5 best presses for fruits [Latest]

Do you want to prepare your wine and ciders at home? Do you need a fruit press? Squeezing the juice out of a fruit can be exhausting with your hands especially if you have large amounts of fruit that’s when this wonderful machine comes into play.

A fruit wine press basically separates the solids from the fruit, meaning seeds, stem, pulp, leaves, and other components that are not required from actual fruit juice. With this tool, you can get fresh-squeezed juice at any time without pulp and seeds.

A fruit press is mainly used to make fruit cider, wine, and other fruit juices. This machine is a boon for those who like to make their own wine and cider. At the same time, it is also a useful tool for those people who want to drink their fruits, especially without pulp.

1- WilTec 51279 stainless steel fruit press

Featuring a cast iron pressure plate, stainless steel pressure basket, heavy-gauge juice pan, and a sturdy yoke made of 1.5 ″ steel tubing and solid steel threaded sleeve, the WilTec 51279 Fruit Press has a long service life and is robust.

fruit press

✔ Red powder paint finish and sturdy construction ensure the device takes a lot of shocks and wo n’t rust easily Properly sized and evenly spaced perforations make juice drip into the drip tray effortlessly and without much waste.

✔ Framed yoke pulls back for easy basket loading and unloading. The wide and low stance of the frame will ensure that the press does not fall when applying force when pressing. An additional reinforcement under the tray helps the press to withstand excessive force so that it can extract all the juice from the fruit without damaging the press.

✔ Strong T-handle turns a large diameter acme screw and creates high pressure with minimal effort. The tip design ensures fast and easy operation of the fruit and wine press. Its measurements are: 69 x 47.5 x 45.5 cm; 15.1 kilograms

✔ The fruit press has legs with holes to screw onto a wooden board, which can be used as a base. It is very easy to process apples, pears, grapes and berries.

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2- Wooden and steel fruit press TecTake 800310

Effortlessly press your favorite fruits and drink their nutrients with the traditional TecTake 800310 fruit wine press. Durable, strong, corrosion and moisture resistant hardwood basket . Pulp capacity of 18 liters. Swing and extension mechanism for complete pressing. Sturdy steel stand with a wide stance.

fruit press

✔ The hardwood basket is a cage-shaped structure with 25 wooden slats. It is made of red beech wood, which makes it durable, robust and resistant to moisture and corrosion.

✔ The easy-to-operate extended handle can effortlessly aid progressive spiral extrusion. The thick wooden plate attached to the handle helps to thoroughly press the pulp, achieving a higher juice yield. The heavy duty steel stand has a provision of screw holes at the base of its legs so you can screw it onto a solid table.

✔ The motherboard features a simple spout for easy juice collection . The simple design offers easy operation and is also easy to clean. It comes with a detachable strainer bag for quick and easy pulp extraction or pressing.

✔ The device features a ‘twist and extend’ mechanism where the supplied wooden blocks are in place while the handle is turned. This puts pressure on the fruits, thus giving maximum yield. Moving parts must be lubricated regularly. The press can be cleaned with pressure water as with a garden hose.


3- Fruit and wine press with basket WilTec brand 51473

If you are looking for an ideal press that works for fruits, herbs, nuts, dairy products, honey, then WilTec 51473 is the perfect stainless steel fruit and wine press for you. Made with durable components, resistant to corrosion, fruit capacity of 3 liters you can press many organic products such as dairy products, nuts, honey, fruits, vegetables.

fruit press

✔ Has a corrosion resistant stainless steel basket and is easy to clean . The heavy duty T-handle assists the large diameter acme screw, thus creating high pressure with minimal effort. Consequently, this gives a higher yield.

✔ The thumb screws that hold the cross beam with the handle in place are easy to lock and open. The frame has a wide trilateral base that makes it more stable.

✔ Each of the frame legs has a hole if you want to screw it to a table. Wide bore drip tray for juice to pool and then run out smooth lip. It is easy to use and saves a lot of effort and time.

✔ The device does not make any noise when pressing , as it does not work with a motor. It is multifunctional since it can press not only fruits and vegetables but also dairy products, nuts, honey, among others. One caveat when using this press is that fruits or other products must be crushed into small pieces beforehand.

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4- Palumbo 8213010 Torchietti fruit and wine press 

The fruit press table will allow you to extract any fruit or vegetable juice, milk, nuts, honey, tinctures, etc . It is designed to work in the kitchen to produce small quantities. It has a strong and durable stainless steel construction that prevents corrosion of the device and ensures a long service life.

fruit press

✔ Stainless steel side rods support the cross beam containing the “Y” handle with a pressure plate at the other end. After pressing, the rods are separated at the top so that the threaded rod assembly and the press plate can be removed for collection of the pressed pulp.

✔ Can be screwed (screws not included) to any surface of your choice. The design of the device ensures easy operation and cleaning.

✔ The tabletop fruit press can be used to make honey from honeycomb, fruit and vegetable juices, almond milk, soy milk, rice milk and coconut milk, herbal tinctures, and to press many other organic products .

✔ The tabletop fruit press includes a 1-liter bag made of food grade nylon, a drain tube that can be connected to the drain spout of the juice tray, a plastic sleeve to cover the
pressing basket and avoid juice splashing.


5- Lacewing brand Primrose fruit press

This fruit press will completely change the way you make fruit juice , cider or even wine. Perfect for any type of hard fruit, such as apples or pears, or with pulp, or with soft fruits such as grapes or berries.

fruit press

✔ Made of steel plate and hardwood backing, with this 12L fruit press you can make fruit juices effortlessly. It has a “screwing and unscrewing mechanism”, in which the pieces of wood press the fruit when you turn the cranks.

✔ Can be screwed (screws not included) to any surface of your choice. The design of the device ensures easy operation and cleaning.

✔ Double Crank . Unlike other fruit presses, Lacewing’s Easy Press system makes juicing fruit easy. The system has been designed to reduce back and shoulder pain when squeezing without affecting the quality of the maneuver. Less effort with the same result.

✔ Comes with 3 bags for the pulp , they have been designed to contain the pulp or sediments during pressing. This allows you to obtain a smooth and liquid juice, in addition to having to clean less once you finish. These bags are made from a durable, easy-to-wash braid and can be reused without any problem.

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Advantages of a fruit press?

Some people may be growing fruit in their backyard. But what to do with all the surplus harvest? Squeeze it! And you will need a fruit press for that! For people who want to start making wine as a hobby, they should opt for a wine and fruit press. Those who are already into this hobby know that with a fruit wine press, the making process becomes easy. Those who are interested in making a homemade cider should also try a fruit press.

Buying Guide for Fruit Presses

Type of fruits you will press

The size and type of fruit you want to press will determine the type of press you should choose . If you want to squeeze small, soft fruits like berries and grapes, a small fruit press will suffice.

Whereas if you plan to make cider by pressing apples or juicing large fruits like pineapples, you should buy a larger fruit wine press . Usually to make cider, a grinder or grinder is recommended first to crush the large fruit and then process it through the press. A large fruit or apple press is always a good option as it will be robust and will be able to press a variety of fruits.

The capacity of the press

The amount of juice you want to produce is also a determining factor when selecting a fruit press. The main deciding factor when choosing a fruit wine press will be the size of the vat or the volume the press can hold at one time.

If you have a lot of fruits or are planning to make a large batch of cider, it might be worth getting a fruit wine press that can hold a large volume. Whereas if you only intend to produce a small amount of juice from a small or soft fruit, a small tabletop press would be ideal for you.

Durability and strength

The durability and resistance of any product play a key role when making a selection. This appliance will experience vigorous action when in use. You are going to press fruit, which will produce juice. The fruit press must be able to withstand this extreme stress and wear. It should withstand the applied pressure and not rust in a short period of time. If you are selecting a fruit wine press, it must surely be a robust press with a long service life and it must be made of non-corrosive materials.


The capacity of the fruit press will play a fundamental role when it comes to producing juice or wine. It would be a hassle if you want a large batch, but your fruit wine press only produces small amounts at a time. You need to evaluate how much you will need and choose a fruit press accordingly. A fruit wine press with a medium storage capacity is suitable if the quantity of your batch is going to vary
each time.


The performance of a fruit wine press mainly depends on the design of the pressing or squeezing part of the device. The appliance should also provide minimal juice waste and be able to squeeze all the juice out of the fruit. The handles that operate the press play a crucial role in the performance of a fruit wine press. Therefore, they must have an ergonomic design that allows you to press comfortably.

Easy to use

A complex device like this may require you to review instruction manuals to figure out how to operate it efficiently. Therefore, the easy-to-use fruit wine press will be your go-to product by minimizing your efforts to read and follow some complicated instructions.

Your fruit wine press is going to go through a lot of work, so it should be easy to take apart, clean, and wash. You should not need to use force and your strength to such an extent that it will end up damaging the device. The ergonomics of the device should be investigated very well when buying any gadget.


A fruit wine press is used to press a variety of organic products. Besides squeezing fruits and vegetables to get their juice, it can also be used to make homemade cheese, pressed butter, hard cheese. You can also use it to make olive oil from olives, extract honey from beeswax, or press herbs to make tinctures. If you have any of these uses in mind, you should look for a fruit press that suits your needs and withstands other products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about fruit wine presses.

How do you squeeze the juice with the fruit press?

A fruit press is a device that is used to extract juice from sliced ​​or chopped fruits. There are many different styles of fruit wine presses on the market, but mainly, all presses work in a similar way . The fruit wine press exerts pressure in a controlled environment so that it can work on separating the solids of the fruit from the juice.

How does a fruit press work?

Basically, the press presses the juices out of the fruit, leaving the solids behind. There are many types of fruit wine presses ranging from simple manual tabletop presses to the traditional press with a

Do you need to shred, slice or mince fruits before pressing?

Any prior handling depends on the size of the fruit . Small, soft fruits like berries and grapes do not need to be sliced ​​or chopped. However, large fruits will require you to cut them before

Do you need to wash fruits and vegetables before pressing?

Yes. It is essential to wash fruits and vegetables before consuming them in any form, since they are loaded with germs, bacteria and, most importantly, pesticides and insecticides.

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