HDR technology, turning every scene into a more vibrant landscape. The projection system emits up to 3,500 lumens of brightness, so projections can be viewed up to a certain degree of natural light.

It has two very interesting functions. The first is “super resolution” to produce much sharper and more detailed images. The second is “color enhancement” which gives colors so much more life. Viewsonic makes use of its proprietary SuperColor technology, ensuring coverage of more than 96% of the Rec. 709 standard with HDR.


It is one of the 4K projectors with the longest projected screen, so it is a more specific product. That said, we recommend it to those who are actually looking to set up their own home theater. It’s a good projector, but its benefits might not be as critical for some. The good news is that despite its high-quality features, the unit is not that expensive.

Optoma UHD350X

Optoma has several projectors on its list, but the one that grabs our attention the most is the Optoma UHD350X . It is a very complete experience thanks to its amazing speakers, and its contrast ratio is very high.


Let’s go with the look. It definitely looks like a projector, although it’s relatively low-key, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Its dimensions are 39.2 x 28.1 x 11.8 cm with an approximate weight of 6.2 kilograms. The projector lens can project screens up to 300 “diagonal inches.


The projector’s brightness is around 2,200 lumens, somewhat low, especially when compared to the other products in our review. However, it is more than enough for projections within the home. On the other hand, its contrast ratio, 250,000 to 1, is one of the highest we have reviewed, so we can properly say that it has an impressive color. It covers all the colors covered by the Rec. 709 standard and is compatible with HDR.

Now what we really like about this projector is the sound. It is of good quality and with a good volume. The truth is that you need it, since the unit has a more or less noisy fan.


It is not a cheap projector, but its features justify it. However, we have two situations: the first is that its weight and dimensions make it very cumbersome to transport, and the second is that it is noisy. Do we recommend it? Yes, it is a formidable option for setting up a home theater, but in more compact spaces, these two factors detract from its benefits, so there may be better options for some users.

LG CineBeam

We close with the LG CineBeam , a portable projector with style. It’s compact and really efficient for its size, so it’s hard not to add it in our review. Besides, it has high-level benefits.


Without a doubt, it has the design that we like the most. First of all, it’s low-key, which is an entry benefit, but what really stands out is that it has a long, rectangular shape, with a handle. From its conception it is made to be taken anywhere. Its dimensions are 16.5 x 16.5 x 47 cm with an approximate weight of 6.7 kg. It can project a screen up to 150 “diagonal inches.


Although we call it a projector, the CineBeam is more than that. It can be used as a kind of SmartTV as it has apps like HBO, YouTube, Prime Video and Netflix built in.

It has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can link it to your phone or laptop without problems. The included speakers are not bad at all, although they do not compete with those of more complete projectors (or a good sound system) so you may want to buy some good speakers too.

Its brightness capacity is 2,500 lumens, it is not high, but it is not as low as in some projectors. Another detail in favor is the useful life of its lamp: 20,000 hours versus 6,000 hours for a conventional lamp.


It has the highest cost of the projectors that we have reviewed, and although it has good benefits. It is difficult to recommend it, but we clarify two scenarios in which it is a positive investment: for those who do not have a SmartTV and are looking to solve two problems with one shot, or for those who constantly move from home. Otherwise, it is better to look for other cheaper options.

Conclusion and buyer’s guide

Technology advances, and as it advances it depreciates. That is why today we can buy a projector that has nothing to envy to the cinema and without burning our pockets.

Naturally, you have to be aware of what the market offers to make the most appropriate purchase, and especially not to get carried away by impulses.

We hope you liked our review, and that you have found something you like. Please read our tips below to improve your purchase.

Portable is not always light

There are compact projectors weighing less than 5 kilograms, those are light. Others, like the Optoma and LG, are heavier and therefore more cumbersome to carry from one side to the other.

If your number one priority is an easy-to-carry product, a projector like BenQ’s might be better. On the other hand, if you move regularly but not all the time , then the problem is not so apparent.

In case you really need something to carry around, you could consider pocket projectors, although these have much lower performance.

Projected screen, throw distance and physical space

A 300 ”screen sounds great, but it measures more than 7 meters diagonally, and requires about 8 to 11 meters of shooting distance. Physical space is extremely important for a projector, so be sure to check your home to see what screen you can realistically get.

On the other hand, you must remember that some projectors have a low brightness level, so they cannot be well visualized under high light. And a detail that no projector can address is that of irregular surfaces, so apart from that, you can get screens on which to project images (just like in the cinema).

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